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  1. Best breeder on MMO, worth buying for OT alone. 10/10
  2. Just slap an RP price on it, I need this.
  3. If a Pokémon becomes locked into Focus Punch by Encore but selected a different move that turn and hasn't already moved, it will use Focus Punch at the priority of the move it selected regardless of whether it took damage that turn, and the charging message will not appear. At least, this is what the core games go by. Yet when (for example) breloom gets encored and tries to use mach punch punch on that same turn, it just gets the normal focus punch effect.
  4. This is minor 'issue' present on the Samsung A51 as well. Never really bothered me much though.
  5. 10000 times this please
  6. I solod round two once, but imo its not worth it. Need to play very patiently and kill elfs in one turn with the SOS mechanic. Not worth the time investment at all.
  7. I had the same thing happen to me in the battle factory with Normal Gem + Covet.
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