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  1. Okay. This is sad to hear. The main difference with automated/non-automated was trying to bypass devs implication and the "we don't want to spend time on it" reason. Truth is, even if they don't, there are still ways to maintain it with minimum effort. If LC wasn't removed we probably wouldn't have what we have in matchmaking right now. Even if they are shitty in other tiers, I can't see LC matchmaking having a bi-weekly 2x31 4x25 mon that could be even more trash at level 5. I remember when I started the tier it took me a lot of time to understand the specifics of fighting at level 5, both for breeding my mons and EV training them. This information was also hard to find and I couldn't find all of it in the forum, which is frequented already by a low playerbase. I remember the tournament sign-up for LC tournament kept showing my mons needed to be lvl 50 even though they didn't. If it was official heck we would probably struggle with devs and Munya and whatever crappy council decision for Arena Trap to be banned. The reason they didn't add matchmaking were legit, even though I don't like it and would have preferred they did some effort. Ultimately they did good job with the new matchmaking and let's be honest, if they added LC at that moment, it would have probably suffered the state of UU at this moment from the very start. It's easy for any player to get into Doubles, it is not to get into LC. That being said, I hope that one day in the future, when devs will give up more on UU/NU, staff will be here to support it in another ways. Collaboration between the community and staff could work out very well to host original tournaments/events. Since only shiny prizes are really interesting in the automated ones, why not mix it up with what the community has to offer ?
  2. It is not coming back officially from devs and as one of people that would want most this tier to return, I understand the decision and don't find the reasons "stupid" : it was not much played, it needs different specs, I can imagine very well the devs finding it easier to remove it than doing too much work for the appreciation of few. It is logical from their point of view. However and given recent events of staff (not devs) achieving better communication with the PvP community, I wanted to ask if it would be possible for LC official tournaments to happen in the future, they would be not automated but instead held in a TT way, or more recently, in an official Metronome tournament. If staff can in fact hold tournaments of something that isn't a tier, there are no reasons a LC tournament can't happen the same way. I am pretty sure a lot of the community would appreciate these tournaments, it is not very difficult to host or manage, it doesn't require anything. The playerbase is here and it WILL have success. Would a thing be possible ? @MPDH @Bearminator @Rache
  3. That is a bit naive imo but why not ahah. It doesn't take much to realize the flaws is the issue. In your scenario, it is possible that a player can lose without even having the possibility to use the move Metronome more than once per pokemon (opponent having Cute Charm and you having opposite gender mons). Adressing the issues beforehand is mostly reassuring, even if the whole thing is for fun, there will always be players feeling robbed if an unexpected thing happen to take the fun away. Maybe I'm paranoid but I've hosted many events to know that stuff like that should be taken a bit seriously. If you can handle it on the spot, then none of this is a problem, let's just hope for everything to go well.
  4. The community has been holding Metronome tournaments for a while now and stated several rules to prevent any kind of disfunctionement. We played enough of these to know that a comeback can always happen. I'm a bit concerned with the Struggle situation by your rules. It may be best to think of it beforehand. Just as a heads-up, this is a copy paste of Metronome rules from Einstein's tournaments. "From now on, each togepi is required to be pp maxed. No items will be allowed. Whether the togepi's can be trained or untrained is up to the host. If the togepis have to be untrained, both players must link their togepis to each other. If you don't know how to link pokemon during a battle, see the screen below. If your opponent fails to link their togepi by the end of the match, they are dq'd. Moves that disable metronome (taunt/disable/encore/etc) will result in an auto restart, regardless of who's winning From now on, even in a triple battle, your togepi must use metronome only. If you shift your togepi you are dq'd. If you run out of metronome pp, you can use struggle (for example, if an opponent uses spite and you lose all your pp, you can use struggle). This is the only instance where you can use a move that is not metronome. Also, if perish song is used, the winner will be whoever the system message says. Perish song will faint pokemon in the order that they would normally move in, so maybe some incentive to not be max speed." All the issues that can happen in hosting such a tournament are adressed here in some manner and while I don't expect official to adress to them in the same way, at least you are aware of them and can have some inspiration. Regarding the allowed pokemons, it is interesting to allow so many of them, they have different base stats, potential STABs, and abilities in such a way where the battle will never be "equal" meaning two pokemon facing the same chances in a RNG battle. I think it will be a bit messy for that reason, some abilities are way too strong compared to others (Magic Guard, Synchronize, Intimidate, Pure Power... and more) and influence the RNG fun. It would be interesting to have a reduced pool next time, maybe not always the same pokemon and it could be themed, but I don't think it will be the same fun if a player has more advantage than the other.
  5. You should change that to something else since some pokemon in the list aren't LC and that could lead to confusion.
  6. 200k Triple City wins the week 200k Hazard wins the week 200k Apes wins the week 200k Bats wins the week all void if tie
  7. take take take take, in what world you bet for doubleJ and against Queest in same opponent lmao
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