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  1. 什么都没干封号?申请管理员进行人工复查,并且提供封号证据!我会维权到底,甚至是通过法律,不嫌麻烦!!!游戏账号2581005502


  2. 加了一年多的朋友,工作原因暂时退游(时间不详),借了我两只宝可梦(洛托姆,草钢),发帖原因:怕被误认RMT,被误封方便申诉,下面是聊天记录。

    Added more than a year of friends, work reasons for temporary retirement (time is unknown), borrowed me two treasure to dream (Rotom, grass steel), posting reason: afraid of being mistaken RMT, posting, was mistakenly sealed convenient appeal, the following is the chat record.




  3. 几天前我向高级管理员申请了管理员这个职位,但是今天告知我,申请被拒绝,我想知道,每个人只能申请一次还是可以继续申请,在次申请有没有什么条件,或者用不用在等几天?求解答,谢谢!

    A few days ago, I applied to the senior administrator for the position of administrator, but told me today that the application was rejected. I want to know, everyone can only apply once or can continue to apply, what are the conditions for this application, or whether to wait for a few days? Please answer, thank you!

  4. 版主你好!


    Hello, moderator!

    I am a loyal old pokemmo player. I have been registered for 18 years and the duration of the game is 800+ hours. How can I be an excellent administrator and what are the requirements? Hope to answer, thank you!

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