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  1. https://challonge.com/fr/bxsol1oq 1st : Filantropia 2nd : GasaiYunoSan 3-4th : Mkns, Cali
  2. All out ! (extended ban list) Details Tournament Mode | Unlimited Players | Single Battle | 6v6 Extended ban list Date & Time Wednesday 27 January 9PM UTC Ban List Special Ban List Moves : Any move that replenishes HP (recovery, slack off, recycle + HP recovery item... etc) Items : Any item that replenishes HP (berry juice, oran berry, leftovers... etc) Location Lavender Town, Kanto, ch.4 Prizes 1st Place Prize 1M  2nd Place P
  3. Once you climb up the ranks a bit, this becomes less of an issue as people dont forfeit that quick.
  4. Most players use a pokemon that can learn the move False Swipe that cannot kill the pokemon and leaves it at 1 HP. Putting them to sleep also greatly increases your chances to catch it. The best pokemon to use that can fill both jobs is Smeargle, that can learn any moves. It usually is used with Soak (move that transforms into water type the opponent so you can hit them with False Swipe if they are ghost or Spore if they are grass), and Sweet Scent, so you can attract hordes while having your catcher. There's a nice shop for these all-ready Smeargles if you need one,
  5. me and enchanteur in the weekend dunno when we will see I have my team ready but I'll most probably get rekt lmao
  6. Which is a shame. It's called "Competition Alley" and "Unofficial Tournaments". Unofficial events fill neither of those categories
  7. With great power comes great responsibility Players have all the right to complain about whatever especially in a game where they invested time and/or money. The game being free and good is not relevant.
  8. Have too much homework for another one So I just answer : if I has moneys or not
  9. Bump ! Half of my income is dedicated to host community events ! Don't hesitate to order here once in a while to support it :3 especially when it cheap af ;)
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