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  1. basically the last three generations of pokemon
  2. i might be mistaken but iirc the namekian lights were off in the god-pad couldve been defeated off camera?
  3. tbh it would be nice to have partial releases for unova as it was done for kanto hoenn was released almost complete and the hype died rather quickly, couple hours and you were done with it now if they did some partial releases, ie up to what was complete in the past PTS people would be engaged for longer periods
  4. there scene of bronn staring at some nearby white horse
  5. 18if looking pretty good, every ep is a bit messed up if only the animation was a bit more madoka-grade
  6. Petition to add KaynineXL to the poll
  7. Petition to add Arya to the poll
  8. Anyone else watching The Reflection?
  9. OFC, you are not a monster who would have birds die on them right @Munya?
  10. went to castelia - got blind by flash lights - dancers wont dance - rivals are annoying - cant remember storyline 3/10 would not recomend
  11. I feel like ufotable spoiled us with those fancy sunsets, but so far liking apocrypha Just wish they hadnt given Mordred that personality
  12. Favourite character: Jaime Why is he/she your favourite character: He's not mainstream good and he's not mainstream evil. His character development is super interesting and complex (comparable to The hound's). He's one of the best anti-heroes I've ever seen in a series. Also wonderful acting and delivered some funny scenes as well. He's also badass and a GOAT warrior (screw u Brienne) Favourite scene: When he pushed bran down. Little shit they told him to stop climbing the walls...