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  1. 1. Deleting the old app through finder.(uninstalling) 2. On your desktop, press Shift + Command + G and type in ~/Library/Application Support under the Application Support folder, delete the PokeMMO folder 3. Download PokeMMO from https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/mac/ 4. Install since you have deleted the old app and the folder, it will not show error like this
  2. yes, but you only need to redo them once. since the app is fixed by devs, it will work normally as it used to be i will summarise it in next post
  3. what I did was shift+command+G and type in ~/Library/Application Support under the application support folder, delete the pokemmo folder before installing the new app. and this problem did not happen to me. hope this helps
  4. actually its fixed already. you need to first delete the pokemmo folder under application support and install the new dmg file
  5. told ya its the gamers' mighty power of will
  6. yea. the strings would be reset tho. will be fine if u have english as first language. one more thing is that you cant load mods with this solution. besides of these you will be fine
  7. try ~/Library/Application Support and see if there is a folder called pokemmo
  8. the mighty power of will from players lol
  9. guys i found a way that can help you temporarily check this out and if you wonder how to get to that folder shift+command+G on desktop and put in ~/Library/Application Support/PokeMMO there you go follow the rest he said
  10. it works for me. I finally got to play lol
  11. very helpful my friend. awaiting for devs solution rn. might as well try your way to play
  12. I donated a whole bunch tho XD also i downloaded it on my phone got my Meowth accidentally evolved at lv.97 while chatting in full screen If i was on PC it would never happen :(
  13. yea thats exactly what happened to me and exactly how i think LMAO
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