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  1. Phase 2 on ferroseed hunt, fail 2 Ot 55 2nd klink
  2. This is a teory that i made when i was hatching some boxes on my egg hunt. When do you search for the ivs on the pc, you are able to know if a egg have that iv: Having this on mind, if do you search on the same tool your shinies, i think that you be able to know if any egg have a shiny inside: Its possible to test this. If someone actualy is doing a shiny breed, put the egg on box and try to search your shinies, if happen the same thing that happen on ivs .. Well the title of this topic is self explanatory ;D .
  3. Pawniard hunt phase 4 , 137351 single encounters OT 53 Shiny Liepard Well, at least i got a birthday gift :')
  4. Another one that is not pawniard :( And i almost lost it for ally switch but i was aware to this possibility, so i had taunt on smeargle. Shiny Duosion OT52 Pawniard hunt 99172 total encounters / 3 phases (i lost a duosion for my third world poor internet connection so is a reclaim to this little one:'))
  5. 72660 encounters Shiny Garbordor (was aiming on pawniard) Ot 51
  6. Shiny Magikarp , 10th karp. Idk encounters. OT 50
  7. I tried just at south where are the Vullaby and Rufflet hordes, In this spot Bibarel just spawn after 21:00 game time.
  8. Bibarel hordes seem to be only at night
  9. Shiny Lombre , idk encounters but aready was in this hunt some weeks ago :D OT 46
  10. Shiny Frillish idk encounters but is something like 120k since my last one OT 45 Best Cute charm is use no Cute charm :D
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