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  1. Let's try and revive Oregon trail thread My psl 7 summary thoughts: I think it ran really well, hype was there most of the time and I think JJ did a good job My psl 8 suggestions: 3 OU/ 2 UU/ 2 NU/ bo3 Double/ DPP OU/ Gen 7 OU Keep DPP, even though I'm biased, in my opinion DPP is the most competitive tier Pokémon has ever had. It may seem like every game comes down to matchup or explosion spam but there is so much more going on. The tier requires a lot of knowledge of the game and tier to preform at a good level. Also the metagame lends itself to every single play style, allowing for hyper offensive to stall playstyles as long as you play well. And yes, Jirachi is utter bullshit, I'll give you Anti DPP guys that one. I actually really enjoyed the weekly power rankings and I think some sort of ranking/weekly shoutout to well preforming players will increase motivation to play at max level every week. In VALE, we had a super active Discord and I think every manager should be highly suggested to use this program. It's so good for scouting, team building, bonding, and whatever else. Discord > team PM anyday riga for host, draekyn for manager
  2. true he is more of a tank than a wall. His sp. def is really great tho and can take on a lot of special attackers without fighting/water moves.
  3. Eviolite Chansey, Ferrothorn, Tyranitar, Gastrodon, Jellicent, Vaporeon, Tentacruel, Snorlax, Abomasnow, Cofagrigus, Umbreon
  4. Some replays for you guys: First game against Mike, bulky Volcarona had an easy sweep after the Garchomp locked into outrage and I tried to get flame body. Was a more interesting game, some fun shenanigans with Garchomp vs. Skarmory. This game really showcases Garchomp's versatility and strength on both sides (and skarm is still godtier :p). Played vs Zebra this game, he brought a really interesting take on stall inspired by Gen 6 UU team. From the start I had to play a super aggro volt switch style but I made a few misplays with Hydreigon and his team had too much support for me to break his core. Played vs Zebra again, he brought the same team and I brought a more bulky offense style this time. My Gengar and Breloom put in a lot of work to try and break this core but the hazards and ferrothorn were still too strong. Ggs, a really fun meta so far. It has some issues when playing on Gen 7 OU including moves like Knock off being changed, fairy type on mons like Azu, and abilities forced onto mons like cursed body Gar. None of these are too big though and if you can avoid them its really fun.
  5. They unbanned evasion abilities for pokemon with one ability now for DPP, so Froslass is back. Hype. if anyone wants to play im online right now trying out some froslass
  6. I am online showdown now ign Kimikozen, also in ruins of alph
  7. The weakness of Azumarill is not that it has a lot of counters, but rather a lot of relevant checks in the meta. The ones I can think of off the top of my head can all take a +6 aqua jet and then kill with their respective moves are, Salamence, Rotom-W, Starmie, Hydreigon, Dragonite, Breloom, Venusaur, and even a bunch of other mons that can live a neutral +6 azu jet at full hp. Almost everything relevant in the tier outspeeds Azu, so Azu is pretty much relying on aqua jet for all of its knockouts, bar superpower for ferrothorn or something like that. Also imo I think Azu also has a pretty hard time setting up in BW bcuz of a bunch of strong stuff that can hit it for 50% on a neutral hit, and it doesn't have fairy typing to resist a bunch of stuff. (Notably fighting, bug, dark). Also IMO, there is a bunch of other scarier setup sweepers like DD mence, DD gyara, SD scizor, SD chomp, CM Reuni etc. Not saying that Azu is bad tho, its only true counters are jellicent, some gyarados variants, and gastrodon. But I don't think that it is close to banworthy.
  8. add biggest donator for every season so i can feel special
  9. if I had to make one early metagame call, garchomp will be banned if there is no Landorus-t to check it. Even current BW2 OU is ruled by Garchomp . Stealth rocks setter, SD chomp, Scarf chomp, Rocky helmet chomp. He can do so much and beat so much shit 1v1. I don't think he'll last long.
  10. anyone want to play?
  11. I watched dragon ball a fuck load during my childhood, and even rewatched the remastered Kai dbz a few years ago. I decided I was going to watch Super, and so far I am really enjoying it. I'm on episode 33 rn, in the universe 6 vs universe 7 tourney. btw, which writer thought it was a good idea to give goku instead of vegeta the kill against golden frieza smh...
  12. taking jovi and I
  13. 300k me vs gunt