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  1. Got this farming metronome, idk encounters OT 44 Shiny Kricketune
  2. "SoonTM" of @Sethsen was right again >:D OT: 43 Shiny cofa
  3. I thought that each horde was counted like 1 encounter, tnx for explanation <3
  4. I started this hunt in september and stoped when i got a geodude after 8k encounters. Got it again 2 weeks ago and now this freaking "pig" is mine :D. Shiny Hippopotas OT 41 Best xmas gift
  5. I got on my mind that in holidays like xmas or easter they could add tematic hordes (like delibird or exeggcute) just for a limited time. This would be a great thing for the players that have shiny hunting as focus on game. I know that we are not the most of players but i never saw something like this on pokemmo. This would work like community day in pokemon go but without increase the shiny odds just add a limited time horde for more efficient hunting. I dont know if make this is viable but i'm sure that many people will be happy with.
  6. Sorry guys i became a elfbot now i need help them all D:> (I got kicked from event and got this thing , maybe is a bug)
  7. Was trying to get some everstones to a breed and got this on the first horde; Shiny Boldore OT 40
  8. This guy born from a meme on my team xD Started the hunt yesterday Shiny Unown :D OT: 39 Now i will back to Meteor Falls before that Fixedgaming come to punch me again D:
  9. Fresh fish :D Ot 38 Spent someting like 1 or 2 hours on sootopolis.
  10. Shiny bagon 1st phase 7763 total encounters 1436 bagon encounters 37 OT
  11. Second fail on shiny charmander hunt. 6579 encounters
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