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  1. You're right, i stand corrected Hadn't logged in quite a while A few updates ago they made Baton Pass useless, now it no longer pass boosts
  2. Bondrewd

    Weekly gifts

    I think this game's economy is already FUBAR, i doubt getting discounts in RP (that's what i got from 'making donations friendlier') will change anything
  3. Are you using BP to buy the power items? Inside the daycare there's a NPC that sells them for 10k pokeyen Dunno if you already knew
  4. Leading with a pokemon with Cute charm ability increases the chance of wild pokemon being of the opposite gender Male cute charmer > More female pokemon and the other way around
  5. Zorua hides itself as other pokemon in the horde You either need to hit them to break the illusion or pay attention to the moveset
  6. I thought it was cool, certainly wasn't expecting it My problem with this game was that it was just the vanilla games with level caps and added difficulty so i was getting annoyed to have to beat the stories yet again and this was like a breath of fresh air
  7. Lmao the first thing that came to mind once i saw it is that it sorta looks like Firamon, Coronamon's evo Not to mention it was posted by a Chinese mod
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