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  1. I have all the bows. And I assume everyone with a respectable sense of fashion have them all aswell. Please let them stack and let us choose color we own, pretty please. I can't even know which color the bow is until I wear it on. My vanity bag looks like my socks drawer, randomly pulling stuff and hoping it's matching colors.
  2. From my experience its quite easy to setup anything, you just risk the 50/50 chance your opponent doesn't have a mon that can counter it in its unrevealed roster. Sash always felt useless in a mode where defog/spinner isn't guaranteed in ur team which is quite often. Thank God for the dual dual screens team.
  3. Wanted to reach 200k encounters since last shiny for the memes, found this moustache boi at 166k instead, still happy SRIF
  4. IGN : Poufilou Time Zone (UTC format): UTC +1 Tiers : LC Fluff : A few unofficial wins. I can play good if given the chance.
  5. I feel like most people wanting dpp are people who don't play pokemmo anymore or barely, so really, what is the purpose of including it in a pokemmo event, if you want to play competitive then come back to pokemmo and if you're not happy go play showdown. All these old players coming back for dpp it feels like we have to go all the trouble to install new chairs for old people so they can play their little game in the corner of the room. Because really, they will be the only ones playing this tier that most pokemmo players don't play. Creating a side event only dpp will literally result in the same event for yall. edit : plus it would probably have a better prize pool than this psl lol
  6. 15 orders done today, gogo All money will be donated to PSL
  7. Just mail me whenever πŸ™‚ better for me to keep track of EV info
  8. They're not paying anything and throwing their money. They are donating for the event. While their reasons may be selfish or altruistic, at the end it helps the community in some way. Everyone is welcome to add importance to whether a player has right to participate or not in these circumstances. If there should be any reaction to their commitment, it should comment the pro and cons and your whatever feelings about keeping the player banned or not, and not just the silly bid game that was created to make the discussion happen in a creative way. Pretty sure there were better ways to do it but at least seize opportunities you get.
  9. Oh boy what a mess this will be I'm excited Seeing someone clearly missing some abilities to think like Kanzo having so many votes I voted Pedro just for the hell of it, I just want to see what happens next this is exciting
  10. You probably want to take into account Christmas Event / Lunar events in your planning imo Or not, but it would affect PSL craze
  11. I personally don't understand why they stick to a formula that doesn't work : having the same boss battle though the event. Every year, people find exploits or just the best optimal team to beat it, and the only answer they have is to nerf stuff, leading to have people grind and grind more because everything is more RNG based. This year they added more mini bosses and tried to make it more complex. I was excited about finally having some variety. But there was nothing progressive. Easy and hard mode were equally hard while having the best respective team to beat them. The special candy farming was too easy - and I wouldn't have minded the spawn rate if the battles were at least harder. Tbh I just hoped for something new too. But it's PokeMMO : milk a formula until it doesn't make money anymore.
  12. Maybe it is somehow related. But then what ? People enjoy randoms. I don't know what's planned next but I'm pretty sure if it stays like this randoms will be deserted by PvP-oriented players because it's paradoxically always the same and it's boring on the long term. And maybe then it will also bring more people to play PvP that weren't attracted to it at first ? I'd rather discuss state of UU in another thread that doesn't single out one activity of the game and make it The Evil cos that's stupid and pointless. But yes, it sometimes took me an hour aswell to find a match, in big evening hours, and yes, you can be on leaderboard even if you suck ass like me. A good side of this is that I only ever faced good players that main the tier so it was nice to progress.
  13. I think the salty rich asshole part is very funny and I wonder if salty not rich assholes can participate aswell, like instead player A offers 500k and player C 1.5M, player C just adds 1M to the bid "in favour". Does that make sense idk but it would be funnier to me and bring opinion of larger part of community in that matter.
  14. Yeah, better Android UI is definitely needed. Ability to "tap" pokemon once to get info like in your pic, and maybe tap twice to move them, to have a selection aswell. I prefer being able to go through boxes quickly, it's really useful, so have the list up top like in the UI we have now. Can reduce pokemon sprites/HP bars at the left to get more space at the right for pokemon info imo. We don't really care about their status/HP when we're in PC. There has been other topics related to Android UI improvements, I'd suggest taking a look at what has been made by community, or ideas brought. I'm lazy to do it, but an advanced search should do it.
  15. This is what end game looks like for a simp
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