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  1. axx

    [meme] do u know dah way?

    good meme
  2. axx

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    gib the pimp tux already
  3. axx

    Server Down!

    chill, it just overheated desu is adding more ice to the bucket rn
  4. axx

    Update Hype (tm)

    lf channel log @desu
  5. axx

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    More maid outfits and less meme-hats
  6. axx

    Anime Opening/Ending Thread

    https://soundcloud.com/darkelf-plaza/suicides-love-story Best persona ed
  7. So they went full gurren lagan with DITF
  8. axx

    Anime Opening/Ending Thread

    Couple of the best from this year imo Darlig in the Franxx op https://soundcloud.com/user-957374475/kiss-of-deathproduced-by-hyde Tokyo Ghoul: Re
  9. Si, o comprar el ticket de donación y usarlo en el PC. O esperar.
  10. axx


    * Tries to recall for how long as the server been in alpha stage *
  11. axx

    I do not want to play 3D

    J u s t m o v e t o k a n t o
  12. axx

    Make "Poncho" a TOP item

    While we are at it, lers redesign the battle sprite so that it actually looks like a real poncho (as in the overworld) and not a weird rag

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