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  1. axx

    Is PokeMMO a MOD, a Emulator or What?

    does it do a thing without a rom?
  2. axx

    Is PokeMMO a MOD, a Emulator or What?

    emulator, or so they claim
  3. on tuesday, plebs
  4. axx

    Download (pokemmo iOS link?)

    it don't iOS
  5. axx

    Heal Ocarina

    See, sometimes you really do need more time in game before spamming the suggestion box. @Kyu
  6. axx

    Heal Ocarina

  7. axx

    Heal Ocarina

  8. shu is a 2000 yr old vampire/elf loli confirmed I see now why this game moves at turtle speed @Desu
  9. axx

    Im Not Tech Savy Pls Send Help

    The game is not shipped with a ROM. You need to select a Pokemon Black or Pokemon White ROM file from your PC. We can't provide you with the ROM. Staff can't provide you with the ROM. You must be legally allowed to use said rom.
  10. axx

    Legendaries Available For All

    I agree with most of your points, but this can summarize my POV as well.
  11. axx

    Appreciation thread

    I'd like to appreciate Shu, and Gizmo, and that one guy nobody remembers. -- I'd like to despreciate DS for not implementing the white gloves, ruinning the maid outfit, and forcing me to grind for buying that hex cloth. I'd also like to despreciate SGMs in general, rache excluded. There is a ton of reasons to despreciate Squirtle as well, so I won't go into details there.
  12. axx

    Legendaries Available For All

    Quite a fallacy there, I've never advocated for either.
  13. axx


    tfw installing pokemmo tfw updating downloading the whole thing (portable) and replacing the roms/settings takes a few seconds

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