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  1. Found during the Miss Universe Artic Party catch event ! :D
  2. ANOTHER shiny male OMFG ! Let's see if my useless cat can attract shiny male Jynx next ...
  3. This is so ridiculous yet another *male shiny
  4. having 10 OT shiny piloswines is utterly Akshit crazy !? just why
  5. i wanted to post this first before anyone got it ! Congratulations (Gong Xi !) ^.^
  6. 5 shinies in 5 consecutive days . My male delcatty only attracts male shiny confirmed XD
  7. * NO donator status used *Cute charm never worked *4th shiny for 4 days in a row I am done with this game XD
  8. 3rd shiny for the 3rd consecutive day SRIF ! ( cute charm failed yet again D: )
  9. 4/4 COMPLETED! I never want to see sawsbuck again ! XD
  10. Will seasonal items like pitchfork and torch become availble again in the shop in the future once they expire in September ?
  11. A staff has confirmed (at least twice) on global chat that they will not do hackroms. Sad !
  12. Epic Cute Charm Fails. Both aren't females (T.T) ]]
  13. 3/4 seasonal collection completed ! (Summer/Autumn/Winter Sawsbuck caught)
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