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  1. Are you crazy, marriages don't even last a month.
  2. You can only use one account using this method.
  3. Not that I know of, both the PC and tablet need a stable connection on both ends.
  4. Connected to the desktop via an internet connection, not physically. You do not need a physical keyboard, I use a virtual keyboard on my tablet.
  5. If you are stupid and want to play PokeMMO on your tablet or whatever then follow these steps: 1: Download Splashtop for either your; Windows PC MAC Linux 2: Download the app for your remote device here (Alternatively, you can search "Splashtop" in either the Applestore or Google play on your device) 3: Install Splashtop on both your PC / MAC / LINUX and your Remote device (Then run both of them) 4: The rest is pretty simple, just connect to your pc / mac / linux via the splashtop app on the remote device and play the damn thing. Tested on: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 (Android 4.1.1)
  6. Hey guys, I decided to make a forum account! I have been playing for a few days now and I'm hooked, this is a great community! Feel free to add me for battles or just a chat :) Name: Zerokah
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