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  1. IIRC the Giratina Boss fight can't be OHKO'd. However, if it hasn't been patched out, you can simply toxic stall it. Or bring three setup sweepers.
  2. Well, luckily the exact example of 'Wally' can be rebattled during every trainer reset (Once every six hours IIRC). As for the other rivals, I'm afraid there currently is no way to rebattle those aside from Blue at the pokemon league in Kanto.
  3. It's currently implemented but quite bugged, works better during PvP battles than PvE battles from my experience.
  4. I only play on mobile and often get black screens/crashes. Luckily this has been the first time that it has cost me a considerable time investment.
  5. I was training a Meowth to 100 but around level 70 my internet gave up during one of the horde encounters. When I logged back in my Meowth was evolved to a Persian, essentially erasing my work on it. Change it so evolution prompts wont activate while a player is disconnected.
  6. Nope. Due to balancing reasons Hydreigon can't learn Draco Meteor.
  7. Dig Ocarina sounds so much better than Magic Mirror though
  8. You could always send Terresa a message. He currently offers a service to complete the owned sinnoh dex for 90k.
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