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  1. 1. Can you quote who said that? 2. Can you please quote someone who was whining about losing to a new player in this thread? Must have missed it, sorry, but also thanks in advance. Do i have to explain how stupid it is to tell people to just cteam that "perfect" team in a bracket where they dont know who they face or do you realise yourself? Do you realise how wide of a tier NU is and that theres a lot more to cover than you possibly can, thus a "perfect" team being built is fkn impossible; that theres always some kind of strat or mon that you cant beat? How stupid of "better" players to have bad match ups. 3. Can you please quote someone whining about losing to randoms? Kinda covered that in 2. and cant sweat enough how fkn stupid and naive that claim is. I struggle to see how you reach the conclusion that better builders shouldnt lose due to match ups, but enlighten me please. And if you are graceful enough to do so, please try to reach logical conclusions this time around - or the first time around rather. 4. Brackets have only been randoms back in the days. One solid person per bracket, no glory in it at all, because everything was just cteaming round1 until finals. Yeah, you got em good Einstein! Claiming that people only won tournaments in the past, because they had an advantage in ressources is a bold claim, but since nobody would be so damn stupid to just throw that around hoping to get away with it, i am sure you can give me some kind of evidence that that is the case? Evidence as in real facts , i dont give a fuck about what you feel is evident. 5. Ngl, it also gets fucking annoying having to deal with people like you, who just throw around empty "facts", implications and assumptions. You managed to say nothing, but how disgusted you are with people that "whine" about that new system, though i even struggle to find these people in here. All you´re doing is fighting straw mans. As a rule of thumb; if gb likes your post, chances are that you just managed to pull such a post, congrats! While you are at it, feel free to enlighten me on how people in this thread are being hypocrites. Do you even understand what that word means? Oh and dont get the wrong impression; im neither salty nor mad at you. Its just tiring having to face this "style of argumentation" from people that are way too confident in the emotional bs they spout, while they think they are taking a logical approach.
  2. Imo this new system is just boring af to watch, which is all i care about in tours these days. Its, as someone said in the other thread, just mm with prizes added. No dynamics whatsoever. But what is kinda annoying is how people insist on claiming the old system promoted cteaming so much. The only reason it helped to cteam was because people were too lazy to build several teams. Cteaming working isnt a given, it is a damn choice! This new system has the same flaw. People just grind their one team until finals and get cteamed there. I fail to see how this new system is a benefit in that regard. I also dont know how blindly playing people, not knowing their tendencies even, promotes skill, or more skill rather. Bad match ups are a thing, even more so if you dont know that you´re about to face some niche strat like weather, screens, or w/e else there is to cheese. NU rn is pretty fucked up and heres so much random shit you cant possibly cover in one team. To me this new system is match up fishing and as i said above lacks certain dynamics that make watching tours appealing. Old system: Just swap your teams if you dont want to be cteamed. New system: Just spam the same team every round and dont bother building more than two, in case you wanna avoid being cteamed in finals, which funnily enough happened to two "randoms" in NU tours lately. Really promotes a lot of skill. Especially if you consider team building a skill as well, which i do. That key skill is just deminished completely in this new system. A new system which demands you to lock your boxes prior to the tour registration and enables you to know who you are going to face seems to be the best possible system there is for all of us. Cool idea actually, pachi. E: Well, credits to pachi. derp :p
  3. Trashtalk aside, gz on a very well deserved 2nd place. You guys had a challenging bracket and those finals were hype af, at least for me. The preemptive ggnore kinda derp, but yeah. In the end same as always tho, NORE >
  4. Are we still pretending that dicussing things in these threads actually makes something happen? :rose: UU folks please take blaziken.
  5. NOREButler

    PP Counter

    Idk if there has been any of these lately, but using search i only get shiny hunting related stuff, so here we go again. Scrolling through chat to count pp while battling is as distracting as it is annoying and sometimes just not possible cause op mmo timer mechanics. Give us the pp counter please!
  6. People: "TC needs a revamp" Munya: "Ok, lets put Stealian and JJ in " If you actually want a competent TC, wouldnt it make more sense to (considering you´d think that giving 1/3 of the votes avilable to any one team ever is a good idea - which it isnt) contribute those to the best team in the game and people who are actively and successfully competing? Why is someone who attempts to argue against banning a pokemon, but then continues listing reasons that support a ban, in the tier council? When someone cant even reflect on their own words, because they are so terribly biased; why does someone like that get to have a say in tiering?! Why is JJ in TC? Why dont you just kick Zebra, who even openly admitted to give 0 fucks and doesnt even play the game anymore? Will TC discussions be more transparent in the future since theres one team holding 1/3 of the votes? I honestly cant stress enough how stupid that is... _ People complain about how TC doesnt work out and you go ahead and make it even worse. Its so damn confusing.
  7. Team Name: No Rematch Team Tag: NORE Registered Players: Frags Axoa LifeStyle LeJovi Luke Lotus TTVZeknShooter yosoyarca Baneadito QuinnW tMoi NikhilR Zhiko kiwikidd Pablobacas xLaz BlueBreath xLuneth LKrenz abstractt Team Captain: LeJovi
  8. first registrations until 16. then reserves in sign up order.
  9. 10k points for a biba hat :´)
  10. 1. Might change soon, because Slowbro further strenghtens Ferro/Escava/Bronzor cores. 2. So because most people dont use the set necessary to even kill bronzor i cant play it either? 3. My calc is Timid Specs. What you are challenging is other peoples patience, nothing else.
  11. Who says i got one? How would me having one be relevant? 252 SpA Choice Specs Magneton Thunderbolt vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Eviolite Bronzor: 58-70 (35.3 - 42.6%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
  12. Im not gonna play this stupid game with you again. You know what i mean, so either gimme something constructive or fuck off.
  13. My bad, counter. Skunk and Drap are checks, tho neither has reliable recovery, both are hurt by hazards and Draps Spdef is ass. If you dont know how Magneton interacts with other steel types you should consider quitting tc.
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