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  2. nah bro you need to bet on my 10 boyfriends
  3. JAJAJJAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJAJAJAJA im even cuter you said ?
  4. I had to touch a sensible point for you to go so far in your lies xd Anyway if just betting 200k make you go crazy like this you should take some fresh air
  5. It seems crazy to call me coached when everytime you go far in tournament you are in SIA vocal chat
  6. sad to hear that from poseidon puppet 😢
  7. 200k i win against Gasai (never played a single dubs game)
  8. I can understand people who doesnt want to have showdown tier in pokemmo PSL because it's not an official tier from the game. What i dont understand is not having showdown tier when we have LC (not official tier anymore) and also why we have LC when showdown isnt here ? Both of them arent implemented into the game so why they are not treated the same ? Also i would prefer to have showdown instead of LC since most of the LC game in MMO are just clown fiesta.
  9. I took the exemple for UU but i can do the same with NU so i dont get why you said this. You are on a MMO it means you will only do the same again and again even if it's boring so i dont understand why people will stop playing random since you just need to queue and that's all. People enjoy random ? probably. People enjoy simplicity ? a lot ! and this is the reason why UU and NU are dead atm , because you need to put effort in learning the tier and farming fpr comp ! random just require to have 4 badges to go in.
  10. Small update about what adding random battle to the game done to other tier. You will only need 7 more win than the number of your lose to get t100. Also i havent found a single UU ranked in 1h on a saturday evening (central europe time). Im still thinking this mode have nothing to do into this game and has bad impact about the lifespan of the game !
  11. easier to get special candy(more candy than other year) + boss harder than last year (so people are bored to do it then less people buy special candy) create this situation , probably a bad move from devs imo because it makes the event less profitable and less enjoyable
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