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  1. Did you already consider making Damp rocks consumables? Joking aside, damp rocks are non consumables items that are useful on like 3 pokes total, and you can get them while farming for Small Lucky Eggs (idk if people will still farm those now), of course they are trash items that people don't want to have in their inventory. Thanks for the bone, very appreciated.
  2. Corazones (me) vs gbwead. Today 18.00 UTC.
  3. The only reason it's 4m is because there is severe low in the RP Marley
  4. I've gotten the captch 3 times while payday farming in the Berry Forest, but as @CaptnBaklava said, only happened when I wasn't speaking in the chat and I was very focused on the farming (not doing anything else other than farming).
  5. This idea is brilliant and wouldn't change by much the amount of money you can make with 1 Amulet coin. I would only increase the amount of points by each E4 leader to at least 30 because at the moment you can only do 3 regions with 1 amulet coin if you have a good team and are somewhat lucky with your RNG. This would also allow for some interesting paths in Trainer runs.
  6. OMG, I already have a few alt and this never came to my mind. Thanks!
  7. I wanted to craft a few Bug Gems, and noticed that the Silverpowders on GTL were few and expensive, specially compared to most type-boosting items. So I decided to check what horde could give me a better access to the item, but apparently there isn't. Not only is it the only item of this type that doesn't have any hordes that can hold it, but also, funnily enough, Wurmple can hold BRIGHTPowder. I also took notes of the hordes that can hold one of those items, in case someone wants that information: BlackGlasses: Sandile, Krookorok SilverPowder: ??? Dragon Fang: Drud
  8. Garchomp is still used, just not as great as it was before. Personally I've seen sets with Dragon Rush + Hone Claws; also LO Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Protect, Draco Meteor/Rock Slide/Fire Fang. It's just not as easy to spam as it was before,partially because the meta is dominated by Rain and some fast support Pokémon like Mienshao/Crobat/Whimsicott or SemiTrickRoom teams; and the kind of team that benefited SD Chomp the most (Togekiss/Blastoise/Critdra) is not as common now. However it's still the fastest dragon type outside of rain and has a high attacking stat, it just needs more
  9. Muchas gracias por esta guía. Buscar un shiny sin zanamas es algo que había pensado en hacer en algún momento y esta guía me va a ser super útil, seguro a otras personas también. Además te quedó muy bonito.
  10. About 5 hours, not really sure honestly. I started at 12.59 and left a few minutes after 17. I also took a small break to eat lol
  11. I got ir from a Xmas, but it seems the rate is very low.
  12. I managed to get 73 points with only 2 elfbots since the start. I decided to leave at that point because I was really tired after so many monotonous battles, but I had 6 lives and could've easility beaten another boss if I wanted to torture myself for another half hour. At this point I had to let the Psychic one die because I needed to heal the Fighting bot with Heal Pulse, and only had one Max Potion left + no Pink Boxes available. Still, I was somewhat lucky with my items. I started with the following set: DEF Psychic Elfbot: Didn't change any move here, and used
  13. I feel like this would only help people that use bots on the GTL, instead of people that really would need it.
  14. Yeah, it's a shame. The only thing they managed to do was to benefit the GTL flippers when they changed the difficulty. Really lame event now because there is hardly any payoff for puting almost an hour into playing the event, and it's almost never worth to open the damn event boxes.
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