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  1. x1 Black Sludge (lmao) x1 Pharoah hat thingy
  2. Hi Tabla! Welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay . Also, I don't know if I agree with you about Cleffa being the best, but Clefairy sure is. Cheers :D
  3. Looks great, I will hve to try it :o
  4. Moar, but not that much this time because I went for places that weren't as interesting in terms of items, or you already had info about those places (I try to avoid putting items that are already registered in your posts): -------- UNOVA -------- Abundant Shrine: Trainer Pickup: Super Repel Pokémon Pickup: Nest Ball, Super Potion, Pinap Berry, Blurk Berry, Razz Berry, Heal Powder, Revival Herb, Nugget, TinyMushroom, Sharp Beak, Metal Coat. P2 Laboratory: Trainer Pickup: EnergyPowder, Awakening, Great Ball, Plain Bitter Seed, Plain Sweet Seed. Pokémon Pickup: Plain Bitter/Spicy/Sweet Seeds, Great Ball, Nest Ball, Repel, EnergyPowder, Shed Shell, Silk Scarf, Comet Shard. -------- KANTO -------- Resort Georgeous: Trainer Pickup: Repel, Potion, Super Potion Pokémon Pickup: Ultra Ball, Starpiece, Stardust. Green Path: Trainer Pickup: Poké Ball, Great Ball, Repel, Potion Pokémon Pickup: Max. Repel, Ultra Ball, Pearl, Big Pearl, Starpiece, Stardust. Outcast Island: Trainer Pickup: Poké Ball, Great Ball, Repel, Potion Pokémon Pickup: Max. Repel, Pearl, Big Pearl, Ultra Ball. NOTE: Here you probably can find the same items you find in Green Path, Georgeous Resort or Water Labyrinth but I didn't get any Starpiece/Stardust this time. Ruin Valley: Trainer Pickup: Poké Ball, Super Repel, Potion Route 17: Pokémon Pickup: Super Potion Tanoby Ruins: Pokémon Pickup: Poison Barb Cerulean Cave: Pokémon Pickup: TwistedSpoon
  5. Congrats on the shiny! Would you mind telling use what you use to keep track of your encounters?
  6. In the form, does time refer to ingame time or IRL time? And if IRL time, what time zone? Also, there are swarms that are sometimes inaccessible, maybe you could add something for that in the form?
  7. More. Route 5 - Kanto Pokémon Pickup: Super Potion, Super Repel, Great Ball, Sun Stone, Miracle Seed Trainer Pickup: Poke Ball, Potion, Repel, Paralyz Heal Tresure Beach Pokémon Pickup: Great Ball, Big Pearl, Nugget, Super Repel, Super Potion Trainer Pickup: Poke Ball, Super Potion Rusturff Tunnel Pokémon Pickup: Trainer Pickup: Poke Ball, Potion, Repel, Chesto Berry Village Bridge Pokémon Pickup: Super Repel, Ultra Ball, Heal Powder, Plain Spicy Seed, Plain Dry Seed Trainer Pickup: Potion, Plain Sour Seed, Plain Spicy Seed Note: I fainted 150 pokes and only got Pokemon pickup items FIVE times in Village Bridge. Not sure if I was just unlucky, usually I find more.
  8. Well, I already know that Roselia and Togepi can hold Shiny Stones (I even have pictures!), but I'm not sure if there are pokes that hold Fire/Water/Thunder Stone. I will see if I can find some info. Roselia Togepi
  9. Hi again, I have some extra data to add. Route 9 -Kanto Pokémon Pickup: Plain Bitter Seed Trainer Pickup: Great Ball Route 10 -Kanto Pokémon Pickup: Tinymushroom Abundant Shrine Pokémon Pickup: Great Ball, Charcoal, Sharp Beak, Soft Sand, Energy Powder Trainer Pickup: Awakening Cerulean Cave Pokémon Pickup: Hyper Potion, Black Belt, Energy Root Pattern Bush Pokémon Pickup: Revival Herb Memorial Pillar Pokémon Pickup: Hyper Potion Trainer Pickup: Poke Ball, Super Repel, Super Potion Resort Georgeous Pokémon Pickup: Max Repel Water Labyrinth Pokémon Pickup: Max Repel, Hyper Potion, Ultra Ball, Star Piece, Stardust, Pearl, Big Pearl, Trainer Pickup: Poke Ball, Great Ball, Potion, Repel, Super Repel
  10. Hi. Croagunk can also hold Black Sludge.
  11. Misdreavus can hold Dusk Stones apparently (at least in Lost Cave - Kanto). Murkrow too (in Abundant Shrine). Also, thanks for doing all this work. Is there any way I could help you?
  12. I've been killing Slugma hordes in Mt. Ember (Inside cave, F2) and got the following items from Pokémon Pickup: Ultra Ball X6, Hyper Potion X4, Max Repel, Fire Stone X8, Hard Stone X11, Charcoal X2, Black Belt, Everstone And 1 Potion, Super Potion and Super Repel from Trainer Pickup.
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