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  1. Nice team I would suggest last pokemon to be a ghost type cuase 3 pokemon weak to fighting. Also Try Rock slide instead of of ice punch on conkeldurr I initially wanted the same set on conkeldurr but due to lack of money that time didn't changed rock slide to ice punch but it turned out it is better than ice punch cause usually people go ghost type like chendular gengar and they don't pridct rock slide at all also it dosent make contact so you can easily give cofa some chip damage. Also if you not running protect on blissy its better to use softboiled
  2. Also Leftover removed from Kanto SS Ane ship it was in the dustbin downstairs. BTW great guide helped me a lot specially for hidden items.
  3. hello everyone I am new to this game.I have played few MMOs. Wanted to try this one Hope it gose well.
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