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  1. Imo same way that automated tournaments have guaranteed spots for seasonal ladder rankings, TT should have it as well for the best placed teams of the year. Maybe something like Top 3 teams of one year having guaranteed spot (assuming they signup ofc) in every TT of the year after. These kind of teams should be the ones to beat on the playing field, not on signups.
  2. Well I assume he means the Croak was Adamant because Rotom outsped it, but Rotom outspeeds Jolly Croak as well :thonking:
  3. Rotom is 91 base speed, Toxicroak is 85.
  4. That was literally the best post I have ever read. Devs can close the thread and revert this shitty change now.
  5. I guess if we won less then we'd be more humble. But don't think that's happening soon enough. Meanwhile I'll give you the opportunity to reflect on this again:
  6. Yes indeed, he went 6-1 by stealing games. Little bit of humility wouldn't hurt you, especially since you're kind of a random?
  7. If Porygon is broken, ban it. But Pachima is right, Mienfoo is not a switch in so idk why even bring it up (and worse, argue for it to drop to check something broken lol)
  8. Blaziken kills croak, absol kills blaziken, Vanilluxe kills absol, espeon loses to clef
  9. Linoone has a fair hand of checks but it's still a really gay mon that can rob a game out of nowhere. We'll see how the metagame handles it but I predict some Froslass screens + Linoone shit is bound to happen and it's gonna be a pain in the ass.
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