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  1. Kinda odd when you play the whole season to test teams and then when seasonal approaches you gotta build new ones without even knowing meta trends / having the chance to test teams in mm, because lower tiers are dead.
  2. Duggy sure influenced the UU meta, but as Quinn stated the mons that are in tier were able to handle Dugtrio pretty well naturally and the mons that didnt are Lanturn and Torkoal, so it never had a decent standing to begin with and looking at Dugtrios usage it probably isnt worth slotting it to try to trap Lanturn and Torkoal. I dont play UU tho, so the further we get into this the more id have to guess, which is just meh. I have to admit that i thought it still sat at 100 base attack and (cb) 80 base doesnt nuke the defensive meta, but as a matter of fact, the mons that you probably aim to trap dont have priority apart from maybe Blaziken and mons have lower base stats than in other tiers by nature. Doing some calcs on frailer stuff i see it also traps a lot of annoying shit after some prior damage, like Drapion, Doom, Blaziken, Espeon, Omastar, so the more i think about it the more i like the idea of giving it a shot, guessing that it could ease role compression pressure supporting more balanced builds. What i think most people are afraid of, or at least i am, is that if it ends up being terribly misplaced in NU, its gonna take ages for it to be put to BL. But yeah, taking more time i like the idea of testing it, despite its ability being the dumbest uncompetitive shit there is - or because it is?
  3. If you explained how the tiers adapted to Dugtrio this might be easier to answer, because just looking at the tiers via dex filter, i dont see how the tiers needed to adapt to it. Could look up usage and check if it ever even had any usage demanding adaption in OU and UU, or if its just never been that great in these two tiers.
  4. Taking his answer into account he probably meant what i thought he meant, otherwise he would have just said what you said now. Why it rose in usage also is directly connected to what it means for the NU meta: (it indicates that) keeping momentum with u-turn while forcing very linear switches it chips, which it couldnt do before, because it only had baton pass and getting a second high bp stab move, which unlike the old option (sp) is rather spammable, in conjunction with a base 120 base attack, is pretty difficult for the current NU meta to handle. Ofc you can go further into specifics (timid Omastar > ; scarfers starting at 81+ speed to handle Blaze), but that doesnt mean what i said didnt answer his question/statement. And i didnt say theres anything wrong with bringing it up, its just odd that someone in his position doesnt know what a sudden usage spike might indicate. Speaking of what Blaze and Duggy being in the same tier means: Dugtrio can revenge kill Blaziken if scarfed/intact sash, but i think that we can agree on that not making Dugtrio a good drop all of a sudden, because it doesnt just stop at revenge killing Blaziken. What does Duggy trap for Blaze: Nidoqueen, since bold helmet was a decent way to punish anything Blaze has, Stunfisk, Rhydon, faster scarfers, probably plenty of other stuff, but cant log to browse dex rn. We have bulky mons left that "check" Blaziken, but those are immediately threatened out, just like Slowbro was. I dont intend to turn this into a Blaziken discussion; i think ive stated my opinion about Blaze by expressing my hopes of UU people using it. Blaziken isnt the only reason Dugtrio going NU is just a terrible idea tho and id really appreciate if we could get an insight on why Dugtrio is gonna drop. Last time we saw a drop to "just test and see how it goes" was Rose and it stayed NU for months, altough it never should have gotten there in the first place.
  5. How about allowing people to join tc discord and giving them "read only" - rights?
  6. No offense, but if you dont know why Blaziken suddenly spikes after getting U-Turn (!!!) over BP and CC over Superpower while sitting at a decent speed tier for a scarfed mon i dont know why you´re actively involved in tiering. Whats the purpose of selected comp players forming a tier council when they cant even do their job. Could just put a bunch of randoms in and ignore their input. Only difference would be that they´re incapable of cleaning up the mess afterwards. I know its a dead horse tho, so ill just go my way and hatch Charmanders..
  7. Always thought tc was the problem, despite reading seniles post. I was a pretty ignorant fool.
  8. Theres way better mons/strats dugtrio can enable, its not like Queen was the only reason nobody uses Manectric.
  9. So? How is Mane being untiered a surprise? And linoones gonna peak now with trode NU, dont worry. Time to get into other tiers. Duggy NU is a huge step backwards, but whatever.
  10. Are the changes in the announcement the finals ones; is Dugtrio NU now or is there still time for a quick ban if tc wanted to?
  11. Cause you´re in the same team and he plays balance. Welp, nvm.
  12. Depends on what drops i guess. Who knows if its even viable, but cant be in a worse spot with gligar avilable and giga gone.
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