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  1. Blue is 18-0 in dubs, #37. Beats the #21 guy in 21 turns. Gets 2 points. XD
  2. The new changes to tournaments spectator mode are great! honestly it would be great if it worked in matchmaking too @Kyu
  3. Once a new patch arrives you can no longer watch replays from the previous ones. You’ll just have to wait to watch replays of more recent tournaments.
  4. Even if this is the case, it would still be pretty easy to dodge one or two players/teammates/friends/threats But besides that, I want to raise a point I feel is very important and hasn’t been mentioned yet: there is no way to balance that minimum number you talked about without making the tournament considerably longer. If the number is too big, say 50%. Then you have a much more random bracket but you have to wait till half the matches are done to start the next round which would obviously delay the tournament a lot If the number is low (say 4 or 2 people) then not only the system becomes less random and even exploitable but it also means that the system would end up matching together the last people to finish their matches every round. This could very easily result in stall vs stall scenarios and god forbid the tournament length at this point. On the flip side to point #2 the people finishing their matches the soonest would also get paired together. This way, it is very possible that if you play HO you’ll end up playing more HO and as I already exemplified, stall would be more likely to play stall. This not only reduces diversity and increases the tournament length but it is very easy to see how it would be more common to see a bracket with a dude sitting in the finals waiting for a r3 match to eventually end. Think of an UU tournament for instance. And for simplicity sake say 50% of the people play screens and 50% play stall. most likely than not, the screens matches would end sooner and they would end up being matched together in one half of the bracket, while the stall matches would end later and the same would happen on the second half. At this point anyone could appreciate how this quickly becomes very problematic. EDIT: This indeed seems to be the case. For those seeking further information on how the system works, I remembered I read kyu saying something about it a couple weeks ago. I found it:
  5. Oh, you mean like everything you’ve said so far. Got it. It’s pretty simple actually; in ou: 1 stall, 1 balance, 1 rain, 1 ho. Done. Blind tournaments is in no way any more competitive than random laddering. Tournaments are supposed to have a higher standard.
  6. As is tradition. Meanwhile gb goes "its lame git gut" xd. One is tc, the other is not, but it's not the way you'd think.
  7. You'll get to spectate better duels watching high mmr matchmaking instead and you can do that 24/7. Tournaments add into acouguu an additional set of skills which you cant find in random matchmaking this update takes away.
  8. If your 3 teams are diverse they wont have similar weaknesses lmao thats the definition of "diverse". pick up a dictionary please becase thats the second word i've had to explain to you in as many pages. This is an mmo and people playing this game are commited to that concept. You're very welcome to go to showdown instead if you want unlimited resources so badly. I was just using my own case as an example. You can win with limited resourses. Ofcourse it is a slight disadventage but ffs this is an mmo. Go ahead try to join world of warcraft in 2020 and try competing with the people that have been playing for 20 years. Not having all champions in league of legends is also a disadventage in ranked and that doesnt mean riot should make them free. Games are based on resourses, simulators are not. You're the one who should stop being delusional.
  9. The current system feels like a "Win 5 consecutive rounds of matchmaking at 5pm GMT+0 to win 500rp and qualify for an actual 2 round (semis, finals) tournament for 500 extra rp and a comp" kind of event rather than you know, an actual tournament.
  10. “Huge competitive cost” all you really need is 2 or 3 well built, diverse teams. If new players can’t meet those standards they should stay content with getting to round 3 or go back to matchmaking/grinding. Even then, the first shiny tournament I won I spammed a single team Doc lent me. I rarely play CCs but when I do I don’t bother playing more than 2 teams and I’ve won plenty. So yeah, it’s not impossible to win with limited resources. Allow me to quote yourself: “Get good”.
  11. Nothing further your honor.
  12. Because people would just spam a single team through the entire thing. That’s literally the definition of monotonous.
  13. Tournaments are a competitive environment where skill should be rewarded, saying “it’s lame” is for starters, an opinion, not even an argument. Uncompetitive, why? You don’t even bother expanding on your “arguments” and somehow expect to have a fruitful discussion. Hello?
  14. I agree, but the thing is: right there lies the skill of counter building, anyone can randomly pick mons that beat your opponents previous team, however it takes skill to build something on the spot that beats your opponents previous teams (not just the one from the very previous round but also the other teams they might’ve used in earlier ones) while having your build not insta losing to other metagame cores.
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