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  1. Are you sure you didn't just breed your Alakazam with your Ralts by mistake ? If it disappeared after your Ralts hatched... Estas seguro de que no cruzaste a Alakazam con Ralts por error ? Si desapareciera al mismo tiempo que Ralts nacio...
  2. Yup, you can just bring a poke, it's not like you need 6 specific pokemons to shiny hunt
  3. Is it possible for official tournaments to not be same day as CC ? It's been twice in a row we get this. LC tours are rare so it would be better to have them in different days
  4. Pretty impressive ! Gonna try it one of these days
  5. Poufilou


    There is, but it doesn't resolve the issue I'm adressing :(
  6. I know there are many trainer rebattles guides out there, and some of them are really helpful, but it may be a lot of data at once for a new player. This guide is here to offer 3 rebattles runs that try to make the most profit from using amulet coin. A "Rebattle Run" is therefore 1 hour long. In one hour, first trainer run rewards you with 174k with Kanto, Hoenn, and Unova trainers Another hour for Sinnoh rebattle Run rewarding 190k And last hour for Sinnoh / Unova leftovers rewarding 150k There are tables, images, and videos to guide you through the run. I recommend using a Skill Link Cloyster with Icicle spear full PP maxed (48, no need to lose time in PC). One shot all mons and breaks sturdy and sashes to avoid losing time. There is also FULL data of ALL trainers of ALL regions with a search option to make your own custom rebattle run and see which trainers are worth it. If you want to add your custom rebattle run, tell me and I will give you editing rights. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Gqx3muazV00THjSUDo1E1xHu3bFWArITvXMQqs3PGJU/edit?usp=sharing Enjoy
  7. Poufilou


    - In matchmaking : it is very hard to spectate a particular player's match as you have to scroll like 100 battles to find it. Maybe some sort of search option ? - In tournaments : WHEN THEY ARE OVER, add the possibility to shorten the duration ? Like adding possibility to manually stop /skip each turns. So if for example you want to watch a match but you suddenly have to do something else in-game, you can watch it again at the point where you left it, by skipping turns. Or accelerate them ? Either way the actual system is frankly inconvenient. I do think this option should be when tournaments are over only, to avoid easy scouting (don't want to start a debate about scouting, just pointing out that the recent policy of staff about it by making seats randomized is still respected with this option)
  8. Thank you ! Also, amazing guide
  9. What seeds give berries like Oran / Persim which have no majority flavour (3 differents) when you harvest them ?
  10. Mienfoo ban would be very interesting on how it would change some typical teambuildings that only make matches a matter of who makes the bold prediction that win the match instead of relying on diversity of mons and sets and synergy. Then again I don't think there is a reason to ban it "balance-wise". It's OP but the whole actual meta revolves around having counters for it (not really counters but stuff that don't let it free), making it manageable. I think the Mienfoo ban question is more about "do we want to have some changes in how we play the tier" rather than "do we think Mienfoo is unbalanced". And given how tier council is, I really doubt they would ban it on a subjective argument about how we would like the tier to be played. It is something that is also hard to judge, what is the purpose of bans ? Making a tier fun to play based on what we judge to be fair. But what makes for example the arena trap ban that we used to have a "more fair" option for the tier ? Since the ban is off, there are not many players complaining about it. It raises the question that bans could be more about the enjoyment of players rather than abstracts arguments about what we think fairness is in the way we play the game. Mienfoo ban isn't the only matter, as hannah said, recycle abuse is also annoying and forces players to limit their sets to something that counters it. But it's the same in every tiers. In my opinion bans are always a good idea because it makes the tier evolving and I enjoy playing a game where it's not always the same thing over and over. Of course you can try different stuff and be successful with it if you're good enough, yet the fact that we have like 1 tournament a week makes players going for safe options just so they can play more. Just making LC matchmaking possible would expand a lot the possibilities as players would get used to try different things.
  11. Bump ! Did a few orders
  12. I'll try recording matches when I can (and also when Mago isn't recording them)
  13. bumping what are the possible reasons we wouldn't get LC matchmaking considering the popularity argument is proven to be in favour of it ? any technical issues ?
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