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  1. Get better my guy gal, you actually rock.
  2. Kind of. If you beat every region (which is entretaining by itself) you'll find yourself with about $2m+ worth of yen + items which should be enough to buy a full team to play pvp with. Do not waste your money trying to get perfect pokemon. You can get a 2x31 3x25+ natured comp for about 350k from gtl/forums/tradechat
  3. 1) and 3): Pokemon and item location are pretty much the exact same than in the original single player games, so if you look up a wiki or a walkthrough it should get you going with storylines 2) Yes, the storyline is way harder here (stricter level caps and stronger npc trainers). I don't know which starter is better in that case but a small cheat to this is that you can use the global trade system to buy cheap, "decent" pokemon with a type advantage for whatever gym you're stuck in (i.e, buy a drilbur for the electric leader) Lastly, if what you want to do is kill time then pvp is the way to go, you'll have to look into breeding and training a decent team that you enjoy playing and then you can spend hours on hours jumping into random matchmaking
  4. I bet dry passing/sub passing won't get nearly as much usage in the 5 tiers combined as it did have in lc/dubs. Yeah its unbanned now but niche at best I'd say, does it make the game better? I wouldn't say so really. Also, why were there only 3 options, why didn't you guys consider changing its effects on pve vs pvp (kinda like what you guys did with thief)
  5. o shit I just found out this thing existed and I was bored so letsdothis In game name: iJulianFNT Join Date: September 30th 2012 Hours played: 5,300 out of which probably 4,000 have been me standing afk in vermilion 4 Screenshot of your character: Picture of yourself [Optional]: Country where you live: Colombia, though I will probably be moving sooner than later. The theme tune to a movie about your life would be: Counting Stars. Your autobiography would be called: And that's how I learnt. Current occupation: Coursing my last semester of Industrial Engineering, looking to pursue a carreer in analytics. Sweet or Salt Popcorn: SALT. Sweet popcorns are a crime against humanity. Your super hero power would be: I'd love to fly or be able to slow time Favourite and Least Favourite Pokemon: Favourite has to be shiny gyarados. Least favourite, idk, probs some gen 7 or 8 untiered pokemon that barely looks like a pokemon and whose name I couldn't spell Favourite Movie: A cure for wellness Your favourite TV show as a kid was: as a kid, I don't remember, probably a cool cartoon like Dany Phantom or KND. Now I love suits. Last meal you ate was: BBQ Chicken wings.
  6. why yall gotta do me like this :( rip, guy is now a gender neutral word because I say so. #VowEqualityAndNOREClimateChange
  7. This guy is the truest goat of them all
  8. Text: [NORE] Julian Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Shiny Pelipper Background: Something kinda chaotic under a big ass drizzle (think when kyogre appears in the emerald storyline) Anything else?: No U
  9. Deppends on the tier, doubles and lc use it efectively if anything, it could be discussed properly if lc players consider it should be banned or whatever, but randomly pulling changes out of a hat is not the way, that's my whole point. The move went from being viable in two tiers to being trash everywhere. that is not a change that you can hide behing a "balancing" excuse.
  10. That is literally the worst response you could've come up with. it's so hilariously senseless it actually tilted me to oblivion, let's see.. Hello??? First, it wasn't banned in doubles or lc, now it wont be used anywhere :) Balanced amirite? Stop trying to make a pve balance change pass for a pvp one, it just wont work and it's infuriating. or at this point, take the 10% chance to freeze out of the ice moves because its unbalanced and why the heck not. Even better, if yall enjoy taking stuff away so much, go all in on it and take every secondary effect in the game away from every move so we can have a perfectly balanced, non rng reliant game :)) If you are gonna follow your (terribly bad) argument to change things in order to make them "balanced" then actually own it and act accordingly. Make Murkow hit 17 base speed max so it can be unbanned from lc. Take speed boost off yanma so it can be unbanned there too, if yall gonna be meddling with balance pulling changes out of a hat then why stop at batton pass? the sky is the limit go ahead, get creative. OWN IT. Make 0hko moves leave the target with 1hp so they can be unbanned too (Guillotine, etc). the name wont match because it wouldn't 0hko anymore but neither does batton match its name anymore becuase it doesnt pass anything anymore. who cares, 0hko moves would now become balanced and could be unbanned too, right? :)))) Yeah, all those ideas are just as ridiculous as the meme change you guys actually implemented. Note: Before you say that any of those things are different to the baton pass changes, let me tell you they are not. And I will use your very own words to prove it: in my proposed changes, "these moves could already do those things, vanilla mechanics. Nothing custom was added to them, the only thing that happened was some pieces of them were removed." Solid logic bro :))))))
  11. Not every pokemon needs to have a counter, this has been established countless times before. Pretty much any neutral hit will ko it, yeah sucker punch is powerful but it doesnt come without its drawbacks. You're basically saying you have to play smart vs it, whats wrong with that? Dont let your checks be worn down before dealing with the potential thread or else it could win, thats the basics of competitive pokemon I dont know why it would apply any differently here. Timbur has a bit of recovery from drain punch, mienfoo has it too and regenerator, and with vulla you could either try and keep rocks off the field or just switch in anyways bc itll waste a turn setting up meaning you can k0 before you're 2hkod back. Couple things here. First, thats quite literally the definition of a check. It cant switch in indefinitely otherwise it'd be a counter. Pursuit/Priority combos are a classic way of dealing with ghosts since forever, or are we gonna say now that banded scizor is not a check to gengar because it cant switch on a focus blast and then be forced into the Pursuit/BulletPunch mindgame too? talk about unreliable and unsustainable amirite You also mentioned you can offensively check them which yeah you can. I don't see how that argument suits the point you're trying to bring forward instead of mine.
  12. Murkrow was part of the lc metagame for the longest time when it came out and it was only ultimately deemed banworthy because of the versatility it could have along with its prankster sets which we dont have access to. The scraggy case is iffy cuz even tho a 4x weakness to fairy types definitely help its case for not being banned in later gens one could also make the case that it not having access to op knockoff balances it out. Finally, a plethora of new pokemon have been introduced including a couple checks to misdreavus (going back on topic) and without having those changes settle in the metagame I dont see much sense in speculating I only see 3 outcomes which makes sense: a. TC considers np misdre powerful enough to be QUICKBANNED b. We wait to see how the metagame develops c. We take this opportunity of change to evaluate a partial reset A simple ban/discussion will not do because we wont have enough information to base the decission upon our peculiar now disturbed metagame. In my eyes misdreavus is either so strong on paper that a quickban is warranted without event attempting to discuss it or otherwaise it must wait.
  13. Every pokemon is checkeable.
  14. Don't put Murkov and scraggy in the same bag as the classic lc ubers that have been banned every generation since they've existed. hence the word partial
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