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  1. Hello, It's Flew. I'm kinda confused about breeding, I know how to do it but is there items and etc. that can improve it?
  2. I see, I just find it convenient but I guess the cons outweigh the pros in some sense
  3. Hello it's JustFlew! I'd like to suggest adding the function that allows us to switch out our Pokemon when we defeat a Pokemon in a trainer battle it should ask us if we'd like to switch out the pokemon. I think it's helpful for evenly leveling out your Pokemon simply because you use a whole turn switching out your Pokemon and you take a hit however with this added that doesn't have to happen. I can see how toxic this can be in pvp, but if you can add it to environment.
  4. What's up guys, I'm JustFlew. I've recently joined PokeMMO and to be completely honest the support has been great, It's so far been a great experience and I'll continue my journey in good spirits with my good buddy Electivire , Thank you!!! -Flew
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