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  1. here people hoarding all the tp and rice smh and tapa bars closing tonight :/ martial law soon as cases will keep rising for a few days since preventive measures came in too late
  2. Thank you @Goiabaogrosso, very cool!
  3. axx

    Book Thread

    Holly shit, a bot
  4. I was kind of hopping that licht would disapear at the end of ep 1, then she would need to move on and find another ace. Also I found the idea that lower numbers have to obey higher ones kind of poorly executed.
  5. I'm sure you are in now, but it used to be 15 min.
  6. iTs NoT fAkEmOn iF yOu sAy nO FaKeMoN
  7. wE wOnT aDd aNy FaKeMoNs
  8. axx


    game thinks you are a bot if you dont catcha game bans
  9. try: sudo sh PokeMMO.sh it will ask for a pasword
  10. You should post here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/ But if you don't feel like waiting post the log of your client.
  11. Yes, you have to open it using the terminal every time. Also, depending on the unzip app you might end up with a bunch of single files so in that case the folder name would be different. In any case, glad to hear you got it working.
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