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  1. Taystee vs Kekkyx UU in 15 minutes
  2. Yo, I took some of these bets and LeJovi owes me 200k total: xMikasaAckerman won Ravael won MeekMillz won Kamowanthere lost
  3. Me vs Bluebreath UU in 10 minutes! (or after Hernjet/Zerra match)
  4. I wasn't making this bet. I was taking LeJovi's bet on AngelosRed, meaning I also bet on Kamo winning.
  5. Yo Morty and EpicVerde played their game yesterday. Morty won. Late, but I don't think that's void. Please send my money back. IGN: Taystee
  6. Take these four IGN: Taystee Take these two, 200k each Also: LC - ManyTears vs Nirikiri 200k UU Eastsideboy vs Tawla 200k LC Poufilou vs TheDH 200k Dubs Schuchty vs PoseidonWrath 200k 500k Canada wins the week, void if tie Taking each once, void if sub/DC/activity win
  7. Belgium vs Columbia B NU Kriliin vs Skulldeus 200k Dubs Mkns vs Kepzal Mexico vs Africa 200k UU KokenoCastro vs PoseidonWrath NU Medidany vs Tawla 200k Canada vs Venezuela B OU Taystee vs Zacmorales @SweeTforU UU gbwead vs DarkCeGn 200k Brexit vs Rest of Europe UU Lin vs Umbramol USA vs China A 300k OU Senjutsuka vs mentalsoft @KingBowser UU DoubleJ vs MullenYu @KingBowser Bet on bold, 100k each unless specified. Void if sub/activity win. Bets on countries void if tie. Taking each bet once. IGN: Taystee
  8. Take these two I'll take these two, 100k each Take these four, 100k each IGN: Taystee
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