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  1. Well, you kind of have a point with shinys. My interest was more for competitive breeding since I don't really care about shinys but I guess it works like that with shiny pokemons. There could be changes for GTL of shiny pokemons (like don't allow to trade/sell them or something) but maybe is hard to administrate. Well, what a shame
  2. I mean we could modify the market instead, to make it more like the one in the games right now and we shouldn't have to deal with that problem
  3. But if getting shinys or 6x31 pokemons becomes so easy then it wouldn't become a mass market cause everyone could do it so why buy them? Besides shinys don't relly make the game easier or anything, they are just something for collectors, also is hard to get shinys in the 1st place. Besides, in the original game they give you the parents back and there isn't a pokemon mass market, everyone just breed their pokemons and get to battle
  4. I think it would be better to have the parents back when we breed pokemon. Not only because that is how it goes in the original game, but also because it would make it easier and less expensive, which would be less tiring for the players. Cause, let's face it, breeding is fun the first times but then it gets repetitive and is more about the objetive that the breeding itself. It would also make the breeding of genderless pokemon way easier because we could preserve the dittos (even though now we can breed genderless pokemon with that same species). Thanks in advance for reading.
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