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  1. This tournament is 19/06 at 12 GMT +2 in game...
  2. ABOUT THIS EVENT This event is a story with puzzles that players need to solve in order to continue. With a 10 Million prize for the player who finishes the story, this event will last for at least one month, with multiple chapters for the story, and multiple puzzles. RULES AND GENERAL INFORMATIONS To participate in this event, you just need to post in the event threads, whatever you do in-game. You only need the whole Kanto region unlocked to fully complete the event. The Ruin Maniac will regularly do new discoveries (every four days) The Ruin Maniac will reward players who participated in the hunt, and who notably found important clues. However, they will receive all rewards when the first player finds the Emerald and closes the event. The reason for this is that the Ruin Maniac does not know himself if the clues found by players are good or not, and can not confirm it during the event. The Ruin Maniac will reward 10 M $ to the player that completes the event first. Some puzzles may need players to spend money (not much). STAFF AND SPONSORS This event was created by Poufilou with the help of Paploosh. Available Staff for this event : Poufilou Paploosh MurkyHope TheFrenchiestFry (Dibz) This event is sponsorised by Team ZomB ! Good luck to everyone ! The event will start next week. We are accepting donations for the prize pool, feel free to send me mail about sponsoring this event ! Credits to Kole for the banner
  3. Just wanted to say sorry for my behavior yesterday. I got upset as I was witnessing that what happened wasn't taken seriously enough by host(s). Now it is, and all is well. Looking forward for a better environment for every players in this world cup. (Still disagree with the modchat rule, but hoping to see some positive change in player's attitudes that will make this rule useless anyways.)
  4. Cool, so we're waiting the official annoucement while you obviously are too busy not growing any balls to go ahead and give us signs of improvement through your messages, instead of giving us updates about your wounded ego (did I hurt your feelings by asking you to condemn racism ? really ? sorry, my bad).
  5. I don't know if there are many things to say to someone that is digging his own grave by trying to argue while having as strongest argument : shame meme is racist to Argentina. LOL. Just. Grow up. If the meme was, I don't know, #poop or #bad, it doesn't change ANYTHING to your argument but it just reveals how stupid it is. I mean, the one thing that you had to do was saying : "yeah, ok, let's not accept this ! " No, instead you go further into hypocrisy just because of what... ? Pride ? We don't care about you ego man, just grow up and make decisions. We will judge you more for not changing than for just accepting you were wrong. And I invite you, politely, again, to take a stand against what happened.
  6. Well, the fact that people come out and complain about it means that communities change, and that people that may have acted the same way for years will realize they're from the old world. They don't need to wake up, they only need to realize everyone else is awake and judging them.
  7. While I agree on the fact there's nothing you can do by concrete means, I am a bit disappointed to read that you just blew away racist comments by a middle-school argument "but this guy says this other thing and its not racist !" . It just pops out of nowhere and makes you look bad as host as you let racism happen without even mentionning once in your message that you condemn what happened. Instead, you just search excuses for people that said racist stuff and defend them by not condemning them. Let's be real, gbwead memeing has NOTHING to do with the racist shit we saw on this match comments. And it's hypocrisy from you to even compare it (to defend Daryl ? lol). I don't see the reasonning why modchat should never happen, so you as host not only defend the racists and blow away the accusations, but you also legit allow it to happen again freely ? Modchat was the only thing that calmed down the people from their shit talk. And players should be able to play with their full capacities, and while suffering from racists comments you aren't at "full capacity" as you get distracted. Sure, you can always look away, but if you know it's there... I don't seek an argument here. I just want the hosts to say here and now, that this was racism, and this should never happen again, and that while you won't get some punishment out of nowhere, you condemn it. Because all we see from your post is "lol its not racism duh and btw how can we even punish it ?" which is not suited for a host. Ty
  8. Hello Darker, several questions from inexperienced player in these kind of pvp events. "Tiers:OU UU NU COST LC(Discussion decision)/championship rules" > Are there 3 or 4 tiers ? Or 5 ? What does COST means ? What is discussed ? Championship rules = tournament mode ? 3v3:Until one side loses all three > If it is 3v3 tag team, who chooses which tiers are played, since 4 tiers are allowed ? > "one side loses all three" Does it mean a team only wins if it goes 3-0 ? What happens if they go 2-1 ? Everyone rematch ? > How many players allowed in a team ? > What is a 5V pet ? Thank you :)
  9. Whenever you wake up, I'll be there, waiting for another fight, eyes closed, with my hoodie on, probably too edgy for the pleb as they will avoid me in fear, as they will sense an aura of death around me. You probably didn't realize it by now, but you fell into my trap, and there is no escape from it. All those challenges lost were merely a condition for me to activate my power. Every lose is a win as I get stronger, and every win is a win as I got stronger. But y'all can't comprehend it. #deathnoteguy jokes aside, I'll be on for a while, just hit me up to hit me down
  10. Hi, I'm ready for my daily 100k donation
  11. I don't understand the "IVs : 0 atk" and abilities in the pokepasts. Is it mandatory to have 0 IV on these pokemons when we play them ? Is it mandatory to have only the ability shown in the past when we play these pokemons ?
  12. hello, would like to challenge again
  13. Will the points of teams that fought Argentina B be removed ? It messes up the leaderboard that still shows points from those battles. It would be fair to those who didn't have the chance to battle them.
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