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  1. axx

    The Food Thread

    my favorite beer in the world comes from that region, they know their stuff
  2. axx

    The Food Thread

    warm avocado kinda ruins it ngl -- here's some northern France spécialité: a puddle of melted cheese over some bread topped with a sunny side and a sausage, all baked dans l'assiette beer is a must have
  3. So hoarders finally decided to dump the elfbots, has staff decided to bring them back this year I wonder.
  4. Although they could weasel their way around the legalities through some donation system, they would be creating a divide in their player base. So I doubt they would like to put any effort in this idea.
  5. P2W'ers got bank after event by selling the dragon mask and RP vouchers. RP price went up 20% just due to event, perfect opportunity.
  6. axx

    The Food Thread

    "Beer is liquid bread" plus there's onions or something...
  7. If you are using the portable client, adding the whole folder to exclusions solves the issue.
  8. Update: - Added GIFs for all the time-limited vanities. - Added the cosmetics for LNY 2021. - Corrected dates and spread elfbots around.
  9. axx

    After today's update my antivirus quarantined parts of the client infected with Kahlesi, just a heads up.

    1. Kyu


      Which AV?

    2. axx


      Kaspersky, nuking the exe and vm64.dll

  10. Thanks, it seems they did add two limited items really close to each other.
  11. Thanks for the comments! I'll rework the event section some time today, so please be patient about the changes. About the UFO hat, since the wings came out of 2020 it seems odd to have two random items the same year. But I can't find any sources, so if anyone else backs the 2020 claim I'll update it.
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