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  1. I think it would be nice to have a list of the things that Baton Pass can still do. For starters, I hope it doesn't work with Mean Look/Block (which was a Gen5 change). People are saying it works with crit rate, personally I haven't tested it so I'm just going off by what other people say. Might have been an oversight but who knows, maybe their intention was to just get rid of Attack/Defense/Special Attack/Special Defense/Speed changes.
  2. Because Baton Pass is now unbanned but suffered a big nerf to it. However it still serves some purpose such as this: Your Kingdra is probably not holding Scope Lens.
  3. Focus Energy raises 2 crit stages which means you have a 50% chance of causing a crit. Holding Scope Lens adds another stage to that which makes it 100% chance.
  4. You're mixing up Evasion and Accuracy here. Evasion affects your own Pokemon and is uncompetitive because the opponent has no control over what happens, they are left to do nothing besides hoping that the luck goes in their favor. This is something that significantly lowers the option of skillful play, given that there are little to no viable methods of playing around it. Accuracy on the other hand, works differently. It affects your opponent's Pokemon, so if their accuracy is lowered, they can simply switch out to remove that effect, giving them a viable way of playing around it. This is why you see moves like Double Team or Minimize (Evasion boosting) banned and not ones such as Sand-Attack, Muddy Water, or Night Daze (Accuracy lowering). Ever heard of Moody? Because luckily Skarmory/Bronzong/Rotom-Wash/Rain/Mach Punch/Aqua Jet/anything above 88 base Speed/etc are enough to deal with Excadrill. Regardless, Sand Veil and Snow Cloak fall under Uncompetitive and Sand Rush can only fall under OP/Broken/Unhealthy. If you think Sand Rush should be banned then make a request for it and post your reasoning, though I very much doubt it will be taken seriously. The purpose of tiering is to remove elements which make the game less competitive. That goes from either characteristics of an Uber, to uncompetitive Pokemon, Moves, Abilities, etc. to downright unhealthy aspects of gameplay. Banning Evasion boosting abilities/moves does not mean we have to get rid of crits, scald burns, ice beam freezes, body slam paralyzes, etc., because those still qualify for a competitive Pokemon environment. And no, luck is for noobs. It doesn't matter what happens to lower tiers. OU is the highest form of competitive play and whatever decision is made on it, is never going to take into account about what happens to poor little Sandslash, that sits in Untiered. Well yeah I think it's fairly obvious that Hydro Pump Rotom has a decent chance of losing to Sub Garchomp, regardless of Sand Veil or not. Try HP Ice.
  5. That precedent was already set when Draco Meteor was removed from Hydreigon, just gotta deal with it from now on. Yeah Cacturne might go from maybe viable in Untiered to not viable at all yeah it's all over delete the game
  6. Nobody ever argued that Garchomp was strong because of Sand Veil. Garchomp is strong AND it has Sand Veil, which adds a layer of uncompetitiveness to it. We do have an Evasion Clause for a reason. The difference between now and then, is that it can't dodge 100 accuracy moves anymore. Capisce? Oh no! Banning Snow Cloak killed a strategy that revolves around dodging moves! The fact that you think that's unfair is just laughable. I'm sure the Doubles metagame can survive the lack of Froslass from now on.
  7. Alright, so let's compare, assuming most of the playerbase is from either Europe, North/South America and Asia. TT being hosted at 8PM London time: London - 20:00 Washington DC, USA - 15:00 Buenos Aires - 16:00 Beijing - 3:00 TT being hosted at 8PM Beijing time: London - 13:00 Washington DC, USA - 8:00 Buenos Aires - 9:00 Beijing - 20:00 Which of these do you think benefits the most sides of the playerbase? Personally, I think it's the first option. Maybe there should be a second Team Tournament designed specifically for Asian teams (Oceanic TT?), I think changing the time of the current one to what you suggested brings more bad than good, tbh.
  8. Can you be more specific than that? I get that playing at 2-4 AM sucks, but if you don't offer an alternative time then nobody can discuss why it's a good/bad change.
  9. What exact time are you thinking of, for Beijing?
  10. Yikes. I mean, I get everyone is quarantined and such thing requires more seats, but that's sooo many rounds for a very useless prize (x25 really hurts the viability of stuff like Reuniclus). Would be cool if this was a Salamence, Tyranitar or something like that though. Or if the Reuniclus had better IVs. This probably looks like a rant although that's not my intention.
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