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  1. Am supposed to find this one before any1 does and post it here first. :I Couldn't have done it sooner without teammate's free shiny link ❤️
  2. It is just a shiny joltik. Wanted shiny tynamo, ofc. (PHASE 1)
  3. No one really wants shiny swadloon - so I shunted for one XD A week ago ....
  4. Copy-Pasted from the last post . ''SRIF XD ''
  5. Searching for Shiny Raticate : Phase 3 (?) Today: Last year:
  6. 2 shinies in 11hrs! cute charm working at its beat ! :D
  7. Found another under shared shiny charm ! Special thanks to my lovely teammate <3
  8. CUTE CHARM was working at its best ! ALL-female horde , again XD (this time no shiny charm)
  9. SHINY CHARM + CUTE CHARM OP ! ALL female horde !
  10. 2nd shiny slowpoke - the one is gonna become a king XD
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