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  1. Sethsen

    Swarm Alerts

    Eh, let's stop making everything so easy.
  2. @Fixedgaming is the best - check out my signature
  3. ill pay the 5k you asked for in trade chat yesterday xd
  4. more deliveries = more babies = more future customers = more money = better life damn you cracked the code, bro
  5. Nope - but let's hope it's not for long. :-) See ya in game.
  6. No wonder this shop is so successful! Quality, fast and my best hangout buddy at daycares
  7. I can't get an invite link through that server - else I would have provided. @SecretDjinn, maybe you know? :-)
  8. https://pokemmo.eu/discord :-) Read more here:
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