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  1. Atomic

    IV Switcher

    1m would be the perfect value, It will save one of your 31s in shiny breeding so that's the perfect price for wrong IV Pokemons. All groups are costly than 1m for any 31s.(Required ones) Its not for Water c group anyway.
  2. just tap on the 'X' mark in corner it will tell you that 'The game must be restarted' then reopen it and it will load some cache file then all done!
  3. Add Exact ROMs In It As Said then click on the 'X' mark and reopen it. All Done!!
  4. Atomic

    IV Switcher

    can you tell me any 2 reasons of your point.. I said the suggestion becoz if you get a shiny solosis or any sp. attacker shiny with 31 attack and male(if rare like eevee or togepi) then u are in danger. People like to breed only 5x31 shiny with perfect nature. Making this item will let them to switch the 31 attack IV into sp attack and people then can breed it freely at next stage. So making it a bit costly will be good. Both attacker and sp attacker shiny groups will get help from it if they got wrong IVs. many other ways also opened if u have this item (Example- Speed 31 Ferroseed, Snorlax) U are a person who just deny all new things without thinking. don't mind me.
  5. It will come back if the developers give it a base stat like 10/10 /10/10/10/10. I personally don't like it.
  6. Atomic

    IV Switcher

    Hi there! I suggest a new item named IV switcher for this mmo. Basically this item will change a single 31s of a Pokémon to another random IV. Example- if a pokemon have HP 31 and if I use HP IV Switcher, it will change the HP IV to any other random IV not exact switch. If Possible then perfect switch to any chosen 2 IVs. this will basically help on shiny breeding.
  7. Atomic

    Quick Wishlist

    It's not showdown.
  8. And what about event only vanities?
  9. Which Items(cosmetics) can we get from the mystery box?
  10. This might help https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/&do=add
  11. Since there are still many players who miss wild shiny Pokemons or faints them. So My suggestion is to change the wild shiny pokemons name from white to golden or something else. This will help many players in hunt.
  12. Hi! After Playing this MMO I saw that there are a few players who were Former Staffs of this MMO(ex. - Kole and Eternith ). Both players are former Game Masters but Not If a new player checks their account in forum they will see that they are just members. Please Change This And Give a label Like - Former GM, Former Mod. Or if not then just give a label as Former Staff. It will Help us to see the Former Staffs. :-)
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