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  1. I mean, if one of these 2 is banned from UU the other one need to be banned aswell.
  2. P2 and PZ are not the biggest problem anymore lol and i prefer to deal with Lucario than the 2 porygon. But Lucario is still too strong for the tier and must be banned after p2
  3. i can understand this but it just show that with random battle you wont try to (re)put interest in PVP and small tier (you can play NU actually without playing stall and enjoy the tier for exemple). And im pretty sure in some month you wont play random battle at all or only 1 or 2 game/week. But like i said i can understand people like random battle since all of i said was my opinion. Difference with showdown and pokemmo is : if you want to play OU on showdown you can just chose 6 random mon and search for a game. Here you will need to put 3-4 days to breed + ev all the comp or put 2m+ in buying comp on gtl or pay breeder and ev service to do it.
  4. ty bro you resume all i wanted to say : it will kill small tier because people will think this is the real PVP of pokemmo , or it isnt.
  5. but that's only the theory , in fact if you r playing ranked that's better to do random battle than any other tier since you dont have to breed comp at all Random rewards OU rewards
  6. Yo , here is my thought about the random battle mode. 1st: I dont get why we have a random battle mode in a MMO game. There is absolutly no reason to add a mode like that in that kind of game since in a MMO the main things we do is : farming ressource to get stuff to get better ressource/money to upgrade stuff or buy new things or organize new event.... or here in this mode you can litteraly create an account rush 4st gym and just spam random battle. It reduce the lifespan of the game a lot. 2nd (on the pvp side) : it will just kill small tier like UU NU and Dubs. New player wont spent time and money on building a competitive team in these tier they find "fun" to play ladder or tournament since they can just go in random battle without haveing 1 single comp and just spam it like it is the real pvp of pokemmo. Only OU and maybe dubs will survive in some month. Also why deleting LC to add this ? lc had better sens to be in pokemmo than random battle. 3rd: (on the non-pvp side) : the reward in random battle is meh (worse than in normal pvp ranked where they are already bad. Non-pvp player are waiting for other things than a random battle mode such as legendaries and/or dongeon or even Johto (even if it's useless). about the mode itself : -i have the feeling rng got boosted in this mode -some matchup are litteraly impossible to win (azumarill bellydrum vs no water resistance xd) -rewards lol feel free to share your feeling about this
  7. Team name: SIA 1 Player OU: MadaraSixSix Player NU: AwaXGoku
  8. Nah it will just kill the GTl and trade chat imo and also staff would be spammed by everyone about selling their vanities and mon. The idea is really about banned player and not letting their vanities/mon disapear forever with their account and not to help people to sell their vanities because they want cash.
  9. IGN: AwaXGoku Preferred Tiers: all (if you can lend me comp) Discord contact: AwaXGoku#1309
  10. China go in final 500k @jorgemaximo Africa go in final 500k @Thenavarro
  11. i've discovered this in another game with the same kind of "limited item" than we have in pokemmo. Create a market where stuff from banned people are being put on auction. -This take effect only if the banned player already made a ban appeal and this one being rejected and/or being banned for at least 1 month and not appealing the ban. -In this case vanities and comp and shinies are being put on an auction market where people can just bid if they want to. -Vanities and mon disapear if nobody put an offer on them at the end of the days. -Only a limited amount of stuff can be on the black market at the same time and for a limited time only (24h or 7 days)
  12. ye your 100% right here that's why i said at least 70% and not saying it kills. im not fully agreed with this since some of the opposite mon cant deal enough damage like i show with all the stupid calc i show 1 week ago. And for the one that does enough damage to make p2 almost dead ,that just says you must sacc one of your big damage dealer to deal with a single mon after he already did one kill because most of the time you cant switch in with your offensive mon on p2 for free. I dont think this is normal and that's my opinion.
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