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  1. @LLLiolaeshow your trainer card, you won't I bet
  2. My first shiny was Tropius from a tournament win.
  3. Step 1- win comp shiny, be happy Step 2- realize comp shiny is useless because bad IV, be sad Step 3- Complain to devs about comp shiny bad, be ignored Step 4- win more comp shiny, cuz why not Step 5- realize you have more useless comp shiny, be depress Step 6- complain again about bad comp shiny, be lectured on shiny market and economy Step 7- use all comp shiny as follower flex, be afk Step 8- tell devs shiny market died years ago, be ignored Step 9- quit You can skip steps 1 to 8, they're just tutorial
  4. Yeah I usually just write like "[NU] Dugtrio gae" or "[OU] DD Reuni" etc. Not hard to keep track of teams like that But anyways upvoted Ig
  5. Donation =/= Subscription RP isn't exclusive to people who spend money on the game. You can earn it by winning PvP/PvE events or by farming in-game money and using it to buy RP from GTL. It's your choice whether you donate to the game or not, without expecting anything special in return. About the Donator Status, if you're using it as a mean of getting in-game money, you'd probably be better off just listing it on GTL in the first place. Afaik, Donator Status is mostly used for shiny hunting/breeding.
  6. Team Name: NoRematch Team Tag: NORE Team Manager: @Lvkee Number of TT won: Players with an official win: Axoa, Axoa, Axoa, Osuki and Axoa List of all players: BlueBreath, Luke, iMat, Zymogen, Umbramol, xLuneth, QuinnW, tMoi, KiiritoX, LifeStyle, Yettodie, stairway, Lotus, Axoa, kiwikidd, EYL, Rendi, NikhilR, xSparkie, Mendeez, stairway, Frags, Haazuu, iJulianFNT, pablobacas, aftershocker, ORBFLUX, Titinn, Drayyton, Nevari, Dontea, DocPBC, xLaz, LeJovi
  7. Are there even that many teams with 20 "active and established" players?
  8. Starmie has access to Quick Attack in Pokémon GO ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. Hot take: PokeMMO Devs don't actually like/follow Pokémon.
  10. The amount of donations would crash so hard the devs would need to trade in their Ferraris for a Fiat Punto. Yeah, won't happen.
  11. What are you actively working on then?
  12. Even fucking PvE events that took place after that got their prizes already, wtf
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