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  1. lol i win with 165 total iv but 0 iv 31 hahah
  2. Really great service , really great person ,will definitly order again ! 10/10
  3. you litteraly tell me to explore the map.... Btw another 24h + without tournament , i love this game but i dont want to see less content than before that just's what i wanted to say
  4. yeah but what if i play this game for tournament ?
  5. Hey , why we dont have tournament on a saturday ? I mean , why deleted LC tournament if it's not to add other tournament in other tier ? Is it not the right time to add tournament for people who are working during the week and cant do the other tour ? I really like this game but sometimes i dont understand. Lack of tournament during weekend i find that ridiculous especially if it's to have days of week with 2 tournament the same and not full. If you delete something can you please add something else to compensate...
  6. we were 2 since round 60 , took us 4h30
  7. how many time did it take with only 2 player ?
  8. First of all gg to empoleon !! I want to thanks @isi1993 and @NagaX for trusting me in this tournament. I really enjoy to play these duel and preparing them. I feel sad i havent win in final for my team. I also want to thanks all of rotom player , they were all so nice. Also , i dont forget the host i know everything was not perfect but thank you for hosting this event i think it was not as easy as it sounds. Thank you to everyone who take part in this competition ! Fun fact: i was picked after the end of the auction lol
  9. Both side wont accept any solutions ,so what i suggest is to remake the full tournament. Just make a tournament with locked rules that cannot be changed NO MATHER WHAT HAPPEN. Make it maybe earlier and put a date on the day for the final/semi if needed to do in 2 times. At least both side not have lost and everyone will be on the equal footing
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