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  1. I waited for my rival 18mins he was present and did not want to start duel no boy be all day
  2. Friday at 8pm in Mexico City
  3. I did not know that there was someone with that name on my team, I guess I have to rest again
  4. como que no fuiste bien recibido? yo sigo esperando la razón por la que te saliste del equipo pd: que horrible se ve el post de la semana
  5. DUBS CrissCy vs Schuchty Sunday 2pm Mexico City
  6. @mago1993 pero aprende a escribir
  7. DUBS FishCakes vs CrissCy saturday 11pm Mexico City
  8. IGN: CrissCy Country: México Tiers: DUBS/OU 7GEN/UU/NU
  9. I see all rival pokes alive even though they are weakened that mistake is super annoying
  10. In your case, look for the sprite lorelei among all those replacements for yours. and delete the rest of gba sprites and move the dumps folder to data / mods and activate it in the game
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