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  1. It's not quite the same without the animation eh.
  2. how can i in to saffron city guard not tirsty
  3. vivado sucks discuss
  4. dibs on the cold list, it's 104F in here
  5. I'd say E7 has more diverse content for people comming from different genres. besides, it has best alien-mecha-piloting grill
  6. A must watch for anyone interested in the mecha genre I'd say. If you are in for the enjoyment of a good anime, then the movies are a far better option. It's a shame the last one has been delayed for so long, eta 2020. For more mechas and better feels give Eureka Seven a try. Beautiful animation for its time, similar style to other classics, and a great OST. It's a bit long, however. There is also a sequel (Eureka Seven AO) that kind of shits on the first part and thus many dislike it. I think it can be enjoyed if you treat it as an unrelated production.
  7. He is our own Reviewbrah. #BestfriendsDictatorOfPokeMMO2020
  8. #BestfriendsEmperorOfPokeMMO2020
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