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    4 Salte, que va a pasar con mi combo B)

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  1. Bros tremendo shiny me acaba de aparecer que cool screenshot_1621225170.thumb.png.c5f29b577db0845cc807b594feb696aa.pngscreenshot_1621225182.thumb.png.c4143f2bb44bf3d548e23b8f8619f1b5.pngscreenshot_1621225186.thumb.png.a25f9ee4c9cda2ce16143d5c77366c42.pngscreenshot_1621226327.thumb.png.df57853f43bfd6013423fc681e62a2e6.png

  2. I do not know if they silenced you in the global chat or they do not let you enter the global chat, if it were you, I would uninstall the game and try again and if it still does not work, try to solve problems
  3. check well bro maybe it's a mistake or something you did wrong, if the game has no glitches, check if you gave the account to someone else or is the same, greetings :)
  4. wow friend calm Hipodow and tyranitar? think about the coverages well hehe, I would use the Datadex or Showdom Application and I would build a good team with those applications to test and then raise bro think about their pros and cons, it is not known that it can be found around the corner
  5. Hello, have you tried to recover the old mail through a telephone number or did you previously link it to a computer?
  6. Do you play in Emulator? or in the original game application, remember to see your operating system if it is compatible with the game, for example if it is 32 bit you download the 32 bit version if it is 64 bit, you download the 64 bit version, check that lucky bro
  7. Hello brother, right now the server is in maintenance you have to wait for it to be active, if the problem persists try to turn off your phone, turn it on again or load the roms again or uninstall the apk and reinstall it and if the problem persists try to communicate in technical problems greetings and good luck
  8. hehe bro the server right now is in maintenance you have to wait I think then try if it solves
  9. Quiet friend they should already be working to solve that problem, if it does not work for you try to uninstall and install the game again or restart your pc or phone
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