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  1. axx


    * Tries to recall for how long as the server been in alpha stage *
  2. axx

    I do not want to play 3D

    J u s t m o v e t o k a n t o
  3. axx

    Make "Poncho" a TOP item

    While we are at it, lers redesign the battle sprite so that it actually looks like a real poncho (as in the overworld) and not a weird rag
  4. I would believe so. Think of the phone as an additional computer. -- FFs people, they are not modifying the server at all. They will just release a client for the Android OS and at best it will have all the functionality of the PC client, but for now some things might not be working (tabs/buttons/maps/tiles).
  5. eureka 7 and one piece is way better than naruto imo tho the pain saga is good, but only that bit
  6. Only if you release the maid outfit...
  7. axx

    The Case for Level Caps

    We need to lock crimar up!!1!
  8. axx

    Subformus in the Suggestion Box

    Ehhh what they say rarely match what they do, but if i was mod id rather spend a couple hours moving threads about than losing neurons with ingame chat~ And that's debatable, denied suggestions can be a good clickbait for a good deal of people i.e. I usually don't read suggestions but if they say 'denied' there is a good chance for drama and flaming inside.
  9. Create dedicated subformus for accepted/denied requests. This should serve to unclutter a bit the section and to guide new posters into what kind of suggestions have been rejected/accepted in the past. Apparently the moderation work is not an issue since xela states that they have little to do nowadays. Edit. To clarify, these subforums should be a replacement for the suggestion archive which is an outdated salad of locked threads.
  10. axx

    Gyms runs on alts?

  11. axx

    when you are bored..

  12. axx

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    Samurai thing overworld looks great as usual, battle sprite looks weird as usual~

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