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  1. also following mahoutsukai and while i don't think much about it is because it has little to no flaws great animation, soundtrack and enjoyable characters its just that is not outstanding either, being a sol might be the main reason for that but that's just my opinion chises duh
  2. junni taisen killing with feels now man ;-; -- the yelling is not as bad in the eng dub, but the pacing is still a struggle
  3. so finally got the time to catch up with stuff looks like the whale guys took notice of all our concerns @fredrichnietze are you keeping up with boruto, dies irae, black clover, inuyashiki? junni taisen stil pretty good the sequels doing ok for the most part, KKS is the best one imo fate was a big disappointment @londark
  4. [TV] Dragonball

    anyone keeping track on who is left?
  5. until its suddenly not allowed to have multiple accounts quite convenient how they allow us to create many accounts using the same email
  6. 4 spinda edit: disclaimer, you might not be able to beat the e4!
  7. Improving relations

    we need gizmo
  8. Really not liking level caps

    check urself b4 u wreck urself -- Yall should start thinking about pokemmo as something different from pokemon. In any other MMOs beating the bosses is not easy, you need to work strategies out and put the grind in. If somebody else did it, then its not impossible.
  9. Don't mind too much about whatever reason they decide to put in the ban reasoning, that's just some flavor text that some of the TCs is tasked with as nobody else wants to write it. At the end if it was not banned by usage it comes down to "m-muh feels" and senile telling everyone else "stop being an idiot" is the only thing that ever gets something unbanned around here.
  10. I just wish they would tone down the flashing when the encounter is first initiated.
  11. i ThInK wE sHoUlD gIvE iT a ChAnCe As tHeRe wAs To MuCh MoNeY aRoUnD, wHiLe ThE cHaNgEs CeRtAiNlY wOnT fIx EvErYtHiNg ItS a StEp In ThE rIgHt DiReCtIoN. wHaT i FeAr Is ThAt ThEy aRe SeTtInG tHe eNtRy BaR tOo HiGh FoR nEw PlAyErS aNd CaSuAlS.
  12. Petition to Mute Bianca

    bianca is the prof aide in W2B2
  13. Petition to Mute Bianca

    they are adults there

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