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  1. 3 hits OHKOs Garchomp. Yache only works on the 1st hit.
  2. Yeah but hopefully Senile won't think Ice Punch Infernape is a thing...
  3. Prodictions Belgium 2-4 Columbia A OU - Jawaax VS BrianAttackPro UU - Imat VS Yaritan NU - Kriliin VS Jamesfaul Doubles - Mkns VS Julian LC - Stelian VS Camilo SMOU - LLLiolae VS Zeldris Mexico 3-3 Shame Argentina A OU - Rayuwu VS Azzazz UU - Kokenocastro VS Souu NU - MexiDani VS Chopyta Doubles - Momolapepa VS GasaiYunoSan LC - Baneadito VS Wiriketchup SMOU - CaniNeko VS BranYT
  4. You should really get someone else to draw these posters dude...
  5. pachima nobody cares about your dogshit sets can you just stop
  6. Don't insult hannah when I could easily have swept you with bronze you will never be better then her Hannah is an amazing duck and no one will ever be like her Shes one of a kind
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