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  1. Greatly recommended breeder, super quick responses and great pricing! Will definitely be a customer again in the future!
  2. Do we post here or whisper you for orders?
  3. Going to document additional shinies i know of Justeago: Ditto OldenMann: Poliwag | Ferroseed | Ralts | Golbat Snowae: Linoone (Sold) | Evolved Duosion Charrondev: Marowak Isskandar: Duosion ZslayerSP: Pachirisu| Dunsparce | Spinda | Vanillish | Magmortar (evolved Magmar) FCtheGod: Rapidash | Tentacruel Oxmaster: Magikarp Aybersonn: Golbat (Killed) | Tentacruel | Druddigon Mayushii: Evolved Kirlia | Misdreavus EthanZapp: Hariyama ZaCCCCCC: Banette | Duosion
  4. nah that's definitely not it click on a player's name in chat to start whispering them in the future
  5. Wanted to put an update here celebrating the team passing 150 shinies as members since the start of the team! Congrats and keep up the work everyone!
  6. Team Name: ZomB Registered Players: ZaCCCCCC, isskandar, Aybersonnn, shadtler
  7. https://imgur.com/a/C6n90H3 seems appropriate, don't say the thing.
  8. Team Name: ZomB Registered players: ZaCCCCCC, isskandar, ZSlayerSP
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