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  1. got these cuties, vulpix was today, growlithe 3 days ago
  2. ah yeah, i have one from the at xmas event too (as a milotic now) i didnt think anyone buys these random 2012 mons lol so no idea on price might message you later, most old mons i have are on my old alts but if i can get ez money i'll sell em
  3. ye nothing older exists, everything earlier was defaulted to that day & time
  4. you buy 2012 pokemon too? or just sell
  5. April's winner is TheAmethyst! Congratulations \o/
  6. The winner for March is Ploegy! https://challonge.com/agixuphp
  7. Congratulations to the winners! First place we have Dindra with a 279 total! Second Place was ThinkNicer with 277! And in 3rd Shankii with 267! Thanks to all who played and happy Valentines day!
  8. Catching event Date: Sunday February 14th Time: 7pm UTC Location: Route 110 ch 3, Hoenn Duration: 1 hour for catching and 10 minutes to submit entries Pokemon accepted: The power couple of Plusle + Minun Nature Bonus: none To take part in the event and receive prizes, you must be part of the team! To win this event you need to submit an entry that has the highest score to win. You must submit 2 entries. 1 minun and 1 plusle. Scores will be calculated by: Plusle's total iv + Minun's total iv= Eve
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