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  1. Colombia went from 2 consecutive finals to only having 5 singups of which I have only ever heard of one person.. damn. gl boys, world cup is always very fun ^^
  2. It makes the matchup much more playeable. it can take one blizzard and hit back hard which can be clutch in offensive matchups. You can also opt to run a bit of bulk to have a better chance of living giga drain and some other strong hits since you are forgoing focus sash. A spread of 92 hp / 236 atk / 180 spe with an adamant nature allows you to outspeed up to neutral base 70s and have an 88% chance of surviving abomasnow's orbed giga drain. It also allows you to lead better vs trick room teams that like leading with nuke mence. Finally, a better secondary stab, intimidate inmunity and priority give mamoswine an edge in punching bigger holes on the opposing team as they are trying to set abomasnows trick room up or after you stall it out.
  3. Yes, mamoswine over chomp in your team sounds great actually! with 3 intimidate inmunities, 2 of which are capable of recieveing swaggers boost. offensive ttar, tailwind speed control and potentially dragon gem mence for the nuke I can see your team being able to overwhelm opposing builds quite nicely.
  4. Ye, I had used lum + swagger in the past with cofag but that was mostly relegated to tr teams. Now we have even more viable recievers thanks to the new intimidate immunities. Mamoswine for instance could be really scary at +2 and in tailwind!, im excited to build around this idea.
  5. You only have two protects in your entire team. I like the pokemon's synergies but I dont agree on some movesets. not the biggest fan of orbed mence because it gets chipped down really fast in combination with sand. It also misses a couple important KOs if it is not running a gem. If you really want to get those 0hkos on tr weak darktypes I would run dark gem instead of band, but even then, I really like running berries (sitrus/chople) on my ttars. If you plan on using it on tailwind I would probably want more speed on it. Besides that, this is a bit of a more personal take but I dont love garchomp in our current meta (I think it has its place but its not that splasheable of a mon anymore) specially when paired with salamence for the double 4x weakness to ice. with your metagross not being that bulky and lacking recovery abomasnow could very realistically find its way to a sweep vs your team. Love the idea of swagger bat + lum met though. I might toy around with it myself!
  6. That is NOT what he meant, lmao. A 4x25 amoongus with 2 selectable IVs is for all compentitive intents and purposes... useless.
  7. Why would they kill lc? even if the official presence isnt as high it is still a very important part of the competitive scene in tournaments such as psl or world cup
  8. Needing to play hundreds of games to compete for the top spots is definetely the systems fault and it discurages the community from playing. if the ELO system and the rewards are improved then matchmaking would immediately be more populated. Also more tours
  9. Can the best team of the year get a guaranteed spot for the next years tournaments? Imagine when we win half the tts of the year but also missed 2 atendances because we too slow at signing up xd
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