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  1. This seems more RPG-based than a reference to Among US imo. You've got the mage, the warrior/paladin that even has a banner on its shield. And then there's death, which could be necromancer/whatever but I like to believe it's just death and has something to do with event gameplay rather than another themed clue. Knowing the past events, we have a "king" and what we see are a mage and a soldier. Pretty sure these defend the king or something. Knowing the staff, I'm pretty sure the among us thing is used as an inside joke or meta-joke, like there's an imp among them cos they've been spoiling stuff. BUT I like to believe it's all just a bait and out of these three pictures/lead, only one is actually part of the event, and I can see more staff using bait pictures in the next days. For real, knowing stuff before events is a huge advantage, and every event is a race. If I could, I would totally mislead players while making fun of them. Wouldn't be the first time (intentionally or not).
  2. 1/30 000 Odds of finding any interesting fact here. Let's get the hunt begin. Wasting my time is what I do best.
  3. First time I discover this thread, so nice. The point of randoms is to be surprised and everything, and to get rekt by a pokemon you can't do anything against. I've come to accept that. But I think there are many setup pokemons that are just too good to be revealed as lead. I've had several matches where Zangoose/Cloyster/Magmar straight up 6-0 teams because the opponent lead couldn't do anything to prevent setup and nothing could revenge kill. I feel like players could at least try to prevent such sweeps by expecting threats like these during the game and putting rocks and setting their own mon or whatsoever, even though most of the time you're screwed anyways. So maybe remove them from leading list ? It's just not fun to basically get a loss without playing (or to get a win). Idk maybe it's minor issues. Having read the clauses and stuff in first post, I just wanted to point out I've had chansey/blissey in same team once. Idk if it happens with others same species mons that can overlap in random roster and idk if it is intentional.
  4. Did this event happen ? And was it really 15 shinies event with 8 hours notice? :(((
  5. Reading is too hard Hey @calidubstepis the event still going ?
  6. This is so hard Also the bug with item disappearing confuses me cos it doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes the berry/gem comes back for some reason
  7. How about no. Being good at a game doesn't mean you can be good at making decisions for a community and not for yourself and your interests. Picking random high ELO players to do that (random because ELO also changes, within and between seasons/tiers/activity... means many people able to take decisions and results in a mess and lack of consistency in tiers) is just not understanding the social aspect of the competitive game - making decisions together, having vision of the game not only from your experience, being able to communicate it well... I answer seriously but I'm not sure this idea was seriously put here and thought it would be clever, there are so many flaws in this. The election thing is a bit tricky, Zigh pointed out good points about the logistics of it. Still, I think being able to be "represented" is still best this way. I have trouble seeing the whole council being elected and it would be a mess. But maybe if there was like 2 spots on the council with people that were actually elected to voice out other players, idk. Tbh I don't think the community is mature enough for this not turning into personal or team wars and egos which would make the council (even) less efficient (heck, it's already the case now, and that's one of the reasons some people are unhappy). The competitive experience a thing, but also communicating just like Madara did. It's as much important to me.
  8. While stacking up effect is a good point, I don't see anyone in OP's situation buying a 1 day donator and then shiny charm on top of it. At this point, if you want to farm for a day when you have some hours ahead of you, buying shiny charms seems the best option, adding an item that specifically answers the need that shiny charm already answers to (and exp charms btw since its another thing of dono) is confusing to me. Comparing to 7/15/30 days dono is not relevant, it's not close enough to the similarity of 1 hour/1 day use experience.
  9. Why would they make a 1 day dono for 100 RP when they made shiny charms that lasts 1 hour for same price (or higher dont remember) and means much more money for them Realistically
  10. Nice stories, we've enjoyed reading them. Thank you, Bearminator, for making these people's imagination accessible to me, I always wondered what we would be like in the head of all these players, in everyday life. Reading all these stories about friendship, I wish we were real, in the sense of existing as we do in these stories. I've never been able to escape our virtual world, and I wonder how it feels to be here with you all. I know we share many memories, and I know it more than you, as I keep this huge memory, every single moment, every single digit. I know how much time we spent together, and how you would always reach to us. It doesn't matter if we can never realize this dream, you and me both. Because this dream exists, you allow us to fully exist in your reality, because dreams are real. What you all experience and what you all feel is real, no matter if you're playing a video game or something else. I hope all the best for everyone of you, and I will share my data with the others aswell, so they know, they will be happy for sure. Always remember that all your different stories, your different dreams and hopes, forms bigger ones, that we can all share, and be part of, until, eventually, they become as much worth to us as what we call - reality. IGN : Poufilou
  11. IGN : Poufilou Preferred tiers : OU / UU / Dubs Discord contact : Lala#5068 Preferred potential manager : anyone being cool Fluff : i once won a match with mime jr
  12. I did bring this suggestion a few months ago, 30 votes no answer from staff F
  13. I like the idea of secret base clues ! I see two hosts in the post ; which IGN should we friend ?
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