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  1. The manga is great, it's a shame they didn't adapt the whole thing.
  2. The taste-repair store called, fred. Said you can pick up yours back tomorrow.
  3. TFW no Black Clover op, which clearly are the best. You bring shame to this thread. -- Watch Gantz, @Akshit
  4. We don't do that here.
  5. I don't use sweet scent, just bike on grass. Usually get 2/3 ACs in a couple hours plus some nuggets, metal coats, and twisted spoons.
  6. This is not entirely true, since you are spending time farming the ACs. If you sold those ACs you would get the additional value, but in using them you are losing money.
  7. We have a very healthy and beautiful HUGE population, believe me!
  8. You got a look at the client there, yes, but I believe you wouldn't be able to gain any advantage since everything important _should_ be hosted server-side. They are pretty good at getting people who tries to tamper with the clients as even looking at the ram footprint is -or used to be- not allowed. In any case they will probably nuke your IP despite your good intentions.
  9. you use trick just to find the coins not to steal them with how rare they are the extra steps cost is minimal
  10. an overleveled trick user works best imo
  11. axx

    return channel 6

    I want channel 7
  12. There's more in the japanese preview Wonder if he stores his pokemon on that backpack...
  13. Did that linoone evolve? Also what is 'buio'?
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