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  1. fucking pay to win schemes they never should have nerfed the payday to begin with, for real only one use per battle? thats rediculous!!! i agree with the idea but it should be standard not donator.
  2. GFTO here with that BS idea. if you click the wrong move deal with it. god damned kids and thier cancel buttons, giving them options and such. #catchmmo4eva
  3. i hate it when people trade in me.   Just put it in the H key derp, and i second the shit out of this.   and i had the same punk say the same thing about show me the rule and ill stop type douchery.
  4. Most of you know me as Global, some of you know me as my other names, few know my real name. You can all call me Global or Rex, seeing as thats my real name. well im here to tell everyone more about my self. I'm 22, blonde, 6 foot 1. i was born in hawaii, raised in texas, and traveled to other corners of the globe. oh yeah i have a vienous angioma in my right hemishpere check it out. yes it hurts alot, but i still suggest you try it out.
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