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  1. It is just a bunch of shunters shunting at the same place. No free leppas and no sharing of shiny charms. That is all.
  2. Couple hours after I saw that double shinies in one horde , I got this amazing shiny :) Tried to screenshot the shiny encounter but failed to save it :(
  3. Don't know how many encounters. Found without donator , charm nor leppa.
  4. Can anyone confirm if this is true?
  5. Zilan


    Tried reinstalling, still forever stuck at loading screen
  6. I was mistaken . I am sorry . Now how to remove this post?
  7. My competitive Kingdra used to have a snowflake particle on it but now it is completely gone ! Why is that ? I want to know if anyone else has encountered the same problem. Do tell.
  8. Found it (one with shocking stats ) while on a shiny link (5% boost) Thank you rukus for sharing the shiny charm with me.
  9. Anybody care to hunt for a shiny Beheeyem? Only the first shiny in 2020 (* 。*)
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