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  1. 5 random tickets please! sending money now
  2. April's winner: PinkWings May's Winner: xDGTx https://challonge.com/xfk34rf3 June's winner: DossB https://challonge.com/m4pb6bjj
  3. 1st day of each month. Raw RNG luck, Metronome battle ~ Single Eliminations. Requirements: 1 Clefairy. Max: 90 Total IV. No EV training, LV 50 & no items. (Only need Metronome Move) If you run out of PP for Metronome, restart the battle. In the event of taunt/ imprison/ torment, restart battle When: 4PM UTC. Front entrance of Mt Moon, CH4 Kanto Matches will be 1v1 in tournament mode. Have your Clefairy approved before matches. 1ST: 250K 2ND: Moon stone
  4. https://challonge.com/m4pb6bjj Congrats DossB for this months RNG KING. \o/
  5. I will buy 5 random numbers, sending money
  6. me please! eevee, shiny smeagle, more eevees maybe something pink, do what you think looks nice
  7. Congrats to Altaitan for 1st place and Poratne for 2nd!
  8. Catching contest Date: Friday, May 29th Time: 8pm UTC Location: Wellspring cave Ch 3, Unova Duration: 1 hour for catching and 10min to submit entry Pokemon accepted: Woobat Nature Bonus: Brave -5, Quiet -5 1st Prize: 300k 2nd Prize: Leftovers Host: PinkWings To take part in the event and receive prizes, you must be part of the team. All Scores are judged lowest to highest. To win this event you need to submit an entry that has the lowest score to win. There is no prize fr the highest ivs. You may only submit 1 entry All Pokemon must have been caught within the event time. You will have one hour to catch your entry. Pokemon must be the player's OT. You must link your entry to any participating staff member via whisper to submit your entry. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined through the earliest catch time. Have fun and socialize!
  9. Congratulations to DaquiAla for First and Dindra for Second!
  10. OPTIC Scavenger Hunt Starting point- Viridian ch3 Wingull (1pt) Voltorb (1pt) Gastly (1pt) Vanillite (1pt) Male Joltik (1pt) Female Yanma (1pt) Shuckle (1pt) A pokemon with thick fat ability (1pt) A pokemon with the move sweet scent (1pt) A psychic type caught in hoenn (1pt) A poison type under level 10 (1pt) A pokemon with 4 hm moves (1pt) Smeargle with the move Bite (1pt) Dark type with the move faint attack (1pt) A pokemon that is a cat (1pt) A pokemon with more than 1 head (1pt) Shedinja (2pt) A pokemon with sassy nature (2pt) Timid Staryu (2pt) Jolly Sneasel (2pt) Bold Solosis (2pt) A electric type with lax nature (2pt) A flying type with gentle nature (2pt) A pokemon with lonely nature (2pt) Kanto Starter (2pt) Female Jumpluff (2pt) A Fighting type with mach punch (3pt) Male Larvesta (3pt) Adamant Dratini (3pt) A Zubat with a 31iv stat (3pt) Rattata with 60 or lower total sum of ivs (3pt) Magikarp with 120 or higher total sum of ivs (3pt) Ditto with any 31 iv stat (5pt) Bidoof with 31 speed iv (5pt) Diglett with 31 Defense iv (5pt) Feebas (5pt) Female Eevee (5pt) A 2x31iv pokemon (5pt) A unique pokemon nicknamed OPTIC (2pt) NOTE: *Unique pokemon nicknamed OPTIC* For this entry to count, you must link a pokemon species that has not yet been submitted and no other player can submit a pokemon of the same species as you. Pokemon must be named OPTIC.
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