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  1. kek people still believes in dungeons
  2. axx

    The Food Thread

    poor birbs tho
  3. axx

    The Food Thread

    meat-free, gluten-free my man here eating grass
  4. I'm not well versed on Xmas events so I'll update if you agree on something that needs to be changed. For now moved the nuts and ginger man back to 2016. Sleigh bells and ginger man costume stay in 2017. Here are the 2016 Xmas items: And here is the 2017 discussion:
  5. Hi, thanks for taking the time to reply. I just want to address a couple points but in the end it all comes down to personal opinion, I believe. I agree that it is interesting to have something 'free' that will increase value over time. That being said, I'm not convinced that an economy where people becomes rich just by playing a season and then quitting for a few years is really healthy (This is what I do heh). Imho worth should come from effort (PvE) and proficiency at the game (PvP), not just from smart economic decisions (GTL). As things stand now consist
  6. Here for some more heat. Suggestion: Reintroduce event cosmetics from past years in future events. This would only apply to the common items and not the special boss drops. How: - Make them a low-rate drop in future events of the same type as the originals. - Each event select 1 or 2 old items to return at random. - Or you could bring them back as dungeon drops. Why: It's plainly unfair for new players. There are already [Time limited] items and [Untradeable] boss drops which act as rewards for the loyalty of old players.
  7. @Quakkz Rache herself confirmed this year that the chinese top thing (event only) is returning next year. As I said, policies change on staffs whim. As long as the item does not say "limited" it very much can come back. NVM I see they added the Seasonal tag to that one.
  8. There is a chance, but it all depends on the staff's whims.
  9. axx

    The Food Thread

    On the topic of Indian food, here's some samosas:
  10. This is by design, I believe they don't want to create a further divide between new players and veterans who consistently win tourneys. Now this is unfair for the latter as indeed you don't get anything out of PvP but the experience itself, and frankly smogon works much better for that. The reward system was broken from the start, but there isn't really an easy solution. Can't put all the eggs in a basket when it is not clear for them what the real endgame is. Anyways, this seems to be a discussion for another topic.
  11. I don't believe none of them agree ofc, but I feel like if they had something to say at least Munya would listen instead of being suborn for some reason.
  12. Sounds like issues run deeper if the TC can't talk openly with the devs. BTW are you a current TC member @OrangeManiac? I find it strange that if all the members support the idea as you mention it wouldn't stick.
  13. Clearly you are missing the first step of getting these items banned from PvP. If they are so unhealthy, everybody would agree they have to go right? If you as a community can't even convince your tier council (or whatever flies these days) to ban them, why would you expect the devs to just remove them?
  14. Didn't he train a bunch of people in case something happened to him? You might actually get an ending now...
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