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  1. Pawniard hunt phase 4 , 137351 single encounters OT 53 Shiny Liepard Well, at least i got a birthday gift :')
  2. Another one that is not pawniard :( And i almost lost it for ally switch but i was aware to this possibility, so i had taunt on smeargle. Shiny Duosion OT52 Pawniard hunt 99172 total encounters / 3 phases (i lost a duosion for my third world poor internet connection so is a reclaim to this little one:'))
  3. 72660 encounters Shiny Garbordor (was aiming on pawniard) Ot 51
  4. Shiny Magikarp , 10th karp. Idk encounters. OT 50
  5. I tried just at south where are the Vullaby and Rufflet hordes, In this spot Bibarel just spawn after 21:00 game time.
  6. Bibarel hordes seem to be only at night
  7. Shiny Lombre , idk encounters but aready was in this hunt some weeks ago :D OT 46
  8. Shiny Frillish idk encounters but is something like 120k since my last one OT 45 Best Cute charm is use no Cute charm :D
  9. Got this farming metronome, idk encounters OT 44 Shiny Kricketune
  10. "SoonTM" of @Sethsen was right again >:D OT: 43 Shiny cofa
  11. I thought that each horde was counted like 1 encounter, tnx for explanation <3
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