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  1. Can yall discuss it with the host in private and go back to betting please? I need to make money
  2. Yeah I can see both sides tbh, the Chinese dont really know the english community yet and its theit first time betting in these kind of events. that means they'd bet so much money against Life and Nik, but it also means they dont know if aerun is a random guy who just beat the storyline and is trolling on forums so they ask for confirmation or something when they take 1m+ size bets against them. If I bet 1m on myself vs China B guy (which I'm doing, someone please take) and forums user INQQ038462IZ wanted to take, I would too ask for confirmation/middle-manning. (even if he might be a trusted person in the chinese community or whatever, I have never heard of him so I woudn't know)
  3. Columbia A 0 - 0 China B Doubles - iJulianFNT VS FishCakes 250k on myself up to 4 different takers.
  4. That's 5 lists not one
  5. Smh why not make a list with all the pokemon
  6. @LZYiz owes me 500k Paid @varietypaul owes me 100k Paid ING: iJulianFNT god bless nik.
  7. Can it not be 2x0 4x29? I feel everyone would be happy with that (for tr mons ofc)
  8. Finally! Thank you good sir. ps: would it be possible to give it 1x0 ivs? this goes in general for any rewards that are trick room pokemon
  9. @WorldCupMMO For once I agree with mago xD. Please Blacklist @MiraiZura until he pays me, thank you.
  10. how much would it be for a 31/31/30/31/30/1- natured abomasnow?
  11. added arguments for bronzong and liligant in my post above (edited)
  12. This was just a random example used to argue that a lot of things are semi-interchangeable as the A and A- tiers currently stand (and the lack of A+) It's main niche IMO is being able to be a secondary rain set up in rain teams (using a fast dance). Otherwise every rotom form outclasses it. Gigalith B- it is good and strong but its main downside is that it indirectly competes with torkoal and abomasnow as a trick room weather inducer. (Both of which are ranked too low imo. Tork is B+ or A- and Aboma is at the very least B-) I'd Bisharp B and I totally agree with Orange's arguments for that. Rotom-H, Rotom-M, cofag, lili and bronzong are all too low (I'd place them B, A, B-, B and B+ respectivelly) Arguments for some of those ^ lili: after you and sleep powder are amazing in a pokemon with clorophyll, grass gem leaf storm is very strong nuke, it also ignores amoongus' redirections and destroys blastoise. bronzong is capable of single handedly dealing with sand teams, thus making it an amazing pokemon to use to patch weaknesses in teambuilding (similar to gengar) not to mention its trick room and screen capabilities
  13. I would make my own arguments but since the thread has just been made and that'd be too much work so In the meantime I will just respond to those made by others, starting with orange. Totally agreed. But I'd say usage works as a starting point, not as an argument from any point forward. Agreed. twave, tailwind, scarf are some other things that you didnt mention. It's a great mon, I think half my teams have toge on them S tier definitelly. in our current meta I'd argue it's even better than ttar (which I would actually drop from the S tier). Draco meteor sets are a bit unexplored I feel. This thing can run every item and get a lot of work done (orb, yache, iappapa, lefties, sitrus, lum) I used to be a toise spammer, now I have been finding myself not being able to reliably fit it in as many teams anymore. it probably got hurt the hardest from the introduction of the rotom forms (though it did get a boost in checking chomp with its ice moves) Toge + Top outclasses every time. I would put it in A- or A at best. I would actually keep kingdra at A or even drop it to A-. I feel it's a bit overrated and people are just bad at playing vs it. I do believe It has a lot of unexplored potential that could make it way stronger (surf sets with croak/jelli/gastro and focus energy builds without toge+toise cores that imo, are outdated thanks to rotom). I also believe sun to be slightly stronger than rain (it definetely used to be), but right now I couldnt really say for sure, rain got a bunch of new toys and counters at the same time (gastrodon, toxicroak, rotoms, chomp) Agreed it's not an A tier pokemon this metagame is very rough to it. With the right build it can be quite strong though. I disagree on this one. I feel gengar is one of the strongest leads and it helps patching out a lot of bad matchups in my own builds, It's actually becoming one of my favorite mons to run in weatherless/balance teams, maybe I could see A- not definitely not B Agreed. though I would say A-. It's super strong but I feel it suffers real badly from 4mmss you want pump, gigadrain, icebeam, focus blast, fake out and protect I Agree on Bisharp, Kabutops and Manectric and Dusclops kinda (Id say B-) I can't think of a single reason why I would want to run slowking when reuniclus exists. Breloom is actually good, B tier at least imo. And just acouple more early thoughts; Wash is not the best rotom form in our meta. Jolteon is not B tier (should be lower). Aboma is giga underrated. the A tier can be shuffled a lot, i.e, it could be easy to argue that volc is better than hydreigh.
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