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  1. The amount of donations would crash so hard the devs would need to trade in their Ferraris for a Fiat Punto. Yeah, won't happen.
  2. I hope China drives up the price of Eyeballs :)
  3. What are you actively working on then?
  4. Even fucking PvE events that took place after that got their prizes already, wtf
  5. Seriously, I almost can't believe I have to open a thread for this, but yes me and my team mates still haven't gotten our reward for winning Cup of The Year 2020, which took place on the 9th of January. What on Earth are you even waiting for to just send us that measly 600 RP? I'd like to sell them while the price is hot.
  6. > Implying this game isn't already the greatest of its kind There's literally no threat from direct competitors, since all of them suck.
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