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  1. axx

    The Food Thread

    pasta burrito is weak, chicken parmesan burrito is the hill to die at here is an ol' pile of cheeseburgers
  2. axx

    The Food Thread

    There is some pasta in your cheese pile
  3. A vocal minority with a few 'likes' complaining that devs implement something proposed by another vocal minority with a few 'likes.' 2020 is truly a wild year.
  4. By that logic you don't need to to anything to sit and complain about devs not implementing special vanities for afking in viridian. The point is the ability to take part in the event. In the case of PvE events everybody can participate, even these "PvP players" that you somehow paint to be unable to do PvE. Yet for PvP events players need to put in some extra work. Not that PvE events are easy for beginners anyways.
  5. Here you are forgetting that PvE is the basic mode in the game as everybody has to do it to clear the storyline. Not that I'm against PvP bounded rewards, as it is a good way to boost this part of the game. And for once is nice to see de devs thinking about long term players. Consequently I'd like to see special rewards for UU and NU players.
  6. so far it has nothing to do with highschool edit: in fact it reminds me alot of terraformars
  7. axx

    Me and my partner

    Thank you Jorres, very cool!
  8. axx

    The Food Thread

    the color of the rice got me
  9. axx

    The Food Thread

    That's some good looking mole & rice
  10. Done with the main series and the ending was so disappointing. Felt like they tried to cram everything together and knot all the lose ties. They introduced a bunch of characters and all for nothing. The time-skip was poorly done, I would have preferred a jump at the beginning of S2 rather than half way through. About the spin off, I'm on ep 3 but it does not look good. There are weird jumps which leave you wondering tf is going on. It starts by showing you why Simbad has the right to be king, and is in route to become a story of how he met all his djins and vassals. I don't think this series gets to explore Simbad's faults which earned him the distrust of Yunan and his own household members. That would be cool but I don't hold any hope.
  11. axx

    The Food Thread

    It was like a burnt potato kek
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