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  1. Hi ! Every trade happens online, so when I trade a full box to buyer, he trades me money for it. Then I distribuate this money to sellers who participated, I'm sending them mail with money based on their % of participation. I use GTL data, I filtrer Male gender and egg group and see what are the 3 first pages prices and make an average for it. Prices don't fluctuate much for these. I'll update prices every 2 weeks or so. I think I mentionned it somewhere in thread, but numbers of the same color means the pokemons in box have double egg group. Meaning if a box gets sold with 10 normal and 50 color , the other 50 of same color in another egg group will disappear. I will add my discord info in main post !
  2. Sold a box of dittos Selling record Bought by Sold by Ditto box Kole Aybersonnn (180k) More demand for them, don't hesitate to advertise hub so it can reach ditto hunters ! Demand also for : bugs, monster
  3. Exactly ! I take 10 breeders from one egg group minimum though.
  4. One Monster Box and one Ditto box have been sold ! I added a selling record to the sheet Selling record Bought by Sold by Monster Box Zigh FCtheGOD (16.5k) Scalesx (25k) Kole (8.5k) Ditto box Zigh SquirrelMix (90k) Aybersonnn (90k)
  5. Just wanted to say sorry for my behavior yesterday. I got upset as I was witnessing that what happened wasn't taken seriously enough by host(s). Now it is, and all is well. Looking forward for a better environment for every players in this world cup. (Still disagree with the modchat rule, but hoping to see some positive change in player's attitudes that will make this rule useless anyways.)
  6. Added details about double egg group pokemons. Also, there is more demand ! Spread the word in your teams and friends lists so this hub can work effectively ! Demand Kole Ditto boxes 3 boxes of Bug Zigh Monster boxes Ditto boxes RevzSM Ditto boxes
  7. Cool, so we're waiting the official annoucement while you obviously are too busy not growing any balls to go ahead and give us signs of improvement through your messages, instead of giving us updates about your wounded ego (did I hurt your feelings by asking you to condemn racism ? really ? sorry, my bad).
  8. I don't know if there are many things to say to someone that is digging his own grave by trying to argue while having as strongest argument : shame meme is racist to Argentina. LOL. Just. Grow up. If the meme was, I don't know, #poop or #bad, it doesn't change ANYTHING to your argument but it just reveals how stupid it is. I mean, the one thing that you had to do was saying : "yeah, ok, let's not accept this ! " No, instead you go further into hypocrisy just because of what... ? Pride ? We don't care about you ego man, just grow up and make decisions. We will judge you more for not changing than for just accepting you were wrong. And I invite you, politely, again, to take a stand against what happened.
  9. Well, the fact that people come out and complain about it means that communities change, and that people that may have acted the same way for years will realize they're from the old world. They don't need to wake up, they only need to realize everyone else is awake and judging them.
  10. While I agree on the fact there's nothing you can do by concrete means, I am a bit disappointed to read that you just blew away racist comments by a middle-school argument "but this guy says this other thing and its not racist !" . It just pops out of nowhere and makes you look bad as host as you let racism happen without even mentionning once in your message that you condemn what happened. Instead, you just search excuses for people that said racist stuff and defend them by not condemning them. Let's be real, gbwead memeing has NOTHING to do with the racist shit we saw on this match comments. And it's hypocrisy from you to even compare it (to defend Daryl ? lol). I don't see the reasonning why modchat should never happen, so you as host not only defend the racists and blow away the accusations, but you also legit allow it to happen again freely ? Modchat was the only thing that calmed down the people from their shit talk. And players should be able to play with their full capacities, and while suffering from racists comments you aren't at "full capacity" as you get distracted. Sure, you can always look away, but if you know it's there... I don't seek an argument here. I just want the hosts to say here and now, that this was racism, and this should never happen again, and that while you won't get some punishment out of nowhere, you condemn it. Because all we see from your post is "lol its not racism duh and btw how can we even punish it ?" which is not suited for a host. Ty
  11. Demand Kole 1 box of Dittos 3 boxes of Bug Zigh Monster boxes Ditto boxes
  12. I added on the sheet a "demand" table, where I put what buyers are looking for at the moment
  13. No, they need to be Male. Most people already have 4-5 females for the pokemon they want to hatch shiny, and pay the gender fee for it to be female again, unless they breed with dittos.
  14. Hello everyone ! Many players try to get shinies through breeding. But they often come across the difficulty of finding breeders for their massive breeding. Some people often sell them whole boxes of breeders, but they are rare to find ; otherwise they have to spend money on GTL on individual cheap breeders. The idea of this Hub is to help these players to find what they need, while getting money in the process. How it works : Players can trade their dittos or Male breeders from whatever egg group to the account "BreedTradingHub" They don't have to trade a whole box, they can trade 10 pokemons minimum Their pokemons will be stocked while waiting to be sold by a buyer Once a box is bought, each player who helped to fill the box gets a % of money depending on how many pokemons they sent (if they sent 20/60 breeders, they get 1/3 of money) Each box price was calculated like this : average price on GTL * 60 - 60k (price of each GTL fee) +20k (profit for players) The 20k bonus in price is here in order to be profitable for players that send their breeders instead of listing them on GTL, and to incitate them to send their mons here. As result, someone who wants to buy in bulk can buy a full box for 40k less, and a player that sells their mons can make up to 20k profit. REMINDER What people are looking for are MALE breeders (or dittos). They do not have to have 31s, just random IVs. You can trade to BreedTradingHub 10 pokemons MINIMUM from one egg group. HOW IT WORKS SELLERS : All trades will happen online, so you don't waste money on mail fee Send mail to : "BreedTradingHub" with the amount of pokemon you want to trade detailed Or send message to Discord : Lala#5068 I will try to catch you online so we can do the trade BUYERS : All trades will happen online, so I don't waste money on mail fee Send mail to : "BreedTradingHub" with the egg group box you want to buy I will try to catch you online so we can do the trade If no box is available, you will get a mail when a box is filled and you will get priority of delivery depending on the order of when you sent me mail MARKET : You can see the state of the market on this sheet : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ecQWuWcsFToV9aoNB0Gpt4sK5r1ZzdVIhhaMDji3nj0/edit?usp=sharing BOX PRICES : Ditto (180k) Fairy (110k) Plant (80k) Monster (50k) Bug (45k) Flying (45k) Field (45k) Water A (45k) Humanoid (45k) Water C (45k) Mineral (45k) Chaos (45k) Water B (45k) Dragon (45k) DETAILS : If you give me pokemons that have 2 egg groups, they will be on stock for those 2 egg groups and will be sold for the egg group that sells first, except if one of the egg group is Fairy or Plant, then they will be sold in priority as Fairy and Plant breeders (since they give more money). * I do NOT profit from any of this, it is just to help every players to trade. * Share this Trading Hub along to everyone who might need it ! Never release your Male pokemons ! If Hub is successful, another account will be made to have more stock.
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