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  1. https://pokepast.es/5b364cff951c9caf this is my team trick room team I do trick room LC > OU ez
  2. Meanwhile Jhowteon while playing the match :
  3. Sign-up are open ! It begins in 30 minutes ! See you in Viridian City channel 1
  4. seems its the majority choice as of now at least thats what ive been told end of voting is tomorrow as I see so I have to make a choice anyways I can't host tournament after so I won't postpone it It is my intention of making LC the same way as what world cup will be hence following of what is being decided, though nothing is "official" and certain yet. Just having some opportunity to play LC is good imo, doesnt matter if arena trap will be here or not at the end of voting
  5. Edited ban list Prize bump of 5M $ total thanks to @PedroLindoUnico
  6. so many changes I dont even know what's official or not seems the Club is the official thing now and the topics in here are obsolete so yeah no trapinch, banned, yeeted, and I'm gonna check what will be the WC ban list with linbow
  7. Because some of us haven't really played LC for a while Details Single elimination tournament | Single Battle | 6v6 LC Location Viridian City ch1 (so you can bring alt to play instead your main account - no scouting) Date Saturday 26 June Time 8PM UTC https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20210626T200000&p1=1440&p2=tz_et&p3=tz_ct Registration Will open 30min prior to the tournament : whisper Poufilou (IGN) / dm Discord Ban list Usual + Following TC's decisions (as of now) : Regenerator ability allowed Download ability banned Arena trap ability banned 1st Place Prize 5M $ & 99 Berry juice 2nd Place Prize 2M $ & 69 Berry juice 3rd-4th Place Prize 1M $ & 1 Berry juice
  8. Gogo donations guys ! I'm sending 500k even though I'm poor af Let's get hyped !
  9. And dont forget to throw rocks at shinies ! @LordHydra
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