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  1. Hi everybody, I have a small problem. I have 2 TM's for Steel Wing and I was going to use 1 on a Honchkrow. But when I load the TM and select the empty move slot I get an error "Unable to find item". Anyone who knows why this is? And how to get the move onto the mon anyways.
  2. Pattern bush has gone from Attack (Heracross) to Defense (Kakuna and Metapod) = 10 Def EV's. Garbodor spot has been ruined with Duosion and Gothita (mixed zone of SpA and SpD)
  3. I hope they fix this soon, because it's a hassle starting via Terminal and portable client. The Mac launcher does not work at all. The download works, but the launcher doesn't. Bleh.
  4. The Stunfisk now know Endure, which is shitty. And the Persian/Fearow Speed training at Island7 has been ruined by adding Phanpy hordes in there. Are all hordes changed?
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