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  1. IGN: InuYashaL Preferred Tiers: LCuu LCdubs LCnu Competitive accolades: no have Discord contact:Inu#4989 Fluff:I am new to this and I would like to play it, I have played some lc and I have a base but, I would like to play not the usual, I would like to explore other mons.
  2. 1m to rest of latam win week 3 500k to chile win week 3
  3. IGN: InuYashaL Country: Bolivia Nivel: UU NU DUBS LC Notas: Get me out of Latam
  4. https://pokepast.es/faac12fe322a2590 I chose weaville because it has good speed apart from a good attack, and crobat charging it from the fighting types, swamper would enter predicting a voltiochange or an anti crobat rock type, porygon 2 holds very well for the special part and rotom nastly plot will take care of a late sweep. postscript I don't know but I did it for fun.
  5. Take lotus y LLLiolae and Lactosoid
  6. Take gasai vs kamo Take titooo vs lunark Take kirito vs theDH 100k each
  7. It would be epic for android users since calculating damage is more complicated
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