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  1. Para mi aparecen en una carpeta que se llama "dump," aunque yo utilizo el cliente portable.
  2. I too think that the format would benefit from more structure, but limiting the builds to certain archetypes would maybe make things feel less random ykwim
  3. Ill try to get in-game tonight, tried last night but they were patching for a while.
  4. axx

    The Food Thread

    thats some weak hamburguer steak ngl heres lunch today counterclockwise from the opinel: st. marcellin cheese, pain de tradition, blond beer, grapes, more bread, pied-de-mouton au l'huil d'olive, paté de campagne not cooking much but hey, I picked the shrooms
  5. If it makes you feel better, it doesn't make much sense in Spanish either.
  6. They reset the pokedex a while back. If you didn't had the pogeymen in your pc the entries weren't added.
  7. Gato: Duplica la velocidad de tus pokemon por cuatro turnos. Calabaza: Recupera 33% del HP de tus pokemon. Escoba: Borra las modificaciones de los stat de todos los pokemon. Murciélago: Le da la abilidad lodo líquido a tu pokemon. Fantasma: Borra los estados permanentes de tus pokemon (envenenamiento, paralisis, sueño). Creo que son todas? Nunca he jugado pokemon en ESP así que probablemente algunas cosas no queden muy claras.
  8. Seishun Buta Yarō makes me feel anxious - edit- all I feel now is loss wtf
  9. EN Cookies are meant to be used against the event boos, the pumpking. I've never tried to use them in other instances so idk if they work at all. As you've read, they act like battle items which provide you with special boosts/effects. ES Las galletas se supone que debes usarlas contra el boss del evento, la calabaza. Nunca he intentado usarlas en otro tipo de batallas así que no se si funcionen. Como habrás leido, sirven como objetos de batalla que te dan ventajas en el juego. Si tienes algunas otras preguntas puedes enviarme un mensaje.
  10. all good, but I feel this thread might be closer to the suggestion box
  11. Are you actually closing down threads without allowing a rebuttal, @Desu? We have asked for a registry of sales for years, this is very relevant for your supposed model of 'informed consent.' According to this, people can be scammed since they can ignore the actual value of things. The anonymity of the GTL is another issue I've discussed and you brushed down. If you plan on suddenly enforcing policies, it might prevent some backlash if you make a public statement. Communication has never been a forte in this game. I know it's easier to shed the burden of the game on your moderators, but it might be time you put in some extra work.
  12. actual solutions won't let petty people power trip
  13. I hope you reconsider this as there are more elegant solutions. For example, you can 'lock' the item for a few secs while the "Are you sure..." window pops. That way players could read carefully the details without the pressure of being sniped.
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