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  1. i knew it i should've invested in potions and revives... now they're gonna rise in prices and i won't gain profit anymore cause of this guide letting people know
  2. yes there is supported hd sprites for android
  3. helo welcome back to pokemmo, sinnoh is added now albeit i don't think johto is coming anytime soon
  4. probably drop of seasonal particles and increased rp price/demand or something idk
  5. if you use a magnezone it will make your team more tolerable against skarmory/scizor
  6. Hi. You have such a cute profil picture. Aye a friend that into animes? I approve. But stil... Its so sad to see that u joined the day after 14th of Feb. 

    1. noomuch


      is there a reason for you to be sad about me joining after the 14th of february

    2. FinnTheMember


      Idk. Where is my mind~ 

  7. Hidden Abilities might also be introduced in the dungeons update, we just need patience
  8. tldr; he linked his jolteon with a OT that is racial slur/offensive & he quit cause the mods took it away, apparently rache and some other mod told him it was okay to keep
  9. they just recently added sinnoh, so there probably won't be any upcoming regions soon
  10. if lucario gets dropped to uu what can they do to stop it nuking
  11. i think you need to fix your pokemmo client
  12. you shouldn't be angry at them tbh, if you're trying a new team you can take advantage of their teams to check whether you can do well against their team archetypes on ranked
  13. synchronize can only be taken advantage if you know how to utilize its potential
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