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  1. Please I have 2k hours of afk in verm how come I get no shiny? Stupid unfair shiny rate
  2. ok cool but legendary dungeons when
  3. No but you can catch all of them in the Hoenn Safari Zone
  4. Speed Boost Blaziken most likely won't get a release. There's no point in doing it since it would be instantly banned from competitive.
  5. No. Last time Electrode was NU it popularized screen teams, when it left NU screen teams tried to stay alive by using other setters (Serperior, Froslass mainly). They still kinda work, but are way worse than they were with Electrode, simply because their screens setter won't have 150 speed, making it vulnerable to Taunt or a hit from anything faster. This argument is just terrible, if you think it's banworthy in UU then write a detailed post about it. Something being banworthy in a certain tier doesn't mean it's banworthy everywhere else, unless it's something extremely uncompetitive like Hax Items or Arena Trap. That is not the case here with Electrode. Also while the role performed by Electrode in NU or UU is the same, that doesn't mean both tiers are prepared the same way for the kind of playstyle that involves Electrode. NU barely has any decent walls to begin with, and the most common scarf Pokemons are either slow as shit, or just can't OHKO Trode at all. Tell me how that's the same in UU. You just gave one of the main reasons as to why it should be banned, then say we should not ban it. Sounds legit. Honestly the rest of the post is not worth replying, since it kinda touches the same point with what you wrote earlier. I'll just say I'm pretty sure you've seen that team I built the last time Electrode was NU, the one which effortlessly beat you know who, in a TT final, in less than 3 minutes? I'm self-aware enough to know that shit should not be legal.
  6. Probably in the next update somewhere around April (10 year Anniversary) is my guess.
  7. LifeStyleNORE


    thinking emoji where
  8. probably ruins the non-existent genderless economy. /s
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