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  1. Was gonna say Abomasnow, but Zigh sniped. But yeah don't sleep on Abomasnow
  2. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  3. Charmander is like 160-200M yen and 10k RP is like what, 15-20M? So yeah
  4. Ploegy is a dude now. Smh these new kids know nothing. Cool art btw. Wonder if you could draw my in-game character, like one of your French girls.
  5. I mean, this suggestion is from 2015
  6. It's a wild spawn, catch as many as you like
  7. Because there's a bug that lets you use them in Ubers/Doubles tournaments
  8. This is the best team ever I LOVE this team, we are all so friendly and helpful and so aware of global warming ^.^ if new girls want to join this is the team for you, we will protect you forever and ever against toxic people *_* :D #Fun #Comp #Cuties ^_^
  9. I thought charms/amulet coin only work while you're online. Wouldn't a server shutdown stop the timer on those?
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