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  1. axx

    Legendaries Available For All

    I agree with most of your points, but this can summarize my POV as well.
  2. axx

    Appreciation thread

    I'd like to appreciate Shu, and Gizmo, and that one guy nobody remembers. -- I'd like to despreciate DS for not implementing the white gloves, ruinning the maid outfit, and forcing me to grind for buying that hex cloth. I'd also like to despreciate SGMs in general, rache excluded. There is a ton of reasons to despreciate Squirtle as well, so I won't go into details there.
  3. axx

    Legendaries Available For All

    Quite a fallacy there, I've never advocated for either.
  4. axx


    tfw installing pokemmo tfw updating downloading the whole thing (portable) and replacing the roms/settings takes a few seconds
  5. axx

    Legendaries Available For All

    They can't make an interesting storyline to keep the players engaged, thus they are trying to set some 'walls' to force players to grind (level caps, E4 levels, not allowing legendaries).
  6. filthy heathens not calling them ç‰İ理ĉŠ€
  7. axx

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    Not entirely disagreeing with you, but some points I'd like to address > shiny trading has been destroyed by the recent botting problem/increase in ultra rares Yes, that has little to do with vanities... > The damage was done when 70m+ shinys dropped to below 20 So a shiny (which can be farmed over and over again) being worth 50m+ is ok, but a single-time item being worth 30m+ is not ok? Could it be that the shiny was not worth 70m+ to begin with? > buy something to use as trading material Thats the whole point of pokeyen, traders just somehow decided to set arbitrary values of yen, that might not even exist, to a pokemon they got from a noob for cheap. It's like the lucky eggs all over again, we are not supposed to trade in "things." > nobody wants it They want it for the right price. It's pretty easy to math the cost in time/leppas and estimate if you'd rather no-life for a while or to straight up buy a shiny (not counting OT). > just bought a skull in the first place Investment, as you can surely tell not all the limited items are worth the same. > any player could log on @ the halloween event, buy a time vanity for around 1m or donate and quit Its the same as if a guy who just started finds a "super-rare" shiny. Is becoming rich by luck fairer than becoming rich as product of your investment? If anything ask the devs to stop lining their pockets with the concept of limited vanities. How about each halloween/xmas event dropping limited items with a very small chance for a change? > I don't think that would be good for any "MMO" Now you are onto something here, it's an issue with people hoarding vanities. Which funny enough, by hoarding them the price flats as there is no artificial demand created by hoarders... > because of the recent shiny crash these items have risen so much in price so quickly Ofc if A drops value then you need more A's to buy B who woulda thunk!... Hence the problem with using arbitrary units as measurement of value, just start using the yen as intended. > I don't have a solution for it though :P maybe the economy will come back maybe not For there to be a solution first clearly state what is the problem? The economy will stay the same: vanities, comps, money sinks. As far as I can tell, only shinnies are being affected by what looks like an expected drop from people realising that farmable odd colored pixels won't ever grow in value.
  8. axx

    Legendaries Available For All

    thats exactly what devs don't want...
  9. axx

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    If you are willing to 'overpay' in shinnies then maybe, just maybe, the shiny was not worth that much to begin with since you know, you can just go and farm another one... itt: salty shiny traders aka nothing new
  10. expected more blood and less rape tbh
  11. axx

    Download ROM

    No. It does. Yes. Buy it. yw,
  12. axx


    and each use costs 100RP nice
  13. hurry with the jojos fred, you are missing out
  14. Not for most hairstyles, but some hairdos are available in game and you can customize the color and switch between them at any time.
  15. axx

    The PokeMMO Manifesto


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