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  1. im here to learn how 2 sweg

    1. shervinz


      welcome to my sweg domain

  2. Birthday Cake Milkshakes. Try them sometime.

    1. TheGloriousWalrus


      Be careful, it might bring the boys to the yard

  3. 16 man 1v1 lvl 50 tournament. The winner gets a prize and also to battle Squirtle, Desu or Shu (if they're willing.)
  4. lol being treated like shit is always nice

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    2. Akshit


      ............................................*you shall be and are being missed

    3. Blaziken


      Goodbye, comrade.

    4. Telf


      It so different not being muted by you anymore ;-; NOTHINGS THE SAME ;-; comeback ;-; pls

  5. Time to get my priorities straight

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    2. Dannnno


      That actually sounds about right

    3. JWingWangWong


      Time to get the girls in the upper floor I see.

    4. CipherWeston


      JWong: You don't even know how much that just made my night. (Yes, that is actually a top priority right now)

  6. Most, if not all your answers can be solved by searching the forums or looking at this community made FAQ.   Locking this.
  7. Not gonna lie. I'm liking how each team member has their own this. [spoiler]Legit.[/spoiler]
  8. Like a tournament that would allow 1HKO moves, or a 1HKO tournament only
  9. What would you guys think of a 1HKO tournament?
  10. CipherWeston


    Oh this is a welcome thread? Yeah, this is being moved.
  11. Can you try a different browser or try seeing if your browser is up to date.
  12. Are you using them correctly? (copy/paste from what I wrote)
  13. This is no ones fault but mine. I've said this before and looks like I'll be saying this for the rest of my life, I made a mistake by misinterpreting the value of Game Corner's TMs. I wanted to try a different first place prize and looks like it completely backfired. I've since learned from this and hopefully future WNDs will not have such "crappy" first place prizes.   Again, sorry.
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