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  1. pretty decent, but nothing remarkable imo tsk tsk tsk
  2. It will happen again to others and to you.
  3. for real, sirius was pretty bad couldnt even reach ep 3
  4. It's important to realize that devs are not saints. Heck, two of the worst people I've met in this game are/were in the dev team. They get surrounded by people they like, who often happen not to be the best for the job.
  5. Es este un post para hormigas? Translation: a-n-t-s
  6. Ask them to turn deceased players into NPCs, they already have all the necessary sprites. With so many random NPCs to be replaced thats for sure reasonable. They might even be introduced as random encounters in the Battle tower/frontier facilities to avoid running out of spots.
  7. Not to hate on your suggestion, but if they ever said this they meant staff and devs. Some examples of this "rule": Desu -> Desu lab coat Kyu -> Kyu hat Kudasai -> Knight's helmet Patrick -> Horse head Not sure if there are others, I don't stalk staff in-game.
  8. Add gravestones if they haven't logged in for years. I'd like to lay flowers.
  9. axx

    Shiny Dex Pls&Thx

    That makes sense, it's been so long that I misremembered where I've seen them.
  10. It also lets you know when the Devs are active or the last time they were around so you can bug them.
  11. It's very evident that everything is a ploy to introduce Platinum accounts to the forums which let you downvote things.
  12. axx

    Shiny Dex Pls&Thx

    Isn't there a battle tower in the battle frontier?
  13. axx

    Shiny Dex Pls&Thx

    They do in Battle Frontier.
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