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  1. 2021.11.27 OU年赛资格赛 冠军:loveyun[爱云] (公会第二个年赛资格证)
  2. 9 pm UTC I may still be asleep. When I get up, the last color left is mine
  3. I want to know, if have obtained the qualification, but use other accounts to participate in the remaining competitions, is it illegal
  4. @HedgeWitchtranslated PSL into the Chinese community for publicity. Thank you
  5. Of the people I know, they all want to know their scores / levels
  6. 为了礼袋(不是) 我个人比较喜欢搜集时装,以前的是买不到了,就想看看之后官方会出什么
  7. IGN: heichicoda Motivation:I want to try to be the first Chinese manager,Maybe there will be better people than me, but they need a guide PSL seasons in which you participated as a player:nothing PSL seasons in which you participated as a manager:nothing This is an attempt
  8. 参加PVP打赢了才会给,分越高or打的时间越久给的越多
  9. Few Chinese people play this forum. I asked the same question on a Chinese chat platform like DC. Most PVP novices don't care about it. Most other PVP proficient players hate King's rock For curved body and sand sail, many Chinese people will complain that they are disgusted by them
  10. 愿不愿意公开不就是看个人吗,kyu也是隐藏,又不能说明啥
  11. 绝了,玩论坛还需要打电报
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