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  1. It would be interesting to play these 2 pokemons.
  2. Hello .. Good night. I wonder if there will ever be legends in the Game besides MewTwo, Rayquaza and Arceus. It would be really cool to have the legendary and you can tell your friends that you have a captured legendary.
  3. Does sinnoh come now? Here are some admin tips.. Click here to see where I got this image Server is currently closed. (The writing is not in English because I play in Portuguese) Or maybe making people want is more excited about the game Click here see where I got this image
  4. Does sinnoh come now. Some admin clues and closed server now
  5. Hello Good morning, I would like to suggest a system where you can know in which city your friends or just some friends are on the map. Me and my friend play together and sometimes it gets complicated knowing where he is. Example of this system: I am in vermilion and my friend is in cerulean. And both can know where each one is. I'm so sorry my lousy english.
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