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  1. Need to correct you on how pick up works, you don't kill the pokemon. You faint them.
  2. What game are those? Seems I would quit it instantly, so your required to solo for 500 hrs than you can partake in guild events.....
  3. Just do what i do to people who low ball me on shiny's, I accept their offer of 100k or less on a any shiny. Than i proceed to tell them to meet me at the top floor of gastly tower, and ask why my shiny gets so many offers. Than i block them, its very amusing.
  4. We need more variety in farming I would rather pvp battle for Yen even if the amount is small. It would be more enjoyable than sweeping the same npc trainers for an hour everyday.
  5. Pokemmo is like a korean mmo, because the grind is too strong.
  6. THE RNG gods have blessed with with this beauty.    
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