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  1. What about creating a Discord server for those community events ? I mean, PvP community has a load of servers and it works very well. If we could manage to have players interested in what community has to offer it would be awesome. The main issue of this game is the lack of visibility to communicate to a large amount of players. Creating a Discord server = free ourselves from the limits of the game and its place to meet (forum, bad discord server, bad global chat system). I think it would be great. Just throwing that idea here.
  2. I don't have much time for that unfortunately. I can co-host and help but I would not be able to host a community event
  3. Hi, I went through my sheets and docs and gonna post here some events I made / or stayed here as ideas. Most of them were not created for a large scale of players, as they were team events, but I believe players sign-up for some of these can be good. Catching events : - Races https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XJOEDxIVp7Io1hL1N8fbvYuoodZcZiOloCGgxdbKl7w/edit?usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1agILuDdld9NFf4X3-_5ZwiMEIreFXEYSb6Zdl33kEWQ/edit?usp=sharing - Tournament https://docs.google.com/document/d/1izRn9KRo9AN708ALapyhSOjQzskSJ_zD0_2SZZlwhEc
  4. Make this happen please. The actual state of forum acts as a brake to the ever growing community activity.
  5. Players could still use vitamins to try and boost their stat point by 1, but - they would waste vitamins for it - it wont always give em an extra stat - its rng anyways
  6. Catching/buying random Togepi/Clefairy and EVing them to same stats at level 5 is an easy task that can provide quickly pokemon for every players.
  7. I have done a dozen of events that tried to have an original approach, some successful, others not, but I'll try listing them with all my google docs and sheets here. Theres a lot.
  8. The best way is to provide the metronome pokemon, to make sure everything is fair and square concerning stats. That's why we do it at level 5, where stats are more stable with different IVs, and can be fixed with EV invest to be all equal. It's really easy to do. Just for the lols, we use 4 Clefairies 6x0, but it can be Togepi, as long as we provide pokes with same stats. For the bracket and stuff, a quick challonge.com tourney with double elimination is good, cos it's always pog to come back with RNG after a loss.
  9. I have a sensitive mouse... I often double click on Fight + first move. Cost me actually many games. F
  10. It can be some sort of addition added to the "instance info" button which is pretty much useless and could have its name changed to add actual useful infos.
  11. I feel like the more there will be raffles, the less there will be players buying tickets. If we look at the last ones, 60-70% of tickets are bought by 2-3 players. I feel that the economy of that won't be as problematic, since it would only be a gamble by rich players ; but it would sure change the spirit of raffles.
  12. Good name. Good event. Good shiny. Since prize is a Nidoqueen, I just wanted to ask : since gift mons can't be re-bred, would it be possible to have first evos shinies as prizes ? Sometimes they are better than the evos, and I don't think it would "ruin" the event theme. I just wanted to hear staff opinion about it.
  13. Yes. Now give me back my money, I never won a single of these raffles smh
  14. Good service and very friendly person :D
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