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  1. shows how good Pokemmo is as a game
  2. That's nice bro, in case you feel like sharing some just mail me IGN: LifeStyle ty bro god bless you etc bro
  3. I'm sure tournament winners care about what randoms in channel 4 think of their shinies
  4. and why are steel types resisting dark type moves??? dumb game full of bugs
  5. I can play saturday or sunday from 1pm to 10pm. GMT +1 @BabyLo @HedgeWitch
  6. I'll take that too if you wanna do more than once
  7. 5 Million on NORE beating LO. Void if tie.
  8. Most of these raffles are just way too lazy attempts at scamming money. The worst part is they actually work.
  9. @PoseidonWrathyou owe me 100k, can you just give them to badbaar? Dont wanna login just for that lol
  10. You could get them from casino boxes until they were removed in like 2016/17.
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