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  1. What a honest gold critic... you are the best thinker around here... I think you should be dev instead. Bravo !
  2. Would you consider a different approach for tiering than putting levels up or down ? I feel like there are quite a few mons where they sucks ass with 2/3 of their sets but then destroy everything with one particular set and it becomes OP because the pokemon level is high as most of the times it's bad with the other sets. Do you think scaling level with the pokemon set can be a viable option for pokemon that have way more Winrate for one of their sets compared to others ? Just one example out of my memory, Quiver Dance Beautifly life orb, that shit hits like a truck, 100 base sp atk, pokemon lvl 88 cos all its other sets are bad (specs/scarf Sash mainly)
  3. stop at 1337 each ultimate pokemon master
  4. I once tried, as a challenge, rather than for efficiency, to have the "perfect team" that can 100% 3-round any team any gym leader is going to use. I've lost interest and gave up as it took too much time, but here was my progress : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d8PAFjhQAt4zvyUj048UoCWOVHuZO4cZCO-BbC7Ftu4/edit?usp=sharing It includes my team and how to use it and to beat the gyms. I hope it can serve as inspiration ; I've come to realize that at some point, any well-thought team with good synergy does the job, and the improvement in efficiency is so minimal that it's pointless to go for it.
  5. Poufilou


    Just buy breeders off GTL. Time is money bro It does take some time to build yourself a good PvP team, but I don't find the grind outrageous if you're only going for that. Unless you're breeding 5x31 all the time. About 2h of basic grind can get you 1 comp, and 3h 1 perfect. That's reasonable since it also takes time to improve at PvP, build teams, etc. But yeah, overall this game is not friendly to those who only want to play PvP and get directly into the competitive scene. I'm not sure there's any wish from devs to change that one way or another or make it easier. The success of Randoms tier is also because of this "issue".
  6. no rush but I'll wait to receive what u owe me before accepting the new bets and take
  7. 100k each except specified The Wilds Weedles (0) VS Capri Sunkern (0) LCOU1: zMauri vs Lotus LCOU2: YeyoxD vs Onraider LCUU: Zhiko vs Skylux LCNU: Aldahirramirez vs QuinnW LCDoubles: RohMartinez vs OrangeManiac Showdown: MedioMuerte vs Akaru Hell`s Pandemonious (0) VS The Handy Aipoms (0) LCOU1: Stelian vs Queest LCOU2: xWhinkz vs Ahpool LCUU: AlejovishGB vs Pablobacas LCNU: KokenoCastro vs CarolML LCDoubles: Sebat vs Kepzal Showdown: Urquidi vs Hybone All took by @urquidi 200k each of these above The Rolling in the Grave (0) VS Abra Kadabras (0) LCOU1: xSofy vs WarwitoX LCOU2: Thux vs NoWall LCUU: McTermi vs Arca LCNU: Stormy vs KiriitoX LCDoubles: EricTheGreat vs TiToooo Showdown: SnowOT vs Cristi
  8. Navarro owes me 200k Axelgor even Sebat paid
  9. Messages like the one above are precisely what you want to ignore - any pokemon is fine with any spread of your choosing. Just keep in mind the simple thing : if you put EVs in it, choose 31 as IV to have it perfect, otherwise choose 30 or above to have it perfect aswell.
  10. Just putting more emphasis on this. 30 IV on uninvested stats makes a "perfect" comp. The only downside is if you want to change the EV spreading, you won't be able to reach the max with 30 IV if you decide to invest EVs in it. You only really want 5x31 on pokemons where you invest in multiple stats for actual good reasons (stuff you calced before breeding that achieve something in particular). I see many players starting competitive sink their money on misconceptions, or on the contrary, lose some games because of misplaced "budget breeding".
  11. Oof sad I missed this event, I recognized almost all instantly. Looks fun hope next ones will be harder
  12. quinn moe cosplayer confirmed
  13. 100k each except specified The Rolling in the Grave (0) VS The Handy Aipoms (0) LCOU1: xSofy vs Tawla taken by @Thenavarro LCOU2: BadButWin vs Queest LCUU: McTermi vs Poufilou LCNU: Tez vs Pablobacas LCDoubles: Poratne vs Fengrinrin Showdown: SnowOT vs Hybone taken by @Sebat 200k each on these Hell`s Pandemonious (0) VS Capri Sunkern (0) LCOU1: Heichicoda vs Lotus taken by @Thenavarro LCOU2: Stelian vs xSparkie taken by @Thenavarro LCUU: Lunarck vs Skylux taken by @Thenavarro LCNU: axellgor vs QuinnW took by @Axelgor LCDoubles: Sebat vs Akaru taken by @Thenavarro Showdown: TheDH vs Califlour The Wilds Weedles (0) VS Strife Empire (0) LCOU1: MadaraSixSix vs Huargensy took by @Axelgor LCOU2: YeyoxD vs ItsGray LCUU: Zhiko vs Mkns LCNU: NguyenDuy vs enchanteur LCDoubles: LukerTTV vs Gasyflour Showdown: fntcz vs SumiSakurasawa Void if tie sub rematch
  14. Every newbie reaction when they discover pokemmo is to realize all the possibilities of pokemon + MMO. It's fair That does not mean all of them are interesting. Please take a little bit of time to understand what kind of game you are playing to understand what kind of game you will never get to play
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