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  1. Oh I agree, just saying that they should cater for GMT too
  2. oh yeah probably, but there's also people in the GMT timezone who aren't able to be online at midnight. It's fine so long as they hold other tournys at earlier times :)
  3. Except the people on GMT who can't be online at midnight.
  4. Catching contest for my birthday? Great! :P
  5. Wouldn't let me do this on my tablet but I've now blocked them on forums. Thanks :)
  6. Is there a way to block other people in forums?
  7. I mean there is people just like to moan for the sake of moaning
  8. I'm at endgame but I don't do that. There's plenty of stuff to do besides shitposting and whining for events/Sinnoh
  9. Don't play it then I guess. *shrug*
  10. My IG nick is EeveeIsGreat Venusaur - He's awesome, and basically easy mode for Kanto lolRapidash - I like it's shiny form plus the normal one is really cute Seismitoad - really good water type, and electric isn't a problem with this guy Eevee - as my IGN suggests this is my absolute favourite pokemon Raichu - I like how his moveset can be very diverse Mewtwo - best legendary ever Lucario - both cute and powerful Lycanrock - best pupper Krookodile - Most OP ground type. i literally beat all of Unova with just this guy Pidgeot - I just like his design more than other flying types Cutiefly - literally just a cuteness thing Weezing - James from Team Rocket, that's the only reason for this lol Absol - he's awesome Gengar - only ghost type I actually enjoy using Beartic - fearsome design, very powerful for story mode Steelix - I'm biased because my friend gave me a 3x31 steelix :D Kingdra - The amount of times this caused ME trouble makes it a really good dragon type in my opinion Clefairy - I've never used fairy type really, but clefairy is adorable! Missing Pokemon of Staff Members: Bearminator - Cubchoo TheChampionMike - Arbok SneakyTeddi - metang raichuforyou - hariyama gilan - butterfree demonixdax - snivy secretdjinn - seems like a snorlax fan rache - venemoth lezenor - croagunk linfanz - altaria matoka - onix edniss - wailord
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