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  1. IGN: Kimikozen Team: NORE Motivation: blood Competitive Accolades: 24-9 in PSL. played mons since fucking forever and mmo since 2012. fluff: I'll bring hype and I'll back up my claims. Been pissing off shitters and taking names forever. I'm a fresh manager pick and you better bet your ass I wanna win this shit.
  2. IGN: LifeStyle Team: NORE (Boss) Motivation: Huge EGO Competitive Accolades: Look me up in HoF Fluff: Blazikens were pretty good, Dank Express was a literal trainwreck, but I heard 3rd time's the charm. I won't signup as a player because I'm not here to play for these managers, I'm here to wipe the floor with them, especially DoubleJ (hi). Revived NORE from the ashes earlier this year and made it the #1 team in the game, in case you doubt I lack the vision and leadership skills for this job.
  3. takens i dont know anything about you but i do know that you are trash af at pokemon lmaooo
  4. a bunch of changes bcuz team preview, i was out of touch and dead, etc please more suggestions this thread big revamp
  5. Moves: Togekiss from A- to S Hydreigon from S to A+ Reuniclus from A+ to A- Salamence from A to A+ Hippowdon from A to A- Mandibuzz from B- to B+ Pelipper from B+ to A- Kingdra from A- to B+ Mienshao from A to A- Magnezone from A to A- Crobat from B- to B Arcanine from B- to B Azumarill from B+ to B Added Zoroark into B- tier Discuss Togekiss in S vs A+ Hydreigon in A+ vs S Conkelldurr in S vs A+, should there be an S tier in this metagame at all? Zoroarks tier placement
  6. petition to add midseason auction bcuz these gen 7 matches are dog shit
  7. I’ll fight u but I’m not bringing rain lol, u can bring ur puss y sets tho. (Free money jaja)
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