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  1. what's up with this

    use https you pleb
  2. New players looking for info.

    There are not many if you are stil doing storyline unfortunately. Even for post gamers its hard. The easier is to remach gym leaders every 18h. Which is a chore and you need to complete the story first. In your case the best might be to sell any items you don't need. To catch pokemon with good IV and sell them. And use amulet coin for every battle.
  3. New players looking for info.

    PokeMMO uses most of gen VI mechanics, so stuff that didn't exist in firered will be different. The physical/special split might be the most relevant fact story-wise. As for pokemon you can pretty much build any team you like and have fun. Just dont focus on a single OP mon or it will cost you in the long run. Once you are done with Kanto and want to move onto other regions you will find out that you can't use your Kanto team. Keep that in mind as well.
  4. Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus is best grill
  5. Vanity Item Suggestions

    We need these:
  6. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Yes, thats what Ive meant this whole time. Have some gloves that are always true white:
  7. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Make it so that when we dye something we get to see the previous colour. Atm Its risky having multiple items (gloves/overcoats) of different colors and wanting to dye one in particular. -- Also white gloves. -- Also didnt the business suit have a small flower?
  8. Best Dragon type

    no love for druddigon
  9. have you watched E7AO? I liked MCs better, but its like a whole story on its own.
  10. Seasonal Vanity Equips

    Sometimes we get new items with big updates. Other than that, regular events occur during halloween and christmas. Afaik, the ones you mention along the santa hat/outfit and a few others are exclusive to christmas.
  11. Shiny trade is dead

    I mean, when you are told (and decide to trust them) that there is a 1/6k chance of finding a shiny using hordes suddenly that shiny you always desired is not that out of reach. Which pumps more players into hunting, which in turns reduces demand. It takes speculation from the market, imo.
  12. Shiny trade is dead

    crazy thought here:
  13. Shiny trade is dead

    Sounds to me like the market is adjusting itself to the now *public* rates and the new mechanics (hordes). Don't expect stuff to sell as in old times. Now that money is hard to come by for people who actually plays the game and not just collects yen, its understandable that the things which hold the least competitive value will drop. This is reflected in the bunch of "2012" shinnies for sale. Players are burning through stacks of old shinnies to get unova shinnies or new comps.

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