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    4 Salte, que va a pasar con mi combo B)

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  1. Wow first time I see that problem, you already tried installing the game launcher, or maybe it's your Theme or maybe it's graphics problems
  2. hahaha I play on an Xbox One controller and it doesn't give me any problems personally, I configure it well to play PokeMMO, that's what the settings tab is for and why delay an event for a ps3 control lol, I don't see any problem, most of them play with mouse and keyboard or also on smartphones
  3. wow I'm very excited for halloween, I want to see what the Pokemmo event team brings us, this year hallowen I think it will be different o.o
  4. And if maybe, the secondary bosses are going to be those of Among US or maybe they will be implemented in the particles?
  5. HAHAHA, if you already saw the RP how they went up in price, I imagine the player who could not buy his RP on time and is not enough
  6. those halloween events in those times were the best B)
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