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  1. Now the pokémons have hats, in this mod the 5th generation pokémons follow you, the mod also has pokémons wearing hats, reference to Christmas, detail, not all pokémons have hats, maybe some who want with hats is not available so comment what it would be for me to write down and launch an update with more pokémons with hats, but many are in Christmas mood. All initials are beanie (first evolution) ✅ Stars around shiny✅ Pokémons follow (5th generation) ✅ DOWNLOAD For pc: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ljn7dratf3s9rem/CHRISTMAS_FOLLOVER_5gen.zip/file ------------------/-------------------------------/-------------------------------------/--------------------------/-----------------------------/ For android:http://www.mediafire.com/file/vdh4efnqdampz00/CHRISTMAS_FOLLOVER_5gen.mod/file Note: if you are using any other mod for the next generation 5, disable and leave only this one to work. For me to add more Pokémon using the Christmas theme, tell me which Pokémon you want to use, and have fun
  2. Some pokémons for you appear floating and for me not some are wrong and I'm correcting (the ones that are too big) already others are working well on my computer, I play with everything activated and in full screen, you can tell me which windows and how do they play? (whether it is a window or cell phone).
  3. Hello: qlfy Thanks for commenting and well I don't know why Shellos and Gastrodon was left out I'll try to fix this as soon as I have time, thanks for reporting, I also really like these pokemons.
  4. hi I'm working on mod fixes, where 'Rampardos' is big thanks to everyone for the comments, so I can try to fix t
  5. I have been playing pokemon for a long time and this has always been banned. With this ability, opponents exploit it a lot, and this is unfair, it is complicated sometimes, the only pokemon to make garchamp pass out misses the move, I hope they remove it, Sand Veil has to be banned, so the game is more balanced.
  6. hi SylviaLee, strange that but some people are using the android version on the pc and it is working, about the mod when using the fly, I don't know how to change it now I will try to see about the pokemons that are too big, it's only time to choose pokemons or during the game are they also big? oh and thanks for the compliments
  7. did you change anything on the scale in pokemmo settings? here, the images are correct, and well everything is activated, both in full screen and reduced still works correctly.
  8. which other servers besides the one you said would be good for me to put? some people are getting errors and others are not, I can't understand it, and the mod is in video format, try to import them or download both versions (android and pc) and see which one works, one is in .ZIP format and another .Mod, here it opens correctly and many are not receiving any type of error, which for me is very strange.
  9. HD Battle Sprites - Front and Back This mod is an HD version of the sprites in battle, the mods are back and forth, some errors can happen, I hope they report here so that I can fix them as soon as possible, any constructive suggestion is welcome. -About Sprites: Anti-aliasing (back) ✅ Geration 1-5 (if it does not appear let me know) ✅ MOD shiny and normal (shiny only front) ✅ DOWNLOAD Normal and Shiny ( shiny ont front) FOR ANDROID: http://www.mediafire.com/file/w20b9nqo36dxvbo/Android_%5BMOD%5D_HD_Battle_Sprites_-Front_and_back-.zip/file FOR PC : https://www.mediafire.com/file/uzlfvpfvrm6sv39/[MOD}_HD_Battle_Sprites_-Front_and_back-.MOD/file Note: the file is 'heavy' due to images that are in a reasonably large resolution
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