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  1. IGN: Butlerrr (whoever took Butler with one R after i quit, fk off) Country: Germany Tiers: OU; UU; NU, but NU >
  2. NU BO5 (no rose clause?) and haxball pls
  3. For real! How dare you guys have the fkn audacity to talk about stuff umbra doesnt care about?! Talking about psl related stuff in a psl thread, forcing (!) others to read it as well. People these days...
  4. sinnoh hasnt even been out for 5 years. nice try tho...
  5. Charizard. Rough to fit into teams and not rly good rn, but its that one mon that triggers my inner weeb yelling "WE CAN DO THIS!" on the inside.
  6. Doesnt add up, but whatever. I dont blame you for not reading the rules, but signing up for everything (copy pasting isnt that smart of a thing to do) and getting upset about cali actually putting you into a tier you willingly signed up for seemed dumb af, you got that yourself. Im the last person to whiteknight, i think, but seeing cali getting all this shit for no reason, altough she tried hard, got me heated up a tad i guess. Its not like i feel sorry or anything tho, b-baka. Dont really know what to add. Guess you´re a chill guy after all, so have a nice weekend, gl making next round still and cya around. @AurumPegasus Its 2020 and scarf bouff is still trash.
  7. i still dont know how uncontested weather shutting down moonlight and synthesis is a good idea, but rose literally is a nobrainer, ye.
  8. it would be easier to handle with skunk around, but i think we have the dark types we need; we got escavalier; we got gigalith; we got kanga; braviary eats if no tbolt, which id assume to be rather rare, because wow and taunt seem infinetely better; we got ferroseed to soften it up or finish off a +2 missy; we got throh; we got stout if giga falls; and while 105 isnt a bad base speed theres mons that outspeed it. test it imo. ^^
  9. +1 Really amazing prizes, so theres stuff to look forward to.
  10. his sign up: IGN: Sebat Time Zone (GMT format): is still worth put the timezone? edt Tiers/Format: All Fluff: I have already won tournaments in all tiers or format. Guess its calis fault hes too dumb to only sign up for tiers he doesnt suck at.
  11. #sebad1-7 seems better, cause the only thing thats worse than your jokes is your score this season. no blamm tho <3
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