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  1. Team Name: PAST Captan: Fibraxx Players: Fibraxx-Pelkino-JakiroMax-ShellUny-ByronerAJNG-Escanor- Waltersot-DiositoSlurpuff-Fermie-RickyPoke. Subs: VelociRaptorRL-JulioZm. Cheerleaders: ElGuapo-Teear-Nipitochi.
  2. IGN: ByronerAJNG Country: Venezuela Tiers: OU,NU Note: Tengo compañeros de mi país? :V Discord:BYRONER(AJNG)#5704
  3. IGN:ByronerAJNG Country: Venezuela Tiers:OU,NU Discord:BYRONER(AJNG)#5704
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