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  1. imagine still not having h.a and legendaries in 2021. boring game.
  2. Razimove won but posted in week 1 thread for w/e reason
  4. You seem confused about Pokémon roles so I'll explain some of them to you. First of all, Chansey is a wall, not a tank. The difference between both generally comes down to reliable recovery and offensive presence. In Rotom-Wash's case, it's not a wall, but rather a defensive pivot. Unlike pure walls, it can actually come in and grab momentum from your opponent, usually through U-Turn/Volt Switch. And what benefits most from that? Offense. Balance. Not Stall. Another role for Rotom-W is Defogger. I don't think I need to explain this one, or how well Rotom-W performs at it. And then you compare both of them to... Volcarona. I'm not even gonna go there. Also to your last point you mention Nidoqueen but leave out Mamoswine. Yup, offense sucks. Stall king.
  5. So when will devs actually bother to make a change? This has been a known issue for over a year now, not to mention how big it is.
  6. I feel like he already gave his final statement with "We'd already decided last month(?) that the items need to broadcast their existence on sendout, but I'd be interested in rates adjustments as well." and hoping for anything other than that is just really wishful thinking at this point.
  7. "This move selects and uses a random move known by a Pokémon within your party. However, it cannot use the moves; Assist, Chatter, Circle Throw, Copycat, Counter, Covet, Destiny Bond, Detect, Dragon Tail, Endure, Feint, Focus Punch, Follow Me, Helping Hand, Me First, Metronome, Mimic, Mirror Coat, Mirror Move, Protect, Quick Guard, Sketch, Sleep Talk, Snatch, Struggle, Switcheroo, Thief, Trick, or Wide Guard" - serebii.net Edit: https://www.smogon.com/dex/ss/moves/assist/ > also has a list that is probably more accurate Do you see Eruption on this list?
  8. In-Game Name: LifeStyle Country/Region: PORTUGAL CRL Preferred Tiers: Digimon ReArise Personal Note: Don't actually expect me to play every week (?)
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