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  1. I was being sarcastic on my comment, i actually agree with these clauses. seeing king's rock cloyster every time i queue on OU made me change to dubs in the first place.
  2. great idea, why don't they also remove damage rolls and status chance from moves. I want my pvp experience to only deal exact amount and with guaranteed hits RNG? that doesn't need to exist if its competitive after all
  3. there are some events like CNY and Xmas that lets you co-op
  4. toggleable feature and balance changes might make this suggestion work
  5. competitive, shiny hunts, tournaments and the most important part.
  6. they're in-game, but we don't have access to it (yet)
  7. noomuch


    I'd like to participate the weekly raffle Quakkz
  8. there is nothing wrong at your team mates buying raffle tickets, it is by their own volition to do so. (i consider them more like friends than team mates) raffle limitations you suggested are good though.
  9. they already have time-limited "fashion" from pvp. it changes per season man
  10. this works, although they might add a non-refundable service fee. *wink* *wink*
  11. well we all know who's gonna receive this permanent charm
  12. we are all just automated chat bots to entertain you
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