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  1. OU Viability Thread

    Mantine B- / B tier ive been using a haze/scald/defog/roost mantine since the patch and it's done pretty solid. It counters Volcarona, is a nice answer to rain, and is in general just a pretty good special blanket. But the reason why it's not higher is that dreadful SR weakness and I've found that as a bulky water, it can't keep up with the large amount of physical attackers in the tier. I think it could get better as time goes on but right now I'd place it Low b. edit: you guys should try it. It can do some pretty cool niche thingsbwith some speed too, like countering scizor and Hazing BD azumarill. Also, a bunch of shit like Ttar doesn't appreciate switching in to scald because of that high burn chance. This mon is pesky, but it is not a throw on every team mon. It fits well on teams as a piece of a good defensive core. I like ferro/mantine, ttar mantine, and mantine/magnezone.
  2. [TV] Dragonball

    we've only seen vegeta getting eliminated red herring 20 times this arc lol
  3. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    mence, mantine, tanga berry ttar, chandelure, stealth rocks, dnite, pelipper can all sorta handle volc to respectable extent. i don't think we should ban yet especially when rocks are gonna become more common soon and stuff like mantine getting roost being rly good.
  4. Proposed Temporary Update Tiers Discussion

    Yeah I 100% agree. In a metagame so fleshed out as DPP, I can almost realize the full team structure off of a few pokemon, or predicting the last with high certainty. It adds an element of playing the game so that you have the highest chance against all possible Pokemon in the unseen slot. I can see a nicely fleshed out Meta in MMo, but the Pokemmo metagame will not have 10+ years to mature like DPP without mechanic changes, new pokemon, new items, etc. I think no team preview is not healthy for us rn.
  5. Lots of comps for sale.

    info on nidoqueen ?
  6. Proposed Temporary Update Tiers Discussion

    I think team preview is needed as new mons power creep. shit like volcarona and lucario can by itself win just by eliminating its checks/counters and revealing as last mon. I think DPP OU is great meta but its biggest flaw is no team preview. new unova mons like volc exaggerate this flaw and make it sorta luck based. Not to mention with Dugtrio in tier, it makes matchup based wins even more often. edit: forgot to mention, lead matchups are pretty luck based and will be pretty important as items like focus sash are released
  7. Elite 4 totally broken

    dude scarf ttar sweeps half the E4 members, and the ones that don't like dark type is easy to beat with any fight type. After I beat 8 gym (with stuff like emboar/Pansage from storyline), I just got 6 lvl 50 comps out and they were all 53-56 when I got to e4. It was pretty easy as long as you bring the pseudo legends or stuff like starmie. Also everyone sleeps on the battle items, but those shits are OP. I beat most gym leaders by simply setting up one X speed and one X attack on my emboar and it fucked shit up.i wouldn't be suprised if the E4 fell just as easily.
  8. [TV] Dragonball

    big spoiler if u havent watched 116
  9. Proposed Temporary Update Tiers Discussion

    There will be plenty of good SR setters once tutor comes out. Ttar, ferro,hippo,gliscor,dugtrio,escadrill,blissey, metagross, skarm, etc. right now tho everyone needs ttar on the team so it's kinda lame edit: jk ttar cant even learn sr yet wtf
  10. Gen 4-5 berries

    sick ty
  11. Gen 4-5 berries

    I'm not sure all the berries are in the game. Some are only available through dream world or BW2 only catchables. Like for example, I'm pretty sure chople berry is impossible to get in Unova unless you thief a Buneary in the BW2 games. please correct me if I'm wrong. these are pretty important for comp so I hope they get implemented soon. I haven't checked slateport or any of the markets yet, so someone should check there.
  12. [BUSR] Bushido Reborn

    everyone try and get on in a few hrs to play update
  13. must be update hype

    along with everyone else's points, I think it would make fighting types way too ridiculous. Without fairy type knock off gives fighting types perfect coverage.
  14. Cheels' EVing Service & Store

    pmd about ev
  15. Proposed Temporary Update Tiers Discussion

    Mantine is about to be super good in this meta. Can defog hazards, check common rain threats except for kabutops, check special attackers like volcarona, has recovery in roost, and ofc scald burns. Gonna be a fun mon to build around.

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