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  1. 2021.10.24 OU闪光修建老匠锦标赛 冠军:loveyun[爱云] (国人第一只闪老将)
  2. To tell you the truth, except for the hat, I don't think the 14 day reward will make a group of people brush points maliciously.Moreover, the tournament can chat, and the reward of the tournament is much better than the rank.So should chatting be banned in the tournament
  3. 2021.10.22 King's rock accounts for 40% of Cloyster belongings ——rip
  4. 怎么关注帖子,我看有人说帖子右上角可以关注,我是手机查看的论坛找不到关注的地方
  5. If lose the game because of luck, Can still harass the opposite side after the game. If don't want to be harassed, can turn on the“/dnd”.The same is true in the battle. If the opponent harasses you, you can block him or turn on "/ dnd".I agree with the above view. Sometimes when meeting friend, he and I can chat with each other, which will be more interesting
  6. I know that chatting was banned at the beginning to prevent players from maliciously swiping points to get hats.But now six seasons have passed. Can make the chat system the same as before? Everyone knows that these hats repeat in four quarters.Basically, there will be no more malicious swiping of points
  7. I hope PVP can be the same as before and chat with opponents during the game. ——In rank
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