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  1. you do know what people do with spam right?, they ignore it.
  2. IGN: noomuch Country: Philippines Preferred Tiers: dubs Personal note: jk
  3. contact support https://support.pokemmo.eu/login/
  4. https://pokepast.es/92b00f8dc0016f02 This team revolves in tailwind/speed control. Salamence Dragon gem DMeteor/DClaw/Tailwind/Heat Wave dragon nuke, heat wave for spread and 2nd tailwind support Azumarill Sitrus Berry Belly Drum/Aqua jet/Protect/Superpower 164 Speed EVs allows it to be 1 speed faster than a non-speed invested Bisharp sucker punch with aqua jet and can set up belly drum infront of it Rotom-Mow Life Orb Discharge/Leaf Storm/Protect/WoW Discharge to spread paralysis and for disquake combo can be a good counter against Follow me blastoise to let azumarill sweep 220 Speed EVs allowing it to outspeed physical pokemon with base 80 Speed and burn them with WoW Togekiss Sitrus berry Follow Me/Thunder Wave/Tailwind/Air Slash Physical Redirector with thunder wave and tailwind support 140 Speed EVs let it outspeed speed EV'd Adamant Scizor/Tyranitar and speed EV'd Pelipper Mamoswine Focus Sashed EQ/Icicle Crash/Protect/Rock Slide common mamoswine set :3 Hariyama Flame Orb Fake Out/Wide Guard/Fling/Close Combat with Guts Fling flame orb to base 80 speed stats mon to burn them or just Close combat lol 145 Speed under tailwind Wide Guard to protect against spread moves
  5. would be a decent drawback to the nerf they gave to the frisk against hordes and reduced rates. upvoted
  6. another table for their natures would be helpful, thanks.
  7. very happy with this, i think if they made Hidden Ability pills only obtainable through PVP and is tradable it might be a win-win situation...maybe?
  8. white/black roms are the core game and is deemed necessary for the game to function while fire red allows you to travel to kanto
  9. in CNY you can co-op with your frens to battle pokemon and at xmas you can co-op (again) as an elfbot to fight other elfbots and a boss or smth idk the lore
  10. welcome back, theres sinnoh now if you're a fan of that.
  11. -1 cause it can be abusable especially for consumable items and decrease value of said items people sell in GTL
  12. we aren't complaining, the only thing you're doing in the "suggestion box" is complaining about how the breeding system here is expensive and too much time consumption, you disregard whatever we say even if its factual.
  13. they use this breeding format as to not abuse pokemon IVs and give them value. (mind you this is an MMO, not an single-player)
  14. you have to press the little nudge on the side or left of the item bar to be able to make it move iirc
  15. I was being sarcastic on my comment, i actually agree with these clauses. seeing king's rock cloyster every time i queue on OU made me change to dubs in the first place.
  16. great idea, why don't they also remove damage rolls and status chance from moves. I want my pvp experience to only deal exact amount and with guaranteed hits RNG? that doesn't need to exist if its competitive after all
  17. there are some events like CNY and Xmas that lets you co-op
  18. toggleable feature and balance changes might make this suggestion work
  19. competitive, shiny hunts, tournaments and the most important part.
  20. they're in-game, but we don't have access to it (yet)
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