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  1. Take gasai vs kamo Take titooo vs lunark Take kirito vs theDH 100k each
  2. It would be epic for android users since calculating damage is more complicated
  3. Take InuYashaL vs Lkrenz and kanicula vs aurum
  4. 3 garchomp 2 Snorlax 3 venomoth :( stop please
  5. Take Me vs docPBC 100K Cristhian Arce vs Schuchty 150k
  6. IGN:InuyashaL Reason:I want to play mi first psl Preferred Tiers: uu nu doubs Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary):won 1 official tournament in addition to a tag team of the staff and a cc uu a long time ago and I think I am ready to participate in my 1st psl besides that I am top 30 in uu nu and dubs Discord contact (optional): Other random stuff:<3
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