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  1. Let's just say I'm gonna be that one annoying kid who blows out your candles for you and ruins your birthday
  2. Me vs gunthug most likely Sunday 5:00 pm est
  3. U bet on kaynine over me. U can send me 99k over mail it'll b fine
  4. @Sashaolin and me have 1m bet on PBC vs gbwead. If doc wins i get 1m. game 3 soon tm edit: i owe @Sashaolin 1m, and @DiDi 100k. In mean time @Suneet owes me 100k and @JIceJDragon owes me 50k edit2: suneet paid, lf jice
  5. gg riga sorry for paras
  6. piss off nabb
  7. 500k on coge
  8. When you say I stated a solution, I meant that rallying up a bunch of people to come and spectate with me was as easy as making a spectator team. Not as easy as a spectator chat. The chat I'm suggesting is purely convenience and much easier than anything already available in the game.
  9. Again, this is just an inefficient way of doing things. A spectator chat is really more of a quality of life update. I can just as easily ask my whole team and friends list to goto vermillion ch.7 and we can spectate and chat about the match. The spectator chat is meant to increase overall community hype in automated tournaments without taking away the automated and extremely simple process.
  10. I think a "spectator's team" is really an inefficient way to just talk about a singular tournament with others. First off, getting people other than myself to join the team and spectate would be quite the challenge, as many people already have a team and don't have any plans on leaving that said team. And the point of this spectators chat is to share ideas about the match with smart players, and most of those smart players are already on a team that they are not willing to leave. Secondly, I understand most players will just talk to their teams right now, but I think if a spectator chat comes than people will talk with each other outside their team. For example, PSL matches, people will talk with their respective in game team and PSL team about the match, but there is still many comments made outside the match in normal chat. Finally, I think a spectators chat is a great way to hear others opinions outside of your own team. I never really interact with other teams like LYLE, AW, RNG, RISE, etc on a normal basis, so I don't get to hear their competitive opinions. But with a spectators chat we can all share ideas together in one chat rather than just in your team chat.
  11. Officials and CC's are pretty boring if you are spectating and the only effective way to communicate about the tournament is with your team or in Vermillion normal chat. I suggest a spectator chat so that everyone watching can talk about the match. This slightly increases hype for automated tournaments, and right now there is no hype for automated tourneys unless you're rooting on your boys. In 2012-2013 it felt like every single official tourney mattered and was super hyped up. But automation and general hype for the tourneys slowly fell and they are really underwhelming to spectate. I understand that the hype for officials will probably never be as high as 2012-2013, but a spectator chat can increase the hype and make a match environment similar to PSL without forcing everyone to be in Silph or Vermillion. some potential cons/talking points: The players could ghost/get coached by the spectator chat. This could be stopped by disabling the chat for battlers but still there are some pretty simple ways to get around this. But then again if someone really wants to coach/ghost, they could also talk in team chat or whisper the player just as easily as a battler could check spectator chat. Doesn't 100% solve hype problem because there is something special about everyone being in Silph watching battles rather than opening up some menu and watching the battle there. Gluumuk memes would die quicker
  12. Me vs rigamorty around 2-3 pm EST Saturday. It will probably be immediately after or before Linken vs sweet so it doesn't conflict.
  13. @JIceJDragon owes me 100k @Suneet owes me 50k 200k on me vs riga
  14. I heard goku used hakai against zamasu i thought that shit was god of destruction exclusive. episode 95 was probably my favorite of the gathering universe warriors pre-arc. plenty of action, cool ass animations, and frieza.
  15. yeah for the meme i feel u @Rigamorty im bringing custap hp ground magnezone and dugtrio to our match