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  1. 不知道别人怎么看,只要你大鸟叫 “Endeavor”,我就大概率猜没有蛮干。和叫“剑舞”的螳螂同理。
  2. My guess is 5220. I picked 11 of my wild pokemons and the average IVs was 87, 60*87 = 5220. Thus, my answer is 5220. (BTW, unique idea!)
  3. 帮忙随便举几个例子(队伍很多都已经退环境了) 受队(盾队):Madarasixsix三水盾受队:巨沼怪,毒刺水母,美纳斯(极速),幸福蛋,钢鸟,死神棺 平衡攻(应该算楼主说的“反盾队”):BabyLo队:巨沼怪,巨钳螳螂,鬼灯(戏法),三首恶龙,暴飞龙(双刀),磁铁 天气队:Zhiko沙:班基拉,龙头地鼠,斗笠菇,美纳斯,盔甲鸟,人造细胞卵 Drayyton捕获雨:大嘴鸥,刺龙王,河童,三地鼠,果然翁,巨钳螳螂 都是时代的眼泪QAQ
  4. 队伍很多,可是为什么要退/淡游的玩家?
  5. 划重点,“连杀他两把”。(偷笑.jpg)
  6. 光过100极速不够呀,快不过师傅鼬,地龙,烈焰猴,耿鬼,海星,等等
  7. 地龙手雨感觉...没太有必要, 草钢可以考虑特耐, 然后洛托姆物耐或者胆小/内敛那种, 既然都选择围巾了. (个人建议)
  8. 弱斗,弱雨天河童,地鼠道具考虑换一下吧。
  9. As we know, the ivs of the reward pokemons in Community Combat tournaments are 2*(0 - 31) and 4*29, which means they are not perfect ivs. In addition, players who can win a tournament are usually experienced and have played for long, which means the ivs of their pokemons would probably be impeccable (5*31 or 6*31). Therefore, I believe these imperfect pokemons are meaningless and players may lack the enthusiasm to participate in the CC tournaments, especially in NU, UU, and Doubles tires. The only driving force that I can think of it these pokemons are in master balls. With that been said, my suggestion is: Decrease the $800,000 reward to $700,000; Alter the reward pokemons' ivs to 5 * (0 - 31), or even 3 * 31 + 2* 30.
  10. So true, I also released all these pokemons because of the ivs flaws as you mentioned above.
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