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  1. the reflection has been pretty ok, anyone else watching it? - From this season houseki no kuni has been quite the revelation, great soundtrack and amazing visuals, hope plot follows closely the manga story line
  2. [TV] Dragonball

    the missing n just makes that part funnier - also frieza just giving goku some energy
  3. juuni taisen looks pretty ok hoped we would see a more dramatic boards death but eh
  4. Food/Cooking thread

    eat your little trees kids
  5. matching all the bold ones, plus several more which ill apply the third ep rule tho ive loved all the mahoutsukai no yome ovas so far, hoping the anime keeps the same quality
  6. man that ending he cant hear nor see what she says now... im not crying, you are all crying...
  7. hmmm in some scenes the cgi looks off
  8. Food/Cooking thread

    you are missing out munyo
  9. Food/Cooking thread

    also here is a blog i read, might be insightful if you are interested in foraging and prepping natural things http://foragerchef.com/
  10. Food/Cooking thread

    that pineapple stuff on top kind of ruins it, fred - here are some food videos i really enjoy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4T_n70AFdYG19hUqArKRbg there are way more on her chinese youtube channel, so check them out if you want ill get to post some recipes or pics eventually
  11. The Best of Youtube!

  12. Food/Cooking thread

    9/10 @Squirtle give this man a prize, no contest needed this year
  13. Game of Thrones Discussion Thread. [SPOILERS]

    plus he didn't have the hammer so he ran real fast

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