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  1. i'm chaning picture , do sig with this blonde guy at left only becouse looks like pic i sended disapeared
  2. who made you a signature ? lol
  3. Just realize u posted this there lol thanks <3
  4. https://www.deviantart.com/fania98/art/Chrome-Render-367-775950485 https://www.deviantart.com/notsocreativ/art/Anime-girl-render-winter-U-511-Kantai-Collection-636692532 and these two with nickname " NASTY_GIRL2030 ' on eatch other
  5. Text: Prelude Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Background: < cut render if possible please > Anything else?: nope
  6. Name: Nasty_Girl2039 Team(optional): no Render:
  7. Can u do me second sig with this render https://www.deviantart.com/annaeditions24/art/Monkey-D-Luffy-Render-390665097 nickname same as before , thanks for evrything
  8. just make this signature rectangular if possible
  9. ok thank you very much , i will wait then
  10. heyy i found you in google , can you make me a singature ? with this render -> with nickname " Prelude " ? and how much you want for this bro/sis ?
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