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  1. Me when I want to get wrath in nore but he picks beef with Lotus week1 and with Jovi week3:
  2. Imagine uguublocking the first reverse sweep in psl history (afaik) gg Tying Tielows
  3. Agreed with everything being said. This is long overdue.
  4. me vs Superman soon (after tawla vs stelian if its not a stall match otherwise at the same time)
  5. To be fair, a 50k player is the definition of a "who?". That being said. Cool, congrats to him on winning his match. You all know I love me some trashtalk but come on, it's still only week one. And we do have quite a track record of showdown players not living up to the hype in mmo tiers. I guess time will tell when and if that trend will break. Sadly I havent been keeping up with this storyline so I'm still a bit confused. Is the new dubs guy the showdown player of is it his friend?
  6. Team Name: No Rematch Team Tag: NORE Registered Players: NikhilR BlueBreath Pablobacas iJulianFNT Rendi DocPBC EYL LeJovi Axoa LifeStyle Lotus tMoi xLuneth Frags Team Captain: LeJovi
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