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  1. Anyone looking to make new friends feel free to add me! My IGNs are EeveeIsGreat or my more active alt is LilDemonGirl :)
  2. 5pm for me so I should be able to make it :)
  3. Oh I agree, just saying that they should cater for GMT too
  4. oh yeah probably, but there's also people in the GMT timezone who aren't able to be online at midnight. It's fine so long as they hold other tournys at earlier times :)
  5. Except the people on GMT who can't be online at midnight.
  6. Catching contest for my birthday? Great! :P
  7. Wouldn't let me do this on my tablet but I've now blocked them on forums. Thanks :)
  8. Is there a way to block other people in forums?
  9. I mean there is people just like to moan for the sake of moaning
  10. I'm at endgame but I don't do that. There's plenty of stuff to do besides shitposting and whining for events/Sinnoh
  11. Don't play it then I guess. *shrug*
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