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  1. Totally agree, no news about dungeons from years.
  2. Johto has already been confirmed. We just need to wait patiently.
  3. Hi, am I the only one that doesn't have shiny backsprites?
  4. No news. Johto and dungeons will surely come in the future but no one knows when.
  5. Never found one in about 650 hours
  6. Yes, pokeMMO is way harder than the original games. My only advice is to dont waste your money! Everything in the game costs a lot so you'll need to buy only the items you really need.
  7. A lot. Usually there are more than 600 people connected only in the forum. Most of them are guests. The people that read the forum are only a small part of the total players.
  8. The game had the sinnoh update in January 2020, not too much time ago. The will surely be new areas in the future, but there is not any estimated release date. For example they want to add johto (eventually™) but they have not even started to working on it and they don't know when they will. There isn't any roadmap for the updates, my suggestion is to just enjoy the game as it is.
  9. It should be already fixed in the today's update, try to reinstall the game.
  10. Yes maybe botting would maybe be difficult to control with actions by web browser. But even only checking gtl prices would be wonderful.
  11. Yeah probably it is, sorry if i maybe caused confusion to someone. BTW i noticed too that prices are going higher every day, is pretty sure that someone is buying an reselling everything to an higher price.
  12. Oh damn! It seems is really a lot of time that i don't check that! BTW when i started playing was the 22 january 2020, so maybe in that period prices lowered for some days.
  13. You can't. There are no permanent legendaries in PokeMMO.
  14. Actually you can buy in the GTL without beign on the pokemon center pc. They'll just send the item in your mailbox and you need to be on the PC to receive that. But you made a point, maybe it should be better to let users use the GTL by browser only if their character is in a pokemon center.
  15. Well it's a while that i dont check RP prices, the last time was like a year ago when i needed to sell 200RP :'D Can you please tell me why RP prices has increased?
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