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  1. gen1-7 randoms wager

    sure leggo on as "kimikozen"
  2. gen1-7 randoms wager

    taking more bets
  3. gen1-7 randoms wager

    ye sure, give me sometime to finish up some other randoms ill pm u in game
  4. gen1-7 randoms wager

    yes and yes hmu on showdown ill play whoever does first
  5. gen1-7 randoms wager

    doing any gen randoms, gen4-7 OU kimikozen on showdown FREE MONEY COME GET IT
  6. Ok I've looked at the rankings and I'll give my opinion. fix the 0-1 to 1-0 issue inside of individual tiers. Also, In individual tiers wins should take precedent and be worth more, and losses worth way less. I believe ELO rewards quantity of wins more than just quality to fix some of the 5-2 to 2-0 issues. (IMO 5-2 guy should > 2-0 guy). Your ranking typically doesn't have this problem so as long as you fix the 0-1issue this will be fine. In overall tiers, losses should be worth more and hurt performance rank more. The 0-1 player should be higher than the 0-7 player, even if the the 0-7 guy had harder matchups. Overall considers all factors it just tier strength, so you have to consider who is more valuable within the algorithm. If you lose 7 games your useless and hurting your team every week, if ur 0-1, it's just a minor loss. Maybe instead of point based on who has the highest points, you should try the average chance that player can beat any other play. (Similar to gxe on showdown). I am not statistician or whatever so hopefully that makes sense.
  7. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    500k on me 500k on beatles 500k roy rodgers
  8. Too tired to read rn, will take a look tomorrow
  9. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    Lejovis bets: @Zigh owes Jovi 350k @Suneet owes jovi 1m ign: LeJovi
  10. [PSL9] Week Seven

    edit: i am tard
  11. [TV] Dragonball

    wild episode. next is the last :(
  12. [PSL9] Week Seven

    gg rlotus u apes have futball but in 13 colony we have stick ball
  13. [PSL9] Week Seven

    me vs rlotus after preda vs axell
  14. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    The Black Beatles (0) vs One Punch Ape (0) OU w/ TP: Kimikozen vs RLotus (200k) UU: Torinnn vs AlitoFernando (200k) UU: Maekaaay vs yosoyarca (200k) USUM LC: Yettodie vs Burntzebra (200k) ------ taken by zeb The Shooting Seelniles (0) vs The B-Team (0) OU: Lkrenz vs SejuaniSupport UU: Lifestyle vs Pachima UU: Axelgor vs Predakiller Dubs: Artemiseta vs Lazaaro --- taken by jovi USUM LC: Fredrichnietze vs Senile Ruthless Rattatas (0) vs The Tenacious Tentacruels (0) OU: Enchanteur vs BlueBreath UU: DoubleJ vs Forfiter UU: yangsam vs xSparkie Dubs: Zigh vs MatthewMLG DPP OU: Spaintakula vs kriger The GOONS (0) vs Roy Rogers INC (0) OU: ZhikoDark vs TheFireLion DPP OU: SweeTforU vs Gunthug USUM LC: Goldeneyes vs Elcoolio (ELCHOOLIO WILL NOT GO 7-0 JAJA) 100k unless specified :)

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