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About Me:


My name is RedVespo, Red Vespo or simply Vespo. I started PokeMMO on December 22nd, 2019 after learning about the existence of the game in a Youtube Video. 


I am 23 years old and Canadian. I currently live in Gatineau (Qc), a small city close to Ottawa. I am currently a student. I am bilingual, speaking both french and english fluently. I am an introvert but I always try and sometimes succeed to push myself towards meeting and talking with new people.


I also have many hobbies which follow:

  • Watching TV Shows
  • Watching Movies
  • Reading Books
  • Listening to music
  • Playing video games
  • Learning about anything
  • Debating about politics
  • Writing
  • Watching Hockey (Go Flyers!)
  • Going to the gym (This is new!)
  • Collecting Hockey Cards (This is also new!)

That's pretty much it. I am always happy to meet new people so hit me up!

My Characters:


Unfortuntely, I do not own the username "Vespo" but I own all of the following.


RedVespo, GreenVespo, BlueVespo, WhiteVespo, GreyVespo, YellowVespo, BlackVespo, BlackVespo, BrownVespo, OrangeVespo, RoseVespo, PurpleVespo, CyanVespo, VespoBank, VespoBankII, VespoBankIII, TheVespo, TheVespoII & TheVespoIII.


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