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  1. Probably only starters during event to fit the theme and then HA for all after. I hope
  2. This is hilarious on many levels - one of them being there will probably be someone buying it. This game is doomed
  3. 300k with no shiny is insane, I've known 166k and currently on 118k, doesn't even reach your drought when adding up and it feels like hell. Respect
  4. Smoke ball is no longer consumable, and it probably was fixed for a non-100% chance as Kyu said, although when I used it, it always worked, so idk for sure, there should be the specific of change in one of the changelogs. And yes, this topic was a pain to read lmao poor guy. #JusticeForOP
  5. Yes, since battles will not have level syncing. This specific rule allows for lvl 1 strats to be used. You can but you don't gain much since most battles are decided on matchup and not pokemon quality. Also, it will be shown in the battle that the ball your pokemon comes out isn't a Safari Ball
  6. Murkrow appear at night only in route 209 Lost Tower F5 Misdreavus appear at night only in Lost Tower F4 Both x3 mixed with gastly and zubat
  7. Looks good but a Rapidash mount doesn't seem very safe...
  8. I think I rather have Bo3 than prepping a week for 15 seconds battle which is mostly gonna be 50/50
  9. Yes, but why would anyone want to do that. It's a troublesome answer for something that originally wouldn't need go to such lengths. It's not even decent, switching alt back and forth in my Shuckle spot and they didn't even respawn after both my main and alt smashed it & spent time catching em. Besides I'm personally going for shiny, not farming fossils, but this is an issue for everyone seeking to farm something off rocks.
  10. Please, this is hell T.T This change needs to be fixed, it's an issue. If it's because of unova rock smash, find a solution other than putting penalty on all encounters of all regions
  11. 500k Aipoms end up first for playoffs
  12. Everytime there's an original idea of event/game mixing Pve and PvP, I noticed that the PvP side is mostly a huge letdown and while it should be exciting, in most cases it's the most boring part. Take for example the Safari "catch and battle" classic event. It's 100% boring because the "fun rules" created may be fun on paper, but competitive pokemon isn't fun to play outside the competitive tools that the event rules try to ignore (no tMs allowed, no training, etc). These events, to me, always failed to be really fun for that reason. I had spend a fair share of my time creating events like these, trying to come up with new stuff and all. I think some people might enjoy a Nuzlocke event here, although it's so hard to manage, there's a few thread here and there of people sharing their playthrough. But I gotta say, as an advice, you should drop out the idea of PvP in these conditions. It's not fun to battle someone using Water Gun and Peck and go trough the process of mashing buttons pretending to have a strategy while the rules specifically don't let you have a strategy, which is the only fun part of PvP. I'd find another way to "rival" players between them, if I were you. Why not ? Project seems interesting. But PvP ? Players interested in doing Nuzlocke would be more hyped about competition like "who has less deaths" or "who did it faster" than to battle out in a match where they can't team-build. That was my opinion, hope you find players interested in this.
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