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  1. 100% elegance 100% agility 100% perfection 100% speed Yes it's my Big Sis's breeding service, I really recommand trying her services. Btw, I heard it's ur bday :o Happy Birthday big sis P.S: next bday i start calling u big mama
  2. Ayy...im gonna tell ya a lil story about the young me (even if i am still young)...one day, i went to mountains to chill, suddenly i encountered an old man with a long white bird and chinese who whispered me:"ayy young man, u hoping in my arena, before u go, i wanna tell u an experienced advice, DONT TRUST STRANGERS OR RANDOMS, u'll get stuck with em", i was shocked of what he told me but i didn't give a freak about it...years passed and i found myself in front of a screen, confused about how will i get all my breeds done fast...so i opened these forums and found this random player called "Spixter" and i quickly trusted him for my breeds...and guess what.. i got stuck with him cuz i can't find a better breeder according to cheap price and fast job...so that wild chinese santa was right after all -but i got stuck in a good way-... Anyways, i recommand this randomツ.. Cesar OUT ✌
  3. Ayyy perfect snorlax u got me... that was really fast btw... you're the best of the best!! :o
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