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  1. axx

    The Food Thread

    Had to log in just to like this post.
  2. ping pong the animation is what you should be watching
  3. I'm still undecided about Dr. Stone, it's very slow at times. Watch Made in Abyss, Akshit.
  4. was just implying that you should now build the protorype, thats the fun part
  5. wtf it took me longer to get in than the actual question assuming you are using tantalum capacitors for reasons flc = 1 / (2 x pi x sqrt(0.00000023 x 0.00008) = 37103 hz (1) fesr = 1 / (2 x pi x 2 x 0.00004) = 1989 hz (2) f0 = fs/10 = 10000 hz (3) flc < fesr < f0 < fs/2 (4) 37khz < 2khz < 10 khz < 50 khz you need to check those capacitors if (4) does not hold, the type II will go haywire
  6. Yeah, usually the trick is in configuring the parts. Not sure about these software, but other simulators provide manufacturer-defined models as well as template parts which you can customize to obtain something closer to your application. Have you ever used Spice? -- I spent two weeks in Trieste a couple years ago and got to visit a few of the northern cities, might return there some time. In fact I'll be moving to Spain this year, plan to spend a few months there.
  7. Never used either sorry; but if it's not a software-specific question I might be able to help. - On related news, I was in Italy last week and met a few guys from polimi.
  8. The manga is great, it's a shame they didn't adapt the whole thing.
  9. The taste-repair store called, fred. Said you can pick up yours back tomorrow.
  10. TFW no Black Clover op, which clearly are the best. You bring shame to this thread. -- Watch Gantz, @Akshit
  11. We don't do that here.
  12. I don't use sweet scent, just bike on grass. Usually get 2/3 ACs in a couple hours plus some nuggets, metal coats, and twisted spoons.
  13. This is not entirely true, since you are spending time farming the ACs. If you sold those ACs you would get the additional value, but in using them you are losing money.
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