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  1. Current market of 1,000 RP is approximately 1.6m on gtl = meaning that 160m would require 100k RP. @pikabuuh , maybe you have a shiny to sell for 1k RP?
  2. Welcome to the community! :-) I bet you will enjoy it
  3. I will if you gimme 8m - 31 def and jolly - best deal of your life, bro
  4. So... I was hunting shiny Pikachu, and I told my teammate Havre to join me, and in less than an hour he found it. And here I am 800+ leppas later with no luck yet. EDIT: Omg... He gifted it to me - what a bro!
  5. Someone just linked this in the Trade channel. Posting this as there was some uncertainty whether the first one in this thread was real or fake?
  6. Yeah, I saw that - but a little expensive for 4m imo. I would have considered buying for around 2.5m.
  7. Oi, I was lucky enough to find a shiny Sneasel and now I want to make it a comp - but what is a Sneasel without Icicle Crash? Thus, I am looking for a Swinub/Piloswine/Mamoswine breeds with 31 in Speed to begin with. Let me know if anyone is interested in selling. Find me in game (Sethsen). All the best!
  8. @awkways please... give other people a chance, bro!
  9. Damn, that's impressive!! Charm and donator luck?
  10. Grats! I guess I won't be hanging with you on the floor anymore. :-(
  11. Alright, I will whisper you in game.
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