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  1. Atomic

    Quick Wishlist

    It's not showdown.
  2. And what about event only vanities?
  3. Which Items(cosmetics) can we get from the mystery box?
  4. This might help https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/&do=add
  5. Since there are still many players who miss wild shiny Pokemons or faints them. So My suggestion is to change the wild shiny pokemons name from white to golden or something else. This will help many players in hunt.
  6. Hi! After Playing this MMO I saw that there are a few players who were Former Staffs of this MMO(ex. - Kole and Eternith ). Both players are former Game Masters but Not If a new player checks their account in forum they will see that they are just members. Please Change This And Give a label Like - Former GM, Former Mod. Or if not then just give a label as Former Staff. It will Help us to see the Former Staffs. :-)
  7. Atomic

    Change Thief TM

    Farming Is Not hard but making different leveled pokes to farm with thief is hard. You just need patience to farm. Any other answers...
  8. Atomic

    Change Thief TM

    Hi Guys, Today I am here to suggest a new topic, Why Not make TM Thief damage as 1 like False Swipe move. I know that this tm is used to farm Many things. If TM Thief damage converts to damage 1 so I can Farm any thing with any high leveled poke. So Please add this. No more I suggest currently
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