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  1. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: BSDO Registered Players: Spxter, PedroLindoUnico, NguyenDuy, lmtrnghia, RareBush, OoKingoO, Amoncute, MeetMew, StingFlash, palkpuz, BartekDolar, NicRock, Frosteye, AngeloVG, MereAlarm, MrPulsar, iMarco Team Captain: NguyenDuy
  2. Another bearr πŸ˜› OP fact: I have not encountered onix or donphan so far, only bears xD #Throwback to the 1st mighty bear a year ago
  3. oh no, mrs.houndour showed up, RIP minccino 😞 #SRIF
  4. IGN: lmtrnghia Country: Vietnam Preferred tiers: OU, UU, NU Note: He can't access forum
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