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  1. IGN: Kimikozen Team: NORE Motivation: blood Competitive Accolades: 24-9 in PSL. played mons since fucking forever and mmo since 2012. fluff: I'll bring hype and I'll back up my claims. Been pissing off shitters and taking names forever. I'm a fresh manager pick and you better bet your ass I wanna win this shit.
  2. IGN: LifeStyle Team: NORE (Boss) Motivation: Huge EGO Competitive Accolades: Look me up in HoF Fluff: Blazikens were pretty good, Dank Express was a literal trainwreck, but I heard 3rd time's the charm. I won't signup as a player because I'm not here to play for these managers, I'm here to wipe the floor with them, especially DoubleJ (hi). Revived NORE from the ashes earlier this year and made it the #1 team in the game, in case you doubt I lack the vision and leadership skills for this job.
  3. takens i dont know anything about you but i do know that you are trash af at pokemon lmaooo
  4. a bunch of changes bcuz team preview, i was out of touch and dead, etc please more suggestions this thread big revamp
  5. Moves: Togekiss from A- to S Hydreigon from S to A+ Reuniclus from A+ to A- Salamence from A to A+ Hippowdon from A to A- Mandibuzz from B- to B+ Pelipper from B+ to A- Kingdra from A- to B+ Mienshao from A to A- Magnezone from A to A- Crobat from B- to B Arcanine from B- to B Azumarill from B+ to B Added Zoroark into B- tier Discuss Togekiss in S vs A+ Hydreigon in A+ vs S Conkelldurr in S vs A+, should there be an S tier in this metagame at all? Zoroarks tier placement
  6. petition to add midseason auction bcuz these gen 7 matches are dog shit
  7. I’ll fight u but I’m not bringing rain lol, u can bring ur puss y sets tho. (Free money jaja)
  8. me vs shuchty whenever game decides to not shit the bed edit: now
  9. me vs shuchty sometime soon tm
  10. Venemoth seems like a threat. Where would everyone put it? Also I understand MIilotic's role, I just don't think it is good enough at it. You can switch in to powerful physical attackers and haze setup sweepers but what does it do vs. a switch in against a Bliss/tenta/ferro. Seems like your just letting them setup hazards, seed, spin, etc. Also it gets chipped very fast in volt/turn meta and big special attackers like hydreigon, mence, etc
  11. Mamo - big agree. It is still a big threat that is very hard to switch in, but its speed tier is mediocre. B+ imo. Blissey - tbh not much experience on this one. Now that I think about it I see bliss way more than chansey. Still both viable imo. I think i'll throw both in A tier because neither is as powerful as A+ tier. Breloom + Swamp - agree. I have used both and have always put in work/fill out a teambuild nicely Gengar - favorite top tier threat rn. Insanely good on offense, I think is A+. I am impartial with Tentacruel. But it has big usage and it fits in very nicely on teams. I'll raise it to A-. Disagree on Milotic. I think it is too one dimensional to be A tier. I think it allows free switches into bliss,ferro,tenta too easily without very threatening moves. If you want to elaborate on this I would definitely be willing to hear. No idea on venemoth. Seems like a shitty volcarona but I guess it has sleep powder so I'l just throw it in C+ Smeargle - spams hazard in lead spot idk why I had this lower
  12. me vs necro whenever gets online
  13. playing necro in 10 mins edit: maybe longer bcuz net problems edit2: he says give him an hour to fix net sry for blueball, dont shoot messenger
  14. Moving Reuniclus down to A+ tier. Usage has lowered over past two months, it is most certainly not as centralizing as it was pre-patch. No longer a Conkelldurr counter, barely passes as a check. Flame orb facade 2hkos. Offense has become very volt-switch heavy which is not favorable for Reuniclus who likes to say in for multiple turns. On many teambuilds Cofagrigus has replaced Reuniclus for the simple fact of countering Conkelldurr. S-tier is reserved for mons who 9/10 times will have a big impact on the game. Reuniclus does not always shine like it used to. It has major flaws that are getting exposed after being in the spotlight for multiple months. Most teams are ready to beat CM Reuni, and the other sets are not as threatening. Moving Cofagrigus to A- tier. Its usage is too high to put it any lower. Even though I do not like Cofagrigus myself, that is not what the rest of the MMO community is saying. It is getting high usage in PSL (I would like to see W/L of Cofag users) and in automated tourneys/ranked. It is getting usage because some think it is necessity for stall builds and balance to check Conk. I am putting my biases aside, Cofag is the real deal right now. One of few Conkelldurr counters, used on a lot of teambuilds for this reason. Helps against fighting types in general, like HJK switchin from Mienshao, Heracross check, etc. Spinblocker, fighting check, can lay T-spikes, Hex can be a nuke coming off of 130 base power stab. It is not higher because it still struggles with many top tier threats. It basically gives a free switch to Hydreigon, Togekiss, Blissey, etc. Talking points: Mamoswine drop A to A- Gengar rise A to A+ Kingdra drop A- to B+ Tentacruel rise B+ to A- lets here some discussion lads
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